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Q&A Magnus

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The Sporsmal


Thanks to @Fina for inspiration. It seemed like an wonderful idea to create an Question and Answer thread for my nation. Although the founding principles of this thread isn’t entirely original, this Q&A is destined to be a diverse, interesting, and an meaningful one. 

Welcome to The Sporsmal, the official government sponsored program that answers your top questions on our Kingdom of Magnus. I’am Alexander, your foreign minister of questions. I’ll be the speaker years long, proudly answering the rolling questions that come along one-by-one. For an simple introduction, I’am 33, Male, graduated from Noble University with an foreign diplomacy degree, almost got selected as Magnus’s Foreign Affairs director.


The basics of this program is simple. You all ask some questions about Magnus, post them here, and we’ll try our best to answer clearly and correctly. If after a question is answered you need further explanation or clarification, don’t hesitate to create an follow up post. 

A friendly remainder that all questions should be friendly, respectful, and appropriate on such programs. The technical staff would not waste one more second to delete the offending posts, and blacklist who wrote them. I’am sure everybody will follow the rules, nothing hard or scary about them. 




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Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

Also known as questions that are so simple and stupid that they don’t need asking, someone already has the answers. So before you going to post, better read those to make sure your question is not already answered.


Why out of all the possible nation names choose Magnus? 

Of course because of how it strongly resembles Norway and it’s culture, and fits perfectly with the plan to create an Scandinavian state. So good that I first thought Magnar would do the trick, but looks like even though Magnus was suggested second, it still beated Magnar to the finish line. 

I hate your nation name! Please change it I beg. Are you ever going to do that?

Sorry about that. Unfortunately, I’m not changing my nation name unless I have to. Besides, you can’t force me.

What is everything and everything in your nation?

Oh no, that is a long answer. I’am saving that for my RPs, vision statement, factions, and everything beyond here. I’am not creating a 100 page professional document about it in this thread.


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Thank you @Magnus for opening yourself up to questions.

You mentioned Magnar. Is he the legendary founder of your country? Is there a population groups called the Magnars? I'm reminded of how other northern nations receive their name.

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Welcome Back to The Sporsmal! I’ve just received news that @Orioni had a great question regarding names & culture, so here we go:


According to This Article, Magnar could mean strength, and more possibly can be diverted from the name “Magnus”. I was pretty convinced when @Iverica suggested this name “Magnus”, and give me This Link. In modern day Magnus, the Magnars is an minority ethic group, inhabiting the rough ice slopes for centuries. It would fit the description that the name means strength right? Otherwise, Magnar isn’t the legendary founder, though I’m planning something similar.


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Oh, the idea for Magnus was all you! I just pointed out that it was a common Scandinavian name :) 

That being said having a name derived from one of your native ethnic groups is pretty cool.

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10 minutes ago, Iverica said:

Oh, the idea for Magnus was all you! I just pointed out that it was a common Scandinavian name :) 

That being said having a name derived from one of your native ethnic groups is pretty cool.

It definitely is, The Magnars were certainly proud. I, Adam have been informed that the government has an updated the FAQs to a few more fun questions 🤣


How long would it take for you to write an Vision Statement and Academy RP?

I’am researching and planning my drafts, there is no rush in trying to get through the academy requirements. Please be Patient.


Your questions are stupid. Can you really answer some real questions? 

by asking this question, your being stupid as well though I am going to answer real questions soon.

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Howdy there again! Today we have a question from @Tagmatium Rules, and it’s certainly a great one! 

My nation is fitting fine in Eurth, though I do admit I need to speed up as I see someone who merely graduated in like 2-3 days ( @Nyanta with due respect to you). As I learn more, I start to discover that my nation fits well, and if I develop it correctly then I should round up somewhat successfully. 

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