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Request: Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium

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Would like to request the addition of the Federated Commonwealth states. I realised how little sense it made for my entire terriorty on map to be called "Iverica".

I would appreciate if possible just adding the borders, capitals and flags of:

Each link's infobox has the capital and flag included. Though let me know if it would still help more to send flag or country data here. The external borders in the map below are probably not the same as what's on the current Eurth map, so I defer to what is on the current Eurth map. The map below can still be referenced for internal borders. Raqqa need not be included.




Appreciate the hardwork going on here :) 




Weirdly compressed PNG there. Clicking on the image seems to display it more clearly.

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This is rather unprecedented, however as you are an admin I trust in your judgement that this is allowed.

My only question is if you wish for all of the The Iberic FedCom States to be bracketed with (Ibe.) / (Fed.), or just the non-Iverican ones bracketed with (Ive.)?

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@Iverica and @Metztlitlaca — Just sharing my opinion here since this is indeed unprecedented. At the moment our world map doesn't shown any sub-national political units such as member states. Those can be included on national detail maps for example on IIWiki. If these 4 countries + plus Iverica form one political unit, would it then be optimal to only show the top-most political unit? Would this name be "Federated Commonwealth of Iverica"? Before asking this question I've read through your major IIWiki pages but have not yet found the answer.

Edit: After reading through Discord I seem to have missed this one new page. This explains where you're going. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/New_Iberium Would the short name be New Iberium or simply Iberium? This name would have my preference over "Federated Commonwealth". There can be multiple FedCom's but only one (New) Iberium. Similarly, there's also nobody calling themselves "The Kingdom" since there are multiple. (And I'm intentionally ignoring RL KSA.)

These are just some of my thoughts. I don't mean to impose. The flaw in my argument is there are currently no Federated Commonwealths so there's really no reason for this premature optimisation.

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@OrioniThe tricky thing is that at the moment the constituent states of the FedCom/New Iberium still retain their sovereignty. The current state of affairs has the FedCom similar to the EU in most aspects. 


I also mentioned to Metz via DM of the possibility of just making it "New Iberium" with just labels/demarcations for its constituent states (I wouldn't want to name it Federated Commonwealth on the map either). The only thing stopping me from choosing this is that it also seems problematic if the FedCom is indeed just an EU but with more representative power in international affairs, if only for now.

Both marking constituents individually as the sovereign nations they are and also just listing it as "New Iberium" with some extra text labels works for me. The only thing I have left to consider is affectation and my own pedantry for appropriate listing :P


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It's pretty much in essence the North Adlantic Union. I think you are just labeling it differently on the map than myself. To be fair though, NAU countries tend to be small and difficult to label on the map. I can't see this being an issue.

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@Salvia thanks for the question, it's a good one.

I've left it rather open ended and there are a lot of odd possibilities. Originally, they were supposed to eventually merge but there are a number of things that could happen differently. three scenarios I'm entertaining:


1. In the next 5 years, the FedCom loses control of the Narvic states and a civil war breaks out. The Narvics may unite properly for the first time in history and create a powerful confederation. This really just comes from me wanting to explore the creole Narvics more, whom I find culturally different/fun compared to the Iberics.


2. In Asta L'Vasqqa, the Duke of Verde was "defeated" in the tinfoil hat deepstate war for hegemony. However Deitorr's mistake was that he did not destroy the Duke completely. It's possible that in 5 years time, Deitorr and his party is removed from power somehow and the Duke seizes the FedCom and reinstates the Empire. Verde effectively becomes the Hegemon, replacing Iverica as leader of the Iberosphere.

3. The status quo with Iverica leading the FedCom. The main conflict here is more deepstate shenanigans in the Autonomous Region of Raqqa, where anti Federalist forces try to destabilise the newly minted Narvic Nationalist state and draw the FedCom into an insurgent war.


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@Tagmatium Rules 


Yes I've mentioned it's been discussed up there^. Haven't really come to a decision. Metz mentioned that it wouldn't be a problem for the file, but if it takes up time that could better be spent doing other things, I'd be fine with doing New Iberium as proposed above.

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