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[Vision Statement] Commonwealth of Sunrise Island

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The Commonwealth of Sunrise Island (Sun: Civitas de Sunrise Islandia) is a Parliamentary Democracy that consists of several islands, and a special island that serves as the capital. The culture of Sunrise Island is mainly white, mixed with Pacific Islander populations to create a Sunian population. The capital city of Sunrise Island is Sunny, with notable settlements being Sunset Sea (city), Cantik (Village), and the Segreto Mountains (Landmark). 

The first traces of Sunrise Island began in 62AD, when a new island was discovered by European Explorers that were helping their native rulers find and document lands and colonize them. The explorers were quick to find that the mysterious island was a resourceful place, full of flora and fauna. It was also known that the island was rich with natural resources, and they proclaimed no one was currently on the island besides them. Unfortunately, they were quick to find that a Pacific Islander Tribe was also calling the island home, and taking advantage of everything that they also discovered. Though instead of going to war, the explorers and their native rulers signed an agreement detailing both of their duties, and what they own. 

According to a scroll, Fortis (the nation that the explorers were from) and the Tribe both owned the land, having the rights to live, grow, and prosper their. The resources were evening split, though the section that described this was made vague on purpose, so they can create beneficial trade deals. It also ruled that if hostilities against the region was evident, it is both of their responsibilities to protect the island from foreign forces.

Although there were little disputes between Fortis and the Tribe, disorder quickly broke out. Back in mainland Fortis, war broke out when an Empire declared on them with the intent of annexing Fortis’s land. Fortis’s military demonstrated reasonable effort, and although they had some victories, they quickly found that they were in a losing situation. 3 years later, the royals of Fortis fled to the island, and in friendship they declared the Island to be an official nation.

“Realis De Natior!” The residents of the island celebrated. They danced around day and night, with joy and a very energetic spirit. Two weeks later, they held their first election. Eventually, The Liberal Party Candidate was elected, and everything seemed well. No particularly big event happened until another nation called Waridd offered a trade deal. The inexperienced government accepted foolishly, not knowing why not. 10 years later, they discovered it was a scam, and they now owed 10% of their natural resources to a Rogue War Nation.

For hundreds of years, they struggled to pay it. Even an 10% can mean collapse, and they were on the brink of it. The Waridd Emperor demanded them to be paid in 3 more months, and threatened war if he didn’t receive the shipments. They needed an absolute miracle to even survive. And the miracle finally came after 1 painful month. The International Trade Organization, a group of welcoming mature nations, offered assistance. They had another idea - instead of helping pay the debt, they decided they will bring revenge to Waridd for their unreasonable actions.

On an early Monday Morning in 1637, the ITO (International Trade Organization)’s military started marching to Waridd. They utterly had more force than Waridd, and showed no mercy. “You taught us to have no mercy” one of the member taunted Waridd. “Yeah, your damn nation won’t survive” the heartless insults continued. The first encounter was in June, where they bombed forts in Southern Waridd. They fought hard, killing every soldier and destroying everything. They had many victories, but the most famous one was Sunrise Battle, Held in July. Lasting 3 hours from 4-7 AM respectively, this is what earned the island the name “Sunrise Island”. 

The ITO soldiers woke up at 3:30. It was still dark, though they can see the sun slowly starting to dominate. They jogged to the Hell Building, the most important military improvement that Waridd had ever build. It was both a training, equipment creating, and intelligence division, and millions of future soldiers were trained here.

Ash held up a bomb. They were setting the hell building on fire. The last seconds ticked. The bomb has exploded. Flames started to sound. Waridd Soldiers and Commanders evacuated. They started a fight. This time it was way different from they had expected. The Waridd military was close to victory, and they struggled to keep on. It seemed like their best plan was about to be destroyed, and their efforts wasted. The only thing that encouraged them to go forward was the beautiful sunrise - it inspired them as they thought how the sun represents their efforts. They started to strengthen. “At least we have one more HARD try before we’re in heaven” the commanders shouted. 

That was the toughest they have ever been. They tried, proving they are not worn out by a stupid enemy. Even the enemy generals looked that had years of experience in wars looked surprised, none of their war opponents were that good. It was 7AM. Waridd surrendered, and the ITO Military cheered.

After a few hours, the island was named Sunrise Island in honor of this battle. They were proud of their brave efforts, and most soldiers were awarded medals. It seemed like a real celebration, out of the fake ones. “Honorable Efforts” - Anonymous War Commander

Now back into the future. Though Sunrise Island has experienced great pride, there is always room to improve and expand. One of the important agenda’s of the government is to maintain and promote it’s Pacifist and De-Weaponization policies. We in Sunrise Island believe war is never good, and most of the offenders that initiate a war are rogues that do not deserve to be celebrated or mentioned. You're a nation because your people agreed it was a nation, life is a game of diplomacy. Whatever is it encouraging an ally nation to seek peaceful agreements, or remaining a fellow state to not use nuclear weapons, we will always be peaceful.

Another good improvement would be improving balancing development. While some nations claim it’s the best thing you can have, it has some drawbacks. In Sunrise Island, the government protects important marks of nature and expanding the infrastructure there might disrupt nature. We will seek to develop underdeveloped areas, while leaving other areas for nature to decide on the future.

Speaking of nature, we need to stop pollution and climate change. Our goal is a 100% Pollution Free Sunrise Island, with no emissions emitted. We’re currently passing environmental/pollution laws, and promote use of innovation to develop new solutions for such global problems. 

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Population (Low): 2 Million

GDP (High): 19,273 

Land Area (High): TBD 


Chosen using the Statistics Spec System. Note that GDP is measured per capita and land area is in square kilometers.



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17 hours ago, Oyus said:

I'm curious how the nation feels about tech.

The Commonwealth of Sunrise Island strives to advance in technology, though the overall national stance remains complicated.

According to an recent survey aimed at determining the most common stance on technological advancement, about 70% of Sunrise Islandians advocate for more research and advancement in technology, while only 45% advocate for more funding in these areas.


The government of Sunrise Island publicly stated that they support efforts of technological advancement, though they also stated that they will not be funding or supporting military development or research, unless it’s to benefit other sectors, and  during times of war.

Many laws has been passed to both regulate and encourage technological advancement and research. The Nuclear Peace Act regulates that Sunrise Island may not research nuclear technology for war/military purposes, and Sunrise Island can not develop annuclear/atom bomb. The Research and Technology Funding Act states that eligible groups and companies can apply for funding from the government for their research. 

Generally, Sunrise Island has an like-neutral stance on Tech.

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      The second Wars happen and lead by the 3 son of Alfonso, which is Umar De Iberiad, Leon De Iberiad, and Ferdinand De Iberiad. the first Prince Umar lead the continuation war from the south but he is failed to achieve any gain from it, but due to the southern invasion the normans are subjugated. as the first prince attack from the south, the second and third princes prepare and invasion from Bretton. with the second aim to subjugate the Normans and the third attacking Francien from the west. the result of the war of the 3 princes lead normans subjugated but francien stabilized under the council of noble who coup the previous ruler.
      The fully unification of the 2 crown end after 20 years of the dead of Alfonso, lead by the descendant of the second prince who rose into the throne due to his success. The son of Leon De Iberiad named after his brother who protect him from the third prince treachery, Umar II the Faithfull. The war of the young king lead to capture of Pariah and enthronement of Umar as the sole king of the dual monarchy.
      The following century then similar with other nation in Eurth. As Iberia-Francien Rose as Colonizer in several region and participated in several conflict around the wurld. the most notably event happening mostly on the dual monarchy ability to survive the wave of nationalism and regionalism. At the end of the 19th century, The dual monarchy have become constitutional monarchy. Due to long integration between each culture group, they are still united but their ground are shaky. in the north the reminiscent of Frank still strong ever since the Revolution in the 18th and 19th century. while the south, wishes for more freedom and a return of southern kingdom hegemony. the integrated domain of Bretton and Normans too full of many conspiracies and trouble, as both wishes to seccede from the nation.
      But the newly rose king of Iberiad shown better promise as he proven shrewd and smart, where some even call that he is the reincarnation of Alfonso the first. As a new dawn happen in the century, Andalusia-Francien goal is remain the same. it is to secure stability of the nation, to protect the people from irrational in the north and the authoratorian in the south, to be the wall againts the red and blue from outside it nation, and to reclaim the lost glory due to the Chaos on the Colony in 18th Century.
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      (WIP) The land that makes up modern-day Novanar, called Novanischland by its citizens, was originally inhabited by Native tribes of the A (coastal), B (river), C (highland) cultures. Shortly following the onset of the Salvian conquests of the 15th century, an outbreak of several diseases occurred among the people of all three cultures, decimating many tribes. This, however, strengthened them against said diseases, preparing them for the arrival of Lysian nobility and Dolchlander settlers in Novanar in the late 16th century. Several wars broke out between the foreign settlers and the A and B cultures, resulting in the destruction of the A culture and the permanent weakening of the B culture. Then, the horse tribes attacked in the mid-17th century, indiscriminately turning settlements of all cultures into piles of skulls. Seeing the dire state of the settlers and other tribes, the Kingdom of WIP of the C culture gathered people of all sides together and suggested an alliance. Although initially met with skepticism, all sides eventually agreed that they had to work together to defeat their common enemy. With the introduction of gunpowder to the New Wurld and the use of superior strategy, the Alliance drove back the horse tribes again and again until they never dared to attack again. Even though the members of the Alliance had gained a mutual sense of respect for each other, human nature is a fickle thing, and they soon devolved back into in-fighting that lasted until the beginning of the Eustacian Wars in the early 19th century. 
      Disjointed and caught off guard, the various nation of Novanar fell quickly to Eustace’s armies, and the region came under foreign occupation. A massive surge in nationalism triggered an uprising at the war’s mid-point and the Novanisch Confederation was formed out of the chaos. Together with its new allies, Novanar liberated itself. 
      Novanar remained a confederation up until the 1872 Congress of Auhagen, out of which came the Imperial Federation of Novanar. The house chosen to lead this new nation was House Sieglinde, a powerful and influential noble clan. ( Haven’t really thought through the next part of my history yet. )

      Now, the specter of war looms on the Imperial Federation’s southern border as long-dormant enemies rise to break the peace. Will war engulf the nation? Will Novanar be shocked into action? Just what will wake the Titan in the Night?
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