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OOC: Eurth Family Tree

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Hello all. I and some others have been working on an interactive family tree containing the royal families of several countries. So far we have the Royal Family of Transbaltia, @Iverica Duchy of Verde, @Delamaria and some of @Ahrana and @Rhodellia. It is still a work in progress as it probably always will be, and if anyone has a current or historical royal family that is in some way connected to ther royal families of Eurth please feel free to ask to add to the tree. We are creating it with FamilyEcho, which does require an account but is free to use.


Above is a link to view the tree. I would recommend using the options to see the Life Years, profession and maybe company as well, to see the information and titles better. Thank you and I look forward to seeing how big the tree can grow.

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