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Nation in Eurth: Rhand

Flag: lcZxR9Z.png

Capital name: Tekniwet

Capital location: Inland riverside

Stats Chosen: Pop: 39,782,230 (2), Per capita GDP: $2,117 (0), Land Area: 349,867 km2 (2)

Factbook/iiwiki link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Rhand

Culture: Indic/Middle Eastern (Whichever is easier to fit into the map's cultural zones, I'm happy to tweak as necessary)

Climate: Preferably humid subtropical or semi-arid with a monsoonal weather system (if feasible)

History: History dating back at least 3000 years (though if problematic I am happy to devise alternate histories)

Desired Location: Somewhere with at least 1 significant river, mountains somewhere in the territory would be a plus, but not essential. Open to suggestions.

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Congratulations on passing the academy, now let's get you on the map, shall we?

Your stats seem fine, however do know that it's unlikely your specific land area will be possible on Eurth as geography often plays a big role in defining the borders of nations. However I will take note of your desire to be on the far-end of the 270,000 - 350,000 km^2 range.

Culture and Climate
Indic (I'm assuming in the sense of Indo-Aryan) is native to Europa (under Mirialoyche), so unless your people are colonists from Europa, Middle Eastern and more specifically Semitic is probably the best bet (perhaps you could have had a minor colonial period in the form of a protectorate?).

For climate, below is a map of all locations that fit your requirements

The darkest green highlighted on the map are regions of Eurth where Monsoons occur. However, within tropical locations monsoon-like climate of a wet season and a dry season are the norm just to a lesser extent then places like India.


And this is a map of the main cultural areas of Alharu that need to be maintained due to pre-existing lore. It'll be a tight squeeze for your country, but certainly possible! Out of the possible areas for your country to go I have selected 5 locations which I believe fit your country the best. Do note that all borders shown are just approximations and we can iron out their details on the Discord afterwards.

1 & 2: Landlocked Chenshas
unknown.png   unknown.png

346,000 km^2 and 349,200 km^2 respectfully, both of these locations somewhat match your requests (however not exactly). Proposal 1 has two semi-major rivers within it's borders, and although not shown on the climate map above the climate is a warm to 'cold' semi-arid environment. It also puts you next to Kanikhstan another Middle Eastern nation and with mountains within your borders.

Proposal 2 has the great river stretching from the Chenshas Lake down to Kertosono with a warm semi-arid climate and mountains inside the country. The biggest downside is that that region has important ancient history to both Fulgistan, myself, and Volta to a lesser extent. As it was the original homeland of the !Aztec and still the home to many Uto-Aztecan groups which you would have to accommodate for historically or in the modern day.

Both regions ofc suffer from being landlocked, however Proposal 2 will give you the opportunity to have a free NPC border Fulgistan to allow for indirect ocean access.

3: Landlocked northern Alharu

At 350,000 km^2, this is also another landlocked location that possesses an internal desert and a warm semi-arid climate with mountains and a significant river. Like proposal 2 you will also get a free NPC to allow you to indirectly access the ocean.

4: Western Alharu

347,000 km^2. This area has some mountains on it's south-eastern border as well as a major river with most of the country in a warm semi-arid climate, however the river itself is in the desert climate. This also puts you directly on the Egyptian coastal between Egyptian Hemahat and Egyptian-like Cashar. Expect some level of Egyptian influence.

5: Eastern Alharu

Coming out at 347,000km^2, there is a major river with some highland topography in the far west, however currently the climate is all wrong (however will be fixed in the near to mid future to be Mediterranean in type).

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Great, thanks for the options. I think climate wise and culturally I could work with option 4. I will retcon my factbook and tweak my culture a bit to make it fit, but it's opened some avenues for RP I hadn't considered so looking forward to it. 🙂

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Hope you can join West Alharu Gang! Lots of things planned between my own nation, @Cashar and @Esonice, particularly during the colonial and industrial eras of the region (1700-1900). You're always welcome to partake in whatever West Alharu-Thalassa things you see. We'll be sure to tag you in future OOC planning in case you're interested.

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