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I like the look... just wish the "new" vs "old" thing actually worked... damn invisionfree!

This your browser still show the old pics? Try clearing your cache and reloading the page. That normally should do the trick.


Thanks for your compliments everyone. Only the best is good enough for Europa.

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probobly take me a while to work out what everything means though...

When the building is colored dark and has stars flashing then there are new posts in that forum. A light color means no new posts.


The small buildings contain no subfora, the large buildings do (for example 'Foreign Affairs' has all the embassies inside).

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Well thanks for updating the Wikipedia page as well there Orioni, i kept trying to update it but no-one would give me any data on the starting of ther region... ah well... looks good anyway... glad my contribution is still there! i'll have to update my nations profile soon!

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