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[Academy RP] I Miss My Daddy

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I Miss My Daddy

The True Story of Tragedy - By Miss Anna Lasaks

Original Version 


Everything is so hard. My life is so out of shape, and I have no interest to be in it. One day, I expected my daddy to be back from military work for an holiday. My daddy does military, he was fighting in an war I dunno and didn’t have much time with us. Finally, thanksgiving has came and they let my poor overworked dad back home to play with us. But that wasn’t the case. Instead, me and my mom received an package that included some idea and an letter that says that my father was killed in some gunfight in another faraway country that seemed like another wurld to me. I cried and cried, and these military idiots won’t understand how is it to lose a father, and family member.

I didn’t want to live or play with anyone anymore. I just locked myself inside an room, wondering if I deserved my father. Did I? My daddy used to play board games with me, and we had tons of adventures together. That was all broken when he decided to give in into the propaganda and joined the military. I tried convincing him not to, but he wasn’t an easy to convince. The last time I saw him was before war, which was months ago. 

By the time you discover what I’am writing, it’s too late. The damage has been done and I hope you even care. But no one cares in this cruel wurld. Pleaseeee give my daddy back and bring my old loving live back.



Unfortunately, Anna committed suicide. She shot herself with an old gun that her father thinks no one knows just the day before she turned thirteen. It was an tragic event for both her mom and relatives, and they all came to the funeral. We discovered after a search team came after someone reported a bloody girl in the basement. We discovered her journal, and it only says that. This proves how the nature of war spires out of control into an tragedy, and Anna wasn’t the only one in Sunrise Island who had the same experience.


The nation continued to be shocked. Citizens expressed empathy for the girl, and even took on the streets to protest against military policies. “The next victim will be the most innocent one” a man yelled holding up a sign demanding the Sunrise Island  Government to defund the military and trash military policies. Respectively, the government has been discussing about this incident, and how they can prevent further tragic suicides. “Implementation of Anti-Depression and Suicide programs for youth across the nation might help”

”get rid of these military idiots. Like what the journal said. Our military is killing our own citizens!” 
“Maybe all of you should shut up and instead we should make laws regarding fathers in families serving, it might hurt the military but it would save more deaths of our new generation”


The representatives help up their support. This morning, there has been an vote if the government should implement an law banning wars regarding wars. Hopefully, peace will prevail, and without the lives lost........




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      Andalusia-Francien, or more well know as, Dual-Caliphate/Dual-Monarchy, Imperial Iberad, Empire of Francien-Andalusia is a country that emphasize 2 whole land and culture. With the north is held inside the crown of francien and south by crown of Andalusia. Ideally, the central province or royal province are filled with mountainous area with the capital of the nation located near the shore of the Marjas sea. Currently around 30 million people more less live inside the nation, with 3 big cultural group exist. The country exist as constitutional monarchy with house of assembly and prime minister holding the executive position. The nation is filled with many political struggle from the Militant Nationalist, Democratic Reformer and Loyalist to the throne.
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      Royal Palace of The Iberad "Caslkataluni"
      The Procession
      León Abrar De Iberad, heir to the throne of Andalusia-Francien a young man in his twenties now forced by Circumstance to take the mantle and the crown of his empire. While royalty, he doesnt really hold much political power after all the dual monarchy is a constutional monarchy. But that does not mean he can stay back and see the nation, the people and land his ancestor protect and liberate fall toward the spiral of corruption and madness. He know it, the corrupt politician from Bordaux to Balansiyah, The despot in Old Andalusia, The unruly Normans and Frankish Rebel which is drunk in vision of Wrong Grandeur. He know that he need to take back the reign into his hand, and maybe after that De Iberad will have no need to meddle again and back to the guidance role that have been happen since 1927. As he walk toward the old court and resolved, he open the door.
      "His Majesty León Abrar De Iberad, The 40th Emperor of the Andalusian, and 56th King of Francien. He who hold the noble blood of 2 dynasty have arrived" Shouted by one of the old Court messenger.
      The coronation, for León it just a show. a stage show in this modern time, but let it be he need more people in the entire nation to know and in awe of him. atleast he need to show that he too are the leader.
      As he proceed to speak word by word the Ruler oath, the procession and the crowning. he start to take a look on every people that is arrive in the court. He can see his father moving back to his family after crowning him, he can see the prime minister bloated with the corrupt wealth he have by oppressing people, he can see several important people, the corporation, the celebrity, the politician, and the general.

       The Aftermath
      León sat alone in the porch of his private room, he taking the result of the coronation very slowly like a kid counting it first money. then a knock is heard on the door.
      "Your Majesty, this is Sir Qasim. Permission to enter?"
      "Come inside Qasim, the door is unlocked"
      Another man come inside, he look in his thirties and wearing a very proper suit.
      "You have news for me Qasim?"
      "Ah yes your majesty there is several piece of information on what we should do for your reign"
      Qasim are León Political Strategist, he hired him when he still in university. He meet him when he found out the local underdog mayor, but a good person he have supported win overwhelming victory due to Qasim Election strategy.
      "As you can see, the prime minister hold several important minister such as economy, internal affair, and security. but there some minister that you can recruit to your side. but i think we need to confirm your agenda agains for now-"
      "there no change Qasim, The current constitution need to be changed. the power of the assembly need to be dispersed from that accursed party and the judges need to be cleaned from it influence too."
      "i take it that we are going to fight the Reformation Party, which is 'his' party? i see that our enemy is not only in the prime minister then. so we take the fight to the war hero too?"
      "Yes it is, we will open the eyes of the people. no longer we will cower and give them free reign. The power to determine our nation need to be returned to the people, and for that i need to take back the mantle of the guide. even if that mean they know me as a tyrant."
      "that is.. a strong word. there is no worry your majesty, some of the politician is thinking the same line like you. you will not walk this path alone i assure you."
      "so now i think i need to take my leave, dont forget tomorrow you will have a date with the future queen. i hope you are not overslept for it"
      The door is closed as Qasim leave, leaving León alone in his room as he shout "Oh please dont mention it now, i already stressed too much!"
    • By Rhava
      The Unsung Hero of the Rhavanese Unification War
      The Rhavanese Unification War (RUW) was one of the bloodiest battles ever fought, lasting from 1970-1973 over 4 million people perished in the harsh jungles, and mountains of the recently recognized nation. The RUW was a war waged by the Socialist north to unify the country, after both experiencing the after effects of colonization. While the south became a constitutional monarchy, and became economically superior to its northern counterpart because of capitalism, the north regressed and the people suffered because of land reforms and unfair taxes and wages. The north envied the south's land, people, and riches, and seeked to "unite" the country to become a equal utopia for all Rhavanese. So in 1969, the northern socialist republic annexed the middle kingdoms and brought troops to the border. In 1970 they officially declared war and entered the Calico jungles. The fights were brutal, and many soldiers on both sides died. Diseases were also deadly, with many soldiers killed by malaria and cholera. In 1971 the north took Quai Yuan [WAI-YU-AHN]. And in 1973 they took Chow Cho [CHOW-CHAWH) the seat of the south, thus ending the war. The imperial family was put on trial, found guilty, and exiled never to be heard from again. During the 7 day siege of Chow Cho many people evacuated by boats, though most didn't make it out of the gulf before being bombed, or captured by pirates.
      East of Quai Yuan, March 2nd, 1971 
      The bombs rained in the distance like little droplets making an impact of a still pond. My comrades and I were trying to find shelter during the raid. The northern dragons were especially angry that day, choosing huge banyans and tiny villages as targets, I remember thinking that we must of landed a victory, and this was their spite. A vengeful storm stems from the peaceful waves. My comrades and I reached a clearing where 7 bomb shelters lay around crater, dismembered bodies were strewn everywhere, as if they almost made it to safety before a bomb ripped away their lives, some of them were barely children. We all collectively sighed because there was just enough. As we climbed in I heard the innocent sound of a child's cry.(Recounted Lam Tran)
      This weekend we talked to Lam Tran (109 yrs), currently living in Bogd Giorno, Fulgistan. He was a lawyer, from the small village Cong, 5 miles out of Quai Yuan. Like many most able bodied southerners he was drafted into the war, where he mostly served in the Calico jungles. He risked his life to save an entire family from certain death, and walked with them on a 7 day journey to Chow Cho where the family boarded a boat to Europa. 
      The jungles back then were filled with malaria carrying mosquitoes, and northern soldiers, as well as the normal jungly death kinda thing. Its people like this that should be written in our history books, not these northern murd- [THIS SECTION HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE RHAVANESE GOVERNMENT] Its truly remarkable. (Ha Nguyen from the University of Rhavanese History)  
      The walks were long, there was no water. The food was jerky, every day. I have never had another bite of papaya jerky, by god (laughs). I remember at one point the girl Huong caught malaria. The family was so anxious, you could feel the emotion bending off the ground. Every night the family would pray to the goddess of kindness and strength, Sam Tâm, to bring good fortune to the family. Their prayers were answered. We came upon a village named Phin Trieu, where the village healer nursed Huong back to health. All the while the droplets of the north, turned into a pouring rain. The dragons were angrier, we later learned that the bombs we heard was the north sieging and then capturing Quai Yuan. We arrived through the secret tunnels to Chow Cho, and my goodness, the greatest sight was seeing the pale cyan ocean, and the capital of our glor- [THIS SECTION HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE RHAVANESE GOVERNMENT]. The family was so kind, saying that I was welcome to come with them and they had an extra ticket. But I remember replying, I could never abandon my home. A child must always fight for their mother, because their mother fought for them. 
      The remarkable stories of our nation's heroes are not just dandelions of the wind, to be watched blow away with the erosion of time, but they are scars not able to heal, that our heroes are able and willing to tell. Our country is a unju- [THIS SECTION HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE RHAVANESE GOVERNMENT].
      Thank you Lam Tran, thats all we have time for, this was RNN (Rhavanese National News). 
      Brought to you by viewers like you
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