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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy [Commonwealth of Nyantastan]

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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy 
"The Commonwealth of Nyantastan is ready to make its first steps onto the Wurld Stage." - said Minister  Vincent Angström

"Today is the Day we enter the Global market and look for the first of hopefully many great Economic Deals for us and our Nation. We hope we can open our market and the market of other Nations for our Economies and theirs, so we can grow together as Nations and realize our Economic interests." - Arthur Cornwall Stated today. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has finally opened its new Building in Arkos and is ready to share the Products and Values of the Commonwealth with its Neighbors and potential new allies while also achieving Economic growth.

"Every Trade Offer we get will land here. From here we will process these Requests and search for the best solution for both Partners. But I have to emphasize that we will always keep our Economic interests first." declared Minister of Trading Vincent Angström at the inauguration Ceremony. 


After that the Ministry started its Work and Processed Trade offers and Arranged Meetings to get Positive Solutions for each Request 

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To: Their Excellency, Trade Minister, Tulio Biel ( @Iverica)

From: Arthur Cornwall, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth of Nyantastan, Vincent Angström,Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Your Excellency,

The Commonwealth of Nyantastan would be pleased to pick up Diplomatic and Economic Relationships with The Republic of Iverica. 
It would be a wise choice to pick up relations in that sector. As a relatively new Nation on the wurld stage, we are always engaged to pick up new relations with other Nations. And I think it would benefit us both if we could pick up Fruitful Diplomatic and Economic relations. 

I would suggest to exchange Embassies first  and then talk about our Economic and Diplomatic interests in more detail. As you know, our Industry heavily revolves around Timber and Seafoods. I there for think that our  vast Industrial compatibility should not be overlooked here. I am sure that joined efforts in this direct could be immensely enriching for our Country's. There for it would be a great Opportunity for our Nations.  

Also, a military partnership or alliance would be  a step further down the line. Your rich Knowledge in the Naval Sector could strengthen our Defenses against possible foes later down the line. While we could see common ground here, there is no need to rush into this matter so quickly. We should first resolve the Matters at Hand

I hope I am not too direct in this matter. I think it would be wise to talk about this in  detail in a more Private level. It is hoped by the Commonwealth of Nyantastan and the people of Nyantastan that this exchange of embassies – so long as your government agrees to it – will mark the start of a long, fruitful and friendly relationship between our two nations. I do not doubt that there is much that we could learn from one another. I hope that, in time, our nations become valuable partners to each other.

Until then, with the best Intentions

Arthur Cornwall

Vincent Angström 

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To: Their Excellency, Vincent Angström, Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy of the Commonwealth of Nyantastan (@Nyanta)

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion


Your Excellency,

I have been made party to the brief discussions that have taken place between our foreign ministers, in which tentative suggestions and discussion took place with regards to a trade agreement between our two nations. Our nations are, relatively speaking, quite close together. It would certainly benefit both Tagmatium and Nyantastan to formalise trade between them and attempt to remove some of the barriers to smooth and unimpeded trade that have built up over the years. Although it cannot be imagined that we will be able to sweep all of the aforesaid barriers away in one fell swoop, it can be hoped that whatever our governments agree to will come closer to doing just that.

In order to open the discussion of a trade agreement between our two nations, I have been asked by his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Holy Emperor and Autocrat of the Aromans and Equal-to-the-Apostles to prepare an outline of what a trade agreement between our nations might look like. This will show the areas that my government would be interested in discussing with your ministry and business representatives from your nation.

The following list is what my nation would be interested in seeing tariffs, import duties and customs charges levied by Nyantastan reduced. This is not considered to be an exhaustive list. It is as follows:

  • Agricultural products, such but not limited to as wheat, maize and other grains
  • Agricultural chemicals, such but not limited to as fertilisers, pesticides
  • Agricultural machinery, such as but not limited to tractors, combine harvesters
  • Luxury goods, such as but not limited to wine, brandy and whisky
  • Aroman-made consumer electronics
  • Biofuels

In return, as my government would be receptive to reducing tariffs, customs charges and import duties on a range of products and consumables. These have been suggested by analysts employed by my ministry as areas that your nation wishes to see growth in. This list is not considered to be exhaustive and hopefully we will be able to find further areas that we can agree upon.

The current list that I am putting to you is as follows:

  • Automobiles
  • Building products
  • Furniture
  • Wood and timber products
  • Seafood and other foods
  • Industrial chemicals

It goes without saying that many of these, such as automobiles and building products, would have to conform to Aroman safety and environmental standards, as would any food imported from your nation. I state this not to demean your great nation in anyway, or imply that the Commonwealth values these things less than my nation, but the Greater Holy Empire has some of the highest environmental protection and safety standards on Eurth. To reduce these would not just damage these but also go against our commitment as stewards of God's Eurth. Similarly, we would have to investigate whether there are areas that Nyantan standards are more stringent than Aroman ones. In these instances, it would need to be ascertained as to whether my own nation's standards need to be improved or whether some agreement could be made between our nations.

Similarly, so as to help build understanding between our nations, I have also been requested to float the idea of student visas between our nations. I do not doubt that allowing students to attend the universities in each of our nations will mean that our nations further reduce the metaphorical space between them. Many of the tertiary education establishments in the Greater Holy Empire are considered to be amongst the best in the wurld and I am sure that those of the Commonwealth are equally highly thought of. Other options can be discussed, of course, as well as other visa restrictions that currently exist, whether tourist, working or other types of visa.

If need be, I have also been requested by his Aroman Majesty to suggest that if our talks go well, there are other areas that we may discuss. A cornerstone of my nation's policies is to help all nations towards a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, in order that we do not further harm God's Eurth. Aroman expertise does not just lie in renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar farms, as well as the production of sustainable biofuels, but also nuclear energy. Through these means, much of the energy demands of my nation have been met over the last few years without resorting to the burning of coal, gas or oil.

A point of discussion between Arome and Nyantastan could also be armaments, especially ground forces' armaments. The Greater Holy Empire rarely trades its equipment with other nations, but this is something that could be brought up and discussed, if your government so wishes.

I am sure that these initial points will provide fertile grounds for further discussion.

Through faith in God, our nations will find common ground and the opportunity for our peoples to flourish.

Takitos Khalkeos

Megas Logothetes, Grand Minister

of the

Logothesion tou Kommerkiarionikou, Ministry of Trade,

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion, the Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans

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