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RP: Kingdom of the West

Costa Madora

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March 22, 1316

It was a regular day at the Jacquard estate. George stood inside his father's study, where his father was organizing his documents.

"Ansi. Tu es majeur et tu devrais te préparer à me succéder," his father said in Barborican.

"Ouin, mais je veux être plus qu’un seigneur local," George responded.

"Porquoi?" his father asked worriedly. After a sigh, he continued.

"Écote, George, je ne voudrais pas être Barboricain. Mais souhaitant une révolution? Vous savez que c’est mal vu."

"Je peux très bien me débrouil."

"Peux-tu? Quel rapporte entrez-vous avec l’ouvrier en tant que roi?"

"Écoute Papa, notre très cher empere a augmenté les impôts. Que feriez-vous à ce sujet?"

"Je suppose que je lui parlerais?"

"Et si j’entendais dire que l’empere envise de nous enlever notre domaine?"

"Je ne sais pas."

"Je suppose que je vais y aller maintenant."


"Un endroit pour réfléchir."

And, with that in his mind, George left the study and mounted the horse to retreat to a secluded place, where he could think freely. His plan was to gather his friends and begin by raiding Fort de Orx, a small fort near Fleury in Lamonti.

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His first friend was Rafael Montilla, who lived in San Monica as Vincent Baudet due to the Barborican Empire restricting the Kairupozians from entering the territory.

San Monica was named after goddess Saint Monica who protected Barborican sailors. This city served as New Barborico's capital city and was admired by some for its fort located on a high hill.

George arrived at the city to find a commotion around the port and market square. San Monica's port was not that busy compared to Barborico's, however due to high pirate activity, this port was the only one Barborico used.

His friend lived in Saint Pierre which was a few kilometres away from the port and had better housing. Once George arrived and knocked on the door, Montilla's maid opened the door.

"Que veux-tu?" she asked.

"Bonjour, madame, je suis ici pour parler avec votre maître."

"Je crains qu’il ne soit pas disponible. Il est...hors de la ville."

"Laissez-le entrer," said an unknown voice with a Kairupozian accent. George knew immediately that was Rafael's voice as he entered the house.

"Well, if it isn't George Jacquard! What are you doing here?" Rafael uttered from his seat in the drawing room.

"Hey Montilla. I came as soon as I could for that plan we have," George responded, knowing that he as a member of the Jacquard family was willing to do something insane.

"So are you still willing?"

"Yes. It is a crazy idea, but we need to do something about the Emperor. So are you ready?"

"Of course! We are both stupid enough to do this, but have you talked to that Esta Ostadian guy?"

"Gustav? I haven't. Could you pass me a glass of that wine?"

"Sure. You should probably talk to him."

George chuckled nervously as he took a sip of the wine. Not everybody was as excited about the revolution as George and his compatriots.

The sun went down as they talked about their plan. The next day, George was ready to go north to meet Gustav Hardenberg, who was the third wheel in the conspiracy against the Barborican Emperor.

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March 25, 1316
While Barborico controlled southern Madora, it was almost impossible for anyone to pass the borders between New Barborico and the other colonies. However, George was still persistent, because he knew he had a big goal to accomplish. When he arrived, the ferry to Kairupoz's colonial territory had been parked in the small port.

The man guarding it was asleep, with no other people in sight. George decided to sneak onto the ferry, which was the size of a merchant ship, perhaps smaller. Suddenly, two men appeared carrying crates.

'They might be just crewmen' George thought, hiding behind some bigger crates.

As the men walked past him, George snuck onto the ship. It still had some cargo to unload before going towards Mersberg.

Before becoming a city and capital city of August II of Costa Madora, Mariastadt was known as Mersberg, a small fishing town in south Daland facing the Lamontian Strait. The name 'Mariastadt' itself came from the occurence where August named the city for his consort, Maria of Trianos.

While captain was busy reading the map, the man in the hut woke up and started to patrol. It took some time for the ship to start moving, but George was happy to get away from danger.

Now he had only to wait.

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After a few hours, Mersburg appeared before Jacquard, who was met not by the bustling port, but a calm landscape, mostly covered by grazing cows and fields worked by various people.

The crew left the ship at the dock, which meant a good opportunity for him to sneak out. Right now, his main concern was blending into the crowd, which proved to be easy as most people were not paying attention to him.

However, George was not here to enjoy the scenery, feeling a sense of rush. He left the town, going towards the north.

West Kairupoz as the locals called the land, was calmer than New Barborico. Vast fields covered the vast landscape, however there was still plenty of civilization.

It took George some more days to get to the border of West Kairupoz and West Ostad, where he employed more maneuvering in order to get to Leonstadt, where Gustav lived. Unlike Rafael, he didn't move anywhere, relying upon his instincts.

Leonstadt was not as large as San Monica, however it was the only colonial capital safe from pirate attacks as they were unwilling to sail large distances. After all, they operated out of Bellefait Isles, a smaller archipelago southwest of Costa Madora, where pirates existed until Costa Madora was founded and enlarged in terms of territory.

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March 30, 1316

On the second last day of March, George arrived at Leonstadt, the colonial capital of West Ostad, where Gustav Hardenberg lived.

After speaking to him, George returned to San Monica, where phase one would be executed. As the sun began to go down, they continued down the road towards Fort de Orx.

The fort was small and overlooked Fleury and the other wine regions.

“How should we begin?” asked Rafael.

“Well clearly, there’s two ways; either stealth or a quick fight to the death,” answered George.

“Honestly gentlemen, I would go either way. Stealth would take too much time though,” Gustav said.

By the time they decided, it was evening. Every guard was asleep, while others patrolled. The fort wouldn’t have much else than wine or weapons, however could serve as a temporary HQ. In the end, the three men decided to stealthily take out all guards they could.

They narrowly avoided alerting other guards until suddenly the Captain exited his bedroom and looked over the railing of his balcony.

“Qu’est-ce que toute cette agitaté?”

Those words made the three men freeze in terror as they realized the Captain was awake. If he detected any suspicious activity, he would raise the alarm.

“What the hell are we supposed to do now?” Rafael said quietly with an agitated tone.

“Stay quiet. If he doesn’t see any bodies, he’ll calm down. Although…”

“Although what?”

As Rafael asked that question, the Captain noticed a puddle of blood under a door. He opened the door, finding the bodies of the soldiers.

“That,” George finally answered. They were in no position to be able to escape, but should they try to?

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Clearly trapped, the three men had no choice but to attack the Captain, who was threatening their chance of escape. While his friends looked for weapons, George observed the bewildered Captain, intent on figuring out who ambushed his fort.

Suddenly, George saw a strange man on one of the fort's walls. He jumped on the Captain, piercing him with a hidden blade. The mysterious man then disappeared over the wall.

"We got some swords," Rafael said, handing George one of the swords. "Should be good."

"I think he is dead."

"Dead? How?" Rafael asked, looking through the crack in the door. "Wait, how is he dead?"

"It's simple. There was a man who jumped on him and stabbed him in the back," George answered calmly, knowing that his friends would be confused beyond measure. However, none could deny that was lucky.

Gustav: "Alright, so the Captain got stabbed. I won't question it."

Rafael: "I wouldn't either. Let's just grab what we need and get out."

George: "Great idea."

They exited the shed and continued to gather supplies and whatever else they could find. Now, they had to convince the pirates to join their cause. This would prove difficult as the woman who commanded the Bellafaitian pirates was not easy to persuade.

But, nobody has died as long as they had something to offer.

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