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Andalusia-Francien Map Application

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Nation in Eurth: Andalusia-Francien



Capital name: Barshaluna

Capital location: Coastal

Stats Chosen: 

Population (medium 1)  : 30 Million
GDP ( medium 1) : 29000
Land Area (High 2) : TBD

Factbook/iiwiki link: 

Vision Statement:

Academy RP

Culture: Andalusian, Frankish, Normans. i think a new mixed culture that come from kudish splitted group and influenced by sayf or alharu semitic and scandinavian or slavic in northern argis

Climate: Mediterranean


Recent history of Andalusian Sultanate are at the 7th century when the first Caliph of the Amayyad cross the sea and liberate the province under the tyranny of Vandar. Most of this Vandal King of noble itself will later be overthrown in the 8th century in the north, forming the confederated kingdom of Vandals. While at Francien, the first king of Franks is established by the first Frankish Dynasty. In the 9th century, raider and nomad from the north came into Francia. Years of conquering and staying at the Francia land lead this group becoming a Normans, which later on dethrone the first Frankish Dynasty and raise the Second Frankish Dynasty.

A Melting pot of culture between kudish splinter group, northern scandinavian or slavic argis, and alharus semitic.

Desired Location:


Around that area, i am fine if getting a bit that iberian-celt which mean i can expand more on the complexity of the nation.

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Congratulations on passing the academy, now let's try fit your nation on Eurth.

Your stats do possess a discrepancy, your GDP stat is $29,000 per capita despite saying you are using only one point on it, which means the maximum GDP per capita you can have with 1 point is $15,000. You would need 4 points in GDP to have $29,000 per capita.
Your population at 30,000,000 is fine and your undefined land area (270,000 - 350,000 km^2) is alright if you wish to remain with a 1/1/2 stat distribution.

Culture & History:
I am unsure if your history could be adapted 1:1 with Eurth, as it relies heavily on real-wurld history that we cannot accommodate for. Such as the Norman culture - which came about by Vikings settling in northern France and adopting their culture. Also Andalusian culture (made up of Spanish and Arabic cultures intermixing) couldn't come about until the 1700s with Iverican (!spanish) colonists. The Franks (as a Germanic tribe) are perhaps the only culture that could exist at the time you wish for them to exist. All of my map proposals will come with pros and cons - most making sacrifices to the cultural history you want.

This area highlighted possesses a Mediterranean climate or a pseudo-Mediterranean climate:

Possible Locations
Below are several locations and borders that may fit your nation, feel free to pick any of them (or none of them). Afterwards we can discuss the finer details of the borders and shape of your nation.

This comes out at around 327,500km^2, replacing half of the Kudish area with what would've been the Vandals. It is also close to the Verde-Ygros Peninsula that juts out of Alharu, allowing for easy access of the Amayyed Caliphate into the area. If they're related to the Sayf then possibly they might be Shia Muslims rather than Sunni Muslims. I'm sure you can use the Ivericans and the Franks to produce a pseudo-French culture for the "Francien" part of your nation (who knows, might be fun to try come up with a constructed culture of Franks, Andalusians, and Ivericans). There is also the issue that this place isn't Mediterranean in climate - it's actually quite cold.

At an area of 318,400km^2, this area puts Andalusia-Francien at and close to Mediterranean climate, as well as directly bordering both a Germano-Slavic nation (Grenesia), south of other Germanic states, and an Arabic state (Sayf). A-F would also be in direct sight of Lysian colonisation, allowing for more French influence and subsequently the formation of a Norman culture. The only issue here is the lack of a Spanish group - however with changes in Europa underway, perhaps one of the new !Spanish nations could have been an ex-coloniser?


315,200km^2, this area would put more emphasis on the Arabic influence of the nation. Perhaps Kudish Germans (eventually becoming the Vandals) invaded south and carved out their own kingdom? And then when the Franks arrived they subsumed the Vandal state as well as a neighbouring ex-Amayyed state?. Up to you. Almost the entire nation is under the Mediterranean climates.

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i have not much problem on stats, i think i make a mistake reading the medium value for gdp. i dont know much how to choose for GDP and Land area so i am fine with negotiation and change

culture & history

i agree and fine with not being 1:1. my current planning is more a country mixed with kudish culture group. one with the scandinavian in the north i think and the one in the south with the sayfi. any spain cultural influence might be at 17th century which can be rped or negotiated with iverica if he want it.


considering 1 is not even mediteranean i am thinking choosing 3. my plan will assume the first kudish settler is vandaria/ vandal. which later on invaded by frankish kudish. and in the end sayfi which will get any latin or old wurld influence if any.

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4 hours ago, Andalusia Francien said:

any spain cultural influence might be at 17th century which can be rped or negotiated with iverica if he want it.

I'd be glad to be part of your lore :) 

Pretty much all kinds of interactions would be open for us: historical conquest/annexation, influence through heavy trading, or by curious native nobles becoming infatuated with Iberophile customs. I'd leave it for you to draw the boundaries of just how much Iberic culture you have- and how you got it. I can help fill in some of the more lore specific details if you have any ideas.

This could happen between the 1650's and the 1700's for cultural contacts. If you wanted something heavier, like an actual Iberic attempt to colonise land, this could start around 1702-1708 during the beginnings of wider Iberic colonisation https://iiwiki.us/wiki/History_of_Peninsular_Iverica#Iverican_Expansion. This could last however long you'd need it to. 

No pressure to respond, these things may take shape in due course.

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