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Factbook 2: Costa Madora

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The Exposición Internacional del Transporte (International Transport Exhibition), abbrievated EIT, is an annual motor and aviation exhibition held at Sacramento Trade Center in Freijeiro, Sacramento. It was established in 1923 as Convención Nacional del Automóvil (National Car Convention), remaining as such until 1936 when the first airplanes arrived to the show.

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The Order of the Madorian Eagle (Madorian: Orden del Águila Madoriana), abbrievated OME, is a Madorian order, founded in 1412 by August II of Costa Madora and awarded to civilians and the military for their merits. It was the highest order until the Order of Catherine I was established.

OME has three classes; Knight, Officer and Commander.

It is currently awarded by the President of Costa Madora.


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I know you've seen the message that you were sent by Oyus, as I've seen that you have reported it.

Oyus, like myself, is a member of staff of this forum. The message that they sent to you was not made in a vacuum - it was agreed upon by the staff members, including myself.

The circumstances of the topics being locked were not unforeseen - as stated in that message, due to the interactions you have had with staff and the attitude you have displayed, we have decided that you are not a good fit with this community.

I'd suggest that you save yourself further embarrassment and bow out gracefully here.

I'll also be locking this topic.

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