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[Vision Statement] Technate of Rhand

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The country now known as Rhand was formerly a region made up of a number of Princely Kingdoms which shared a broadly similar culture, religion and language. These societies were rigidly stratified under a caste system that controlled all aspects of social life, with the Rajaseen caste topping the social hierarchy as the princely caste. In the late 19th and early 20th Century the demands of increasingly complex modern societies led to an expansion of state bureaucracies, largely administered by the scholar-scribal Munsheen caste.

Increasing rate of literacy and education to meet the needs of a growing industrial sector led to the penetration of foreign ideas, particularly those of democracy and socialism, into society. When in the 1930's the region suffered a famine triggered by a series of droughts public anger led to the outbreak of a revolt by the Mazadoreen caste of labourers and farmers who had been the worst affected.

Providing intellectual guidance to this revolt the Munsheen caste rose to a position of leadership, promising to overthrow the Rajaseen, abolish the caste system and replace it with a system of enlightened, egalitarian rule that would develop the nation for the benefit of all its citizens. It was from within the Munsheen that the technocracy movement was born as the caste progressively seized control of the Princely Kingdoms the technocratic faction began to consolidate its power, initially with mass popular support. Following a period of brutal war in the region lasting through the 1940's and into the 1950's the technocratic movement managed to seize control of a sizeable territory, unifying the disparate Kingdoms into a single state and declaring the birth of the Technate of Rhand.

Sixty years into the life of the new regime Rhand has become a brutal bureaucratic dictatorship. The initial successes in industrialisation following the establishment of the state have given way to broad economic stagnation, while the regime obsessively focuses on ideological purity, and ensuring all threats to its continued control of Rhandic society are rooted out. Yet with a burgeoning population, and grossly inefficient agricultural sector the regime has begun to recognise that the greatest threat to its continued rule may emerge from its own economic neglect.

My RP will focus on the challenges faced by the state as the bureaucracy attempts to reorient itself towards a economic growth, while trying to retain the ideology and power structures that form the basis of their control over society.

My chosen starting stats are (I will work out exact figures in consultation with others):

Population: (High | 2pts)

GDP: (Low | 0pts)

Land Area: (High | 2pts)

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