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[IDEA] Ice hockey tournament/Argic Hockey League?

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I was originally going to do this on the discord, but I decided that this would be a better place to gather my ideas and have a better audience of people to hear my ideas. I want to propose some kind of regional or international annual sports tournament similar to others of other sports in other regions of the wurld. If the idea gains traction from nations around the wurld, then the tournament would be international. If the idea only gains traction in one region, likely Argis since that's where ice hockey would be logically played, then there could be a regional tournament. If this is the case, however, there could also be a more in-depth hockey league in Argic with teams across the continent, a similar concept to the IRL Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), with teams across Eurasia, although that league is dominated by Russia and Russian teams. This league would be more in depth than a tournament, with standings updates every week along with highlighted games for that week, during the regular season. without national teams, players on these teams can be of any nationality, and there will be a draft for players as well. This AHL could even be the top hockey league in the wurld, and one which every player strives to end up in, ala the NHL. I don't yet know where I can sim games for this tournament or league, but I'm sure somebody could help me out.

Why do I want to create a hockey league/tournament? I want to further entwine myself into the fabric of this community, encourage some RP through news posts or team prep and such, and just have my favorite sport of ice hockey represented here on Eurth.

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