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Vision of the Dual Monarchy

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11th Century Crusade of Reconquesta proven to be a disaster and blessing, so convoluted it is and the end result change the history as we know it. when the coalition of Northern kingdoms and Frankish Empire pounch upon Andalusia, the combined might proven too strong for the Royal Army of the South. When Qurtuba fallen to the Astur King Alfonso the Ruthless, he march boldly toward the Ummayyad Royal residence. the death of the Sultan and with no male heir mean the end for Iberian Dream for the sultanate. But Fate is a cruel and twisted mistress, as King Alfonso arrive to the residence, he was greeted with the only and first Daughter of the Ummayyad. Alliyah Ummayyad was a graceful woman and her beauty captive the king attention. he is fallen over the heel so deep that he some legend even said that the king true intention in the crusade is to take the daughter for his own. But what true and history know as fact is, for the next 3 days the king and the future queen entangled in complex negotiation and treaty. What is known is will be revealed in a month after that, culminated in the Treachery of Balansiyah.

The Franksih Emperor and his heir, are very happy and let their guard down. after all the elected kingdom of Northern Andalusia is of their blood, even muddy and thin is it. Alfonso was planned by the Frankish Emperor as his puppet, with him planning to split the land to avoid his brother and son fighting each other for the throne of Francien. But Alfonso is a shrewd man and he already know this, he know how to gain legitimacy toward the people of Andalusia and secure of his control on Iberia and gain his dream girl at the same time. so he set up ambush on the Frankish Royal, near the city of Balansiyah. With this he will appease the anger of the Andalusian warrior and ghazi and to prove his conversion, to let him marry Alliyah. The pivot moment happen in the morning, as the convoy of the frankish royal are attacked by the Andalusian Army. As he try to escape back to the city, the Asturian Army close the city gates. The Frankish Emperor cursed Alfonso as a ghazi stab into the emperor heart, ending his life. The emperor son, heir to the frankish throne died because of the wound given to him as he flee the massacre. his body later, found near the river across the city but Alfonso let the remnant to bring back their deceased royal body.

Thus Alfonso establish a new dynasty of union between the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Iberia, declaring him as rightful elected king and sultan. Alfonso then known as the unifier of 2 realms, while the northern kingdoms are surprised with Alfonso conversion, they do not resist as most opposition already dealth with before the his election and many on the northern follow conversion with him. from that day onward the Iberiad Dynasty established and lead the new empire. but Alfonso ambition does not stop at that as he covet the Throne of Francien and knowing his blood he have the right and legality to claim for that.

The following 100 years are full of bloody conflict as Alfonso try to conquer Francien. Francien itself is in shaky situation, as the only line of the Frankish dynasty lie unto the brother of the dead emperor which is well known as cruel and inept noble. this lead to many vassal rebelling toward Francien, most notably the Normans and Bretton. The first throne war happen in the southern Francien, with many casualities in both side but ultimately the southern Francien now fall under Alfonso. The Bretton, afraid to both normans and Francien call for vassalization to Alfonso as long they able to retain independent government and right to determination. Alfonso agree as long they let the Imam to preach in their land. Thus the Bretton become the first Vassal of the Iberian.

The second Wars happen and lead by the 3 son of Alfonso, which is Umar De Iberiad, Leon De Iberiad, and Ferdinand De Iberiad. the first Prince Umar lead the continuation war from the south but he is failed to achieve any gain from it, but due to the southern invasion the normans are subjugated. as the first prince attack from the south, the second and third princes prepare and invasion from Bretton. with the second aim to subjugate the Normans and the third attacking Francien from the west. the result of the war of the 3 princes lead normans subjugated but francien stabilized under the council of noble who coup the previous ruler.

The fully unification of the 2 crown end after 20 years of the dead of Alfonso, lead by the descendant of the second prince who rose into the throne due to his success. The son of Leon De Iberiad named after his brother who protect him from the third prince treachery, Umar II the Faithfull. The war of the young king lead to capture of Pariah and enthronement of Umar as the sole king of the dual monarchy.

The following century then similar with other nation in Eurth. As Iberia-Francien Rose as Colonizer in several region and participated in several conflict around the wurld. the most notably event happening mostly on the dual monarchy ability to survive the wave of nationalism and regionalism. At the end of the 19th century, The dual monarchy have become constitutional monarchy. Due to long integration between each culture group, they are still united but their ground are shaky. in the north the reminiscent of Frank still strong ever since the Revolution in the 18th and 19th century. while the south, wishes for more freedom and a return of southern kingdom hegemony. the integrated domain of Bretton and Normans too full of many conspiracies and trouble, as both wishes to seccede from the nation.

But the newly rose king of Iberiad shown better promise as he proven shrewd and smart, where some even call that he is the reincarnation of Alfonso the first. As a new dawn happen in the century, Andalusia-Francien goal is remain the same. it is to secure stability of the nation, to protect the people from irrational in the north and the authoratorian in the south, to be the wall againts the red and blue from outside it nation, and to reclaim the lost glory due to the Chaos on the Colony in 18th Century.

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