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[Academy RP] The cycle begins anew

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The single short blast of the siren sounded at thirteen hundred hours indicating that the workday had come to an end. On a normal day this would not have been expected until ninteen hundred hours, but today was special, today the current five year plan concluded and the new planning cycle would begin. Over the course of the last week teams of workers had been labouring around the clock in preparation for the occassion and the result had been spectacular. The streets of the city had been transformed, the drab utilitarian frontages of building festooned with banners, flags, posters, and refreshed murals; while the statues that dominated every public space were adorned with garlands of red and white flowers.

Workers were soon beginning to stream out of the buildings and towards the public squares where speakers platforms had been erected, a great mass of humanity jostled for position in the scorching sun while the tinny strains of patriot songs floated over the assembly from the ubiquitous speakers of the public address system. In a moment synchronised across the country the constant blare of noise from the speakers ceased providing a second or two of tense silence before the familiar melody of the national anthem began to issue forth from them. In this time the orator ascended the platform and approached the podium, waiting with a dignified air for the anthem's conclusion. Finally, when the last lingering note died down and with the crowd eagerly waiting, the orator began his speech:

"Fellow citizens of Rhand, we stand here today in triumph! These past five years we have worked tirelessly to realise the vision and plan of our great and diligent leader, Teknocrator Dioaca. In doing so we have acted as the hands of the State, our muscle and sinew the very strength of our nation, ceaselessly striving for the perfection of the wurld and the final victory of Technocracy!

It is with great pride and pleasure that I relay to you the encouraging news released minutes ago by the Oversight Committee. The final tallies have been made and it can be confirmed that not only has the five year plan been fulfilled, but that against all metrics it has been fulfilled in excess of target. Such is the ingenuity and determination of our people that in every challenge we have faced we have not merely overcome them, but have achieved the impossible. In every area of life there have been measurable improvements, from corn to coal, from steel to ships we have broken production records bringing the realisation of Rhand's ultimate rise to supremacy ever closer by the day..."

The speech continued rattling off facts and figures, comparisons with previous plans, and praise for the Teknocrator, eventually the speech reached its climax, to be met with a roar of approval and applause from the crowds. The orator took a step back from the podium and stiffened as an intense blast of music issued from the speaker system followed by the barking order "Be silent for the Teknocrator", the silence fell over the land in an instant and the warm intellectual voice of Dioaca himself began to be broadcast:

"Fellow citizens, I have been informed by the Oversight Committee of the exceptional work performed by each of you in service of our country, and for that you have my thanks. Though our aims at times may have seemed hidden to you, be assured that this past five year plan was one of the most important in our nation's existence. The glory and enlightening of our Technate, shines like a beacon to all the nations of the wurld; yet those same nations view us not as an example to emulate, bur rather fear and resent us for our success. The nations of the wurld, controlled as they are by priveleged elites, see in our rational meritocratic governance not a future of friendship and mutual benefit; but a condemnation of their own irrational and wasteful system.

These nations have made themselves an implacable enemy of our beloved Technate and seek every opportunity to weaken us, to undermine our resolve, and to sow discontent amongst us. These imperialists seek every opportunity to exploit and plunder in their attempt to dominate all resources on Eurth. In their pursuit of their wicked agenda they leave no approach unutilised, from force of arms to trade, from culture to aid; all are subverted and corrupted to serve but one purpose - the destruction of the hope of humanity, the destruction of our Technate.

While the might of our army strikes fear into the hearts of the imperialists and secures us from military invasion they engage us with ever more subtle, seductive, and dangerous means of attack. International treaties are presented with the claim of universality, treaties designed only to enforce the ideological poison of their nations onto our enlightened state. I tell you fellow citizens, we must remain ever vigilant against these schemes.  Even now as we approach our final victory there are those among our own people who work not for our perfection and ascendancy, but for our destruction. These agents of imperialism among us cannot be allowed to continue, we must root them out and utterly destroy them.

As we enter into the next five year plan I beseech every last one of you to renew your love and loyalty to your fellow citizen, to work diligently and with virtue, and to report any and all signs of sedition to the Panopticon. The road ahead is long and hard, yet it is a road we must walk for the sake of all mankind and the future of our planet; one day soon all the wurld will come to fall under the wise rational stewardship of Technocracy. The ultimate victory is within our grasp, it is the duty of us all to reach out and grab it!"

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