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Request: Nyantastan

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Nation in Eurth: The Commonwealth of Nyantastan


Capital name: Arkos

Capital location:  Coastal

Stats Chosen: 0/2/2 

Factbook/iiwiki link: 

Culture: Skandinavian

Climate:  Skandinavian / Cold

History: The Commonwealth of Nyantastan was formed around 1871. But the Nation has an Origin dating far back to 1000 AD. It was a turbulent time in the East when a small tribe migrated to the North to search for a better life. So they founded the city of Akaros. The City quickly became bigger due to their Trading Partners in the West. Soon, other Nations in the Region used Akaros as one of the biggest Trading Ports in the North. The small City became a City State in about 100 Years. By the Time, more and more City formed around them. While most country's tried to be Neutral, Akaros used its wealth to found and Fund a Highly trained Professional Army. With it, they Invaded their Neighboring states Valeria, Pelecena and Walarda founding the State of Nyantastan around 1700. After a Brief Conflict against the Empire of Osvilla that ended with a White Peace in 1861 the Nations under Nyantastan Notably the Nation of Walarda declared its Independence. Soon the other two big nations joined the call for Independence and a Civil War broke out. The country was in ruins but on the 15th May 1871 a Peace Treaty was held between the Nations granting them some Autonomy but including them deeply into the Newly Formed Commonwealth. And one day later on the 16th of May 1871 the Commonwealth of Nyantastan was declared. Some widespread reforms took place. The Emporer of Nyantastan became nothing but a Representative of former glory. And was Completely Abolished by 1900. Instead, a new government office was formed, the Post of Prime minister. While the Official Head of the State, the real Power lay in the Hands of the Chancellor

Desired Location:

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Congratulations on passing the academy - and so quickly!. Whoever was your mentor must've been really good ;).
I jest - let's get you on the map.

Points, Culture, Climate
Everything here seems in order. With a population of 0 your maximum population is 10 million, and 2 points in economy your GDP per capita is anywhere from $16,000 - $20,000. Meaning your maximum GDP to start off with is $200,000 million!.. Which is roughly the same as Greece and Iraq. Or what the US spends on it's military for just over 100 days.

Culture and Climate are good, however they limit your potential locations to this. Out of these areas I have selected four locations which I believe fit your country best. It is up to you to choose which one (if any) you like the most to be your nation's home sweet home!

Coming out to 349,800km^2, this location quite cramped with five members bordering you, however I believe they might be good neighbours if intervention is something you wish to explore in the future.

Similar to number 1, proposal 2 has an area of 305,400km^2 and also have numerous neighbours.

This is the one I personally believe fits your nation the most, with open ocean access and clear borders you have ample room to grow and nations to talk to. You are also close to the northern Nordic Argisians like Ulfheimr and Ateenia. This area comes out to 287,700km^2.

346,300km^2, this is the furthest north and the coldest of all of them. Winter freezing of your ports is likely although not consistently thanks to Eurth's warmer climate. It has the same bonuses as proposal 3.

For each proposal, once you have chosen them the respective neighbours will be pinged and given a week to voice any issues or concerns they may have with your placement. If within a week no one complains or all your neighbours are happy with your placement, you can finally join the Eurth canon!

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