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Help Needed? Questions?

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Is your question is about...


The Academy?

  • Including what you need to do and post.


How map placement is earned?

**Note: You have to graduate the Academy before applying!


The Community (Behaviour) Rules?


The Roleplay Rules?


Where we post our wiki articles?



  1. Get Discord - This is preferred over Forum Email/Direct Messaging. 
    • Staff will be less likely to respond, if they respond at all, when contacted via Forum Messaging.
  2. Create an account and click this invite link: https://discord.gg/SjRuKEHnfw
  3. Join the server and chat on #newcomer-helpdesk.
    • Ping or type @RPMentor for Lore or Academy related questions.
    • Ping @RPModerator for more serious concerns regarding Canon, Rules, or other Eurth Mechanics or History.
  4. Feel free to drop a message on that channel now and again for further questions. Just remember- all of us work for free! We aren't on call 24/7. If no one replies to you, it doesn't mean we're ignoring you, we're probably just busy or spending time doing real-life things.



  1. This is a cooperative writing project, not a competition to be won.
    • Unless an organised competition is agreed upon with other participants beforehand, members should never begin anything with deception or ulterior motives in mind. Members should also avoid adopting the mindset of loophole hunting, backstabbing, or attempting to take advantage of distraction or ignorance.
  2. Eurth has limitations, do not expect total and unbridled creative freedom.
    • Eurth maintains a canon that is only changed when absolutely necessary, as such, current events are bound by history and the effects of previous actions. This means that no present action can ever exist in a vacuum. New members must accept the challenge of working within the set of social and practical contexts they start with.
  3. We maintain a standard of realism. Realism here is based on both probability and the logic of cause and effect.
    • Just because it can happen doesn't mean that it should or will. Is it possible for T-Rexes to survive in the 21st century? Maybe. Is it probable? No.



  • Structure
    • Staff members are elected by the present Administrator (Admin) Members. There are three Staff Roles.
    • RP Mentors are the go-to staff members for newcomers to ask about rules, lore, and how Roleplays are done. Newcomers should ask Mentors first.
    • RP Moderators are in charge of advisory and reviewing community content. They are in charge of making sure Eurth keeps a cohesive standard or realism and canon. When necessary, Moderators will also guide disputes and debates. Members must respect the decision of those with the Moderator role.
  • Response Times
    • To set expectations: staff works for free and may be loaded with work/away on leave during peak seasons (exam seasons, end of Fiscal Year, holidays). Do not expect the times below to reflect with 100% accuracy.
    • For Discord Questions: Staff usually replies within 24 Hours or less.
    • For OOC Forum Threads/Forum Content Requests: Staff may take up to 7 Days to respond.
    • For Map Changes/Additions: Cartographers may take anywhere from 7 Days to 1 Month to process a request, depending on availability. 
    • For Legislation / Canon / Meta Proposals: Administration may take 1 Month or Longer to draft, discuss, edit, and vote on a new rule or course of action.
  • Decision-Making
    • Graduating Members
      •  Voted on Staff Channels. Minimum votes to graduate new candidates: 4 Staff votes, one of which must be an Administrator (Admin). Voter identities or numbers are never disclosed. Staff informs the member if they pass or not.
    • Rules
      • Approval requires consensus (or no-opposition) from Administrators.
      • Members may write proposals but are encouraged to contact staff first and ask if there are already existing proposals or considerations related to the topic.
    • Disciplinary Action
      • 3 Strikes, Temporary Bans/Suspensions on the first 2, Permanent Ban on the 3rd.
      • Warnings from Mentors must be taken as official warnings. Repeated warnings may constitute a Strike.
      • RP Moderators can apply Strikes without seeking Admin oversight.
      • There is no appeal process.
    • Canon Issues
  • Cartography
    • Staff deliberates on placement or expansion issues with canon first in mind. Meaning that we consider how rational a proposal or request is above any promises, chat-room planning, or other fantasies.
    • Each request has a time limit. If you return in several months and find your spot scrubbed from the map, it is likely because the request expired. Please see the map links above. Further details will be linked in a future guide to be posted further down this thread.
    • Be polite to the cartographers, be precise, and take some time to ensure that you have put all your details and requests in one neat and easy to read request. Please use linked citations to references if applicable, and avoid adding last-minute details. Remember to be patient and focus on other things if the request is taking more time than expected.
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