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Factbook of the Dual Monarchy of Andalusia-Francien

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Andalusia-Francien, or more well know as, Dual-Caliphate/Dual-Monarchy, Imperial Iberad, Empire of Francien-Andalusia is a country that emphasize 2 whole land and culture. With the north is held inside the crown of Francien and south by crown of Andalusia. Ideally, the central province or royal province are filled with mountainous area, with the capital of the nation located near the shore of [TBD] sea. Currently, around [WIP] million people more or less live inside the nation, with 3 big cultural groups exist. The country exist as constitutional monarchy with house of assembly and prime minister holding the executive position. The nation is filled with many political struggles from the Militant Nationalist, Democratic Reformer and Loyalist to the throne.


Andalusia is derived from Al-Andalus, by previous invader that conquer and claim the land for their caliph. The land itself mean the land owned by Vandal, a previous kingdom and tribe that culturally oversee the land. While Francien is a name based on the language spoken by the people of the land. Yet the unification of Andalusia-Francien just simply a unification of name to signify that the 2 crown land now is united and under one dynasty.


Recent history of Andalusian Sultanate are at the 7th century when the first Caliph of the Amayyad cross the sea and liberate the province under the tyranny of Vandar. Most of this Vandal King of noble itself will later be overthrown in the 8th century in the north, forming the confederated kingdom of Vandals. While at Francien, the first king of Franks is established by the first Frankish Dynasty. In the 9th century, raider and nomad from the north came into Francia. Years of conquering and staying at the Francia land lead this group becoming the Normans, which later on dethrone the first Frankish Dynasty and raise the Second Frankish Dynasty. For nearly 100 years, the Normans will become the de facto ruler and royalties on the Francia land. While they are adopting the franks court manner and language, they are still distincter than most old Frankish royal. This led to many dissident and rebellion, but ultimately the Normans Francia still held and arose to great power. Later on in the 10th century will be when the Francien Empire start to clash with the Andalusian Caliphate, leading both of the empire into rivalry and period of instability. At this time too, Francia successfully robed the Vandaria Confederate Kingdom into their vassal state and promising them the ability to rule Andalusia in the time they successfully invade them. But in the 11th Century Crusade of Reconquista proven to be a disaster and blessing, so convoluted it is and the end result change the history as we know it. When the Vandaria Confederate Kingdoms and Frankish Empire pounce upon Andalusia, the combined might proven too strong for the Royal Army of the South. When Kortuba fallen to the Vandar King Alfonso the Ruthless, he marched boldly toward the Amayyad Royal residence. The death of the Sultan and with no male heir mean the end for Iberian Dream for the sultanate. But Fate is a cruel and twisted mistress, as King Alfonso arrive to the residence, he was greeted with the only and first Daughter of the Amayyad. Alliyah Amayyad was a graceful woman, and her beauty captivated the king's attention. He is fallen over the heel so deep that he some legend even said that the king true intention in the crusade is to take the daughter for his own. But what is true and history know as fact is, for the next 3 days the king and the future queen entangled in complex negotiation and treaty. What is known is will be revealed in a month after that, culminated in the Treachery of Balansiyah.

Later on the Events of Unification will happen led by a newly crowned of the United Kingdom of Vandaria and Andalusia, by Iberad royal family who hold the claim too on the Frankish crown.  Such as, the Princes Wars which happen by the 3 son of Alfonso, which is Umar De Iberiad, Leon De Iberiad, and Ferdinand De Iberiad. The first Prince Umar lead the continuation war from the south, but he is failed to achieve any gain from it, but due to the southern invasion the Normans are subjugated. As the first prince attack from the south, the second and third princes prepare and invade from the west. With the second aim to subjugate the Normans and the third attacking Francien from the east. The result of the war of the 3 princes led the Normans subjugated, but Francien stabilized under the council of nobles, who succeeded in a coup against the previous ruler. The full unification of the 2 crown end after 20 years of the dead of Alfonso, led by the descendant of the second prince who rose into the throne due to his success. The son of Leon De Iberiad named after his brother who protect him from the third prince of treachery, Umar II the Faithfull. The war of the young king led to the capture of Pharis and enthronement of Umar as the sole king of the dual monarchy/dual caliphate.

The Later years after unification filled with many explorations held by the Dual-Caliphate/Dual-Monarchy. The other is the islamization of the Vandars up until the southern Francien, with many hold out for Christianity in Northern Francia and Normans. At the 15th up to 16th Century, the Empire already stabilized enough and cultural mix and idea have come. In this time too, the Emperor move their seat to Balansiyah as to be closer and center toward Pharis and bridge for Kortuba and Francien. A new union of culture group arise and will be called as Ancien that uphold the idea of unity between Andalusia and Francien. Thus, the very first notion of unity arose from 16th until 18th century, leading a more unified nation.


Andalusia-Francien is a constitutional monarchy, while the royal still held power but in reality the people are the one that determine the course of policy in the nations. This is due to avoid another disastrous revolt that might split the empire. The Dual Monarchy itself follow Capitalistic tendency but with some hold out on strategic resources which mainly raw resource stubbornly hold by the government. The government itself are more centralized than they try to present, with many provinces needing to follow the central law or royal law to the letter, but still let many provinces create and enforce their own local law on the local populace.


The Nation filled with many cultures, but mostly 5 big culture groups exist and act as political and cultural compass for the people living inside it. All the culture group are known as primary and there are many secondary culture group that accepted but not listed due to insignificant important they are as group. Most of the people are loyal to the crown and parliamentary, but there always be exception that need to be explained.

1. Francien
The one that make up the most in the northern Francia. Most of them are loyal to the nation but wishes for more autonomy, especially thanks to many years of oppression under their Normans ruler. Their culture group came from a split nomadic group within the Kudish Culture Group

2. Andalusian
Big Culture group that exist in the south, they make up the most of the people in the empire. While loyal to the Empire, they still wish for old Kortuban Hegemons, as such can be seen to attack any idea of autonomy to the northern part of the nation. They are descendant of the mix be

3. Normans
Former raider and barbarian that settle a part of Francien, most of them are extremist to their cause. They believe they are the rightful ruler of the Francien crown. While not necessary a separatist, they are known to have conflict with the government and the Francien culture group. They are mostly descendant of royalties and nobility of old Francien and result of the intermixing between the split group of Frank from Kudish culture group

4. Vandaria
Vandal that cast their old self and nobles. Most of them are free spirited in nature and more open to many discussions. They wish for more democratic reform and see that a crown as unifier of the empire is unstable and dangerous. They are descendant of Kudish culture group that lead to the current area of Iberad.

5. Andacien/Ancien
Are mixed culture group, or anyone who uphold the royal as the sole ruler and supporter of the unity of 2 empire. Can be anyone from any culture and religion, but support the notion of Andalusia-Francien.

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