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[Academy RP] Commonwealth of Nyantastan; A day like any other

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It's 8:30 Raphel Ami gets out of bed and prepares himself for a school day. He gets out of Bed and watches out of the window in his Apartment. It seems to be a nice day. As he heads to the bathroom, he tunes up the Radio. Some Local Radio station plays one of his favorite songs. He really enjoys the Lyrics, although they are a bit too critical of the Current Government, complaining about all sorts of Political Shenanigans. Mostly the wurld Stage. Raphel still enjoys the feeling of the Song as he brushes his teeth and gets a Shower. After about 15 minutes, he gets to the Breakfast. He gets some buns from yesterday out of his refrigerator. And puts them in the oven to quickly bake them. While this is happening he gets his Favorite Honey out  its from a Beekeeper in his area he frequently passes. He also gets some Meat from the State they Border with. They have Excellent Meat, he thinks to him self while getting the buns out of the Oven. He quickly brews himself a coffee from the East, he just loves the taste of it. After he finished his breakfast, he grabs his bag and heads out. He locks his Apartment and greets the people near the Bus station. He doesn't need to worry about being too late, even in the rural parts of the Country the buses show up very frequently. After a short ride, about 10 minutes. He reaches his School, it's a big building with lots of Windows.


He quickly gets his Phone   out and hovers it over a Scanner before entering the School. Furthermore, he takes a look at his Smartphone to checks which classes he has to attend for today. After getting to the Classroom, he still has some time. He talks with his Classmates, they chat for a bit of talk about some Memes and a new Game he bought yesterday. He's really happy that he gets free access to all the Education they need. So he can use his Pocket money to buy something he really wants to buy. At 9:00 the Teacher shows up. They exchange some short greetings and get their Tablets or Laptops out. The Teacher Activates the Smart board and starts to Teach. After 30 minutes, they have a quick break to get some fresh air or drink something. The break only takes 5 minutes. Afterwards they join the Teacher's Kahoot Quiz to better dive into the matter and to keep them engaged. That is one of Raphels favorite parts. After 90 Minutes total, the Lesson ends. They have a break for about 15 minutes. While the break is going, Raphel is visiting the Teacher's Lounge to ask one of his Teachers about something he didn't understand in the last lesson. He didn't have the courage to ask in front of the whole class. His Teacher tries to explain it to him but thinks they should discuss this when they have more time. So they arrange a Virtual meeting around 19:00 to discuss questions. The Teacher Quickly sends a Message to all Students in his class if anyone wants to attended today's meeting. Raphel finishes his 2 other lessons.


Around 13:00 they have Lunch break for 30 Minutes. Raphel and some friends go to one of the Restaurants on Campus. Today they choose Asian food and visit the Ramen House. He quickly chooses one of his Favorite meals. He quickly gets a Meal. It's a Meat bowl, but he doesn't mind at all meat in the Commonwealth is Sustainably produced, so he can eat his meat bowl without worrying  about an Animal. His friends are  Vegan and Vegetarian, but they have no Problem choosing a Meal there is Plenty you can choose from. After the meal, they head back to their classes. After two more Lessons, they finished their School day. Raphel checks out with his Phone and leaves the School area.


After that, he heads into the City with his friends. It's just a short ride away.  They quickly get some bikes from a Local Bike spot and cycle into the City. They get into an Arcade and enter a Science Museum. At 17:00 they say good by to one another and bring the bikes back to the Station. After a short walk he gets back to the Bus stop and drives home. Close to his Apartment is a little supermarket and a Bakery. He quickly jumps into the Market Opening an App and jumping into the store, everything he takes from the Shelf gets register in his Basket. He quickly asks one of the Employees where he can find the Toothpaste, and then walks with the goods out of the Store. The App automatically noticed what he got and pays once he leaves the store. After he got out he walks over to his Apartment. He greets some Students living in the Same Apartment block before entering his Living Room. He closes the door behind him and takes a quick look at his Watch. It's 18:00, and it's time for him to prepare  some food.  He quickly heats up his stove and get a Pan out. For Dinner, he's going to make some Risotto with Fish. He looks up a good recipe for  the Risotto while he prepares the Fish. After he's done cooking and eating, he boots up his Laptop and enters the Virtual Classroom his teacher set up. They all have a good time and talk about the Class and some important questions. After that, he turns on his Smart TV and watches some YouTube Video of a Public Broadcast Satire show. He missed the show yesterday, but luckily they have a YouTube channel. After that, he prepares himself for bed. He has a quick Chat with one of his Friends planing something for tomorrow before going to sleep. 

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