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Polstjärnan - Digitala Nyheter (Anglish: North Star - Digital News), better known as Polstjärnan, is a Finan online news website, and the primary news source for many Finans. The company was founded in 1993 by Emrik Östberg in Karolinaburg, originally as a newspaper-magazine covering local events and occasional national events, though often even these were in passing references unless they were major events. Despite its limited coverage, the paper became wildly popular throughout the nation, especially in its detailed and relatively unbiased coverage of the Velescian War, bringing attention to the utter incompetence of the military operations in Östranka and the great loss of life which resulted from it. During this time, Polstjärnan also had a large online presence, even owning one of the first webpages in Fina on a fledgling public internet. Polstjärnan became fully web-based in 2004, a controversial move at the time in a country with underdeveloped web infrastructure, however it ended up paying massive dividends for the company, as it grew rapidly along with Fina's internet usage. Polstjärnan is currently one of the most profitable countries in Fina and is currently trying to expand outwards from the country, expanding its wurldwide event coverage and offering articles in Anglish, Dolch, Lysian, Cristinese, and Vellander, with more languages likely to come as the site develops.

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>>> Fina

08 September 2021


KULLEHOLM – Lawmakers in the Riksdag are pushing for a high-speed rail line that will connect Obbola to Karolinaburg and Kulleholm, running along the coast, with hopes of eventually expanding to Tallträdvik when such an endeavor becomes possible. The train line, currently proposed as the "Pan-Fina Line" or simply the "Quick Line", would be the first of such in a country trying to modernize and adapt to a level on par with other modern Argic nations. Pro-rail Riksdag representative Gunn Alvarsson had this to say when we talked to her earlier this morning.

"Well, I'd love to see a high-speed rail connecting our major communities in Fina! We'll show the wurld we too are a modern nation worthy of its attention, and that we can compete with the lands around us. The line will also run through Klartvatten and Niklasslottsby, helping develop communities that don't get too much attention unfortunately. And I'd love to take a vacation to those hot springs down in Drakön without having to worry about travelling on some rickety old rusty hunk of metal built 50 years ago by the commies."

Alvarsson expressed great points on the benefits the rail would have, bringing new infrastructure to overlooked communities outside of the big cities. However, many detractors to the idea point to where the money is being sourced with worry. The project is supported by NOBFAF (Naturgas-och Bensinföretag av Fina), the largest and most profitable company in Fina, running over 80% of Fina's natural gas production. NOBFAF would provide over 60% of funds necessary to undergo the project. Many worry that Fina would not only become increasingly reliant on its natural gas resources, but also NOBFAF itself, with local resident of Gamlastad Lorens Waltersson saying, "I don't want to live in some place like Galahinda or Cashar where [corporations] run the show. I'd love to have a shiny new train to replace those old trains just as much as anyone. Heck, I have to ride the rusty railcars every morning just to get to work in Karolinaburg. But if that comes at the cost of giving this country up to the men with the big pockets, I'm never riding that train, ever."

The matter is still being debated through the chambers of the Riksdag, however recently there have been signs of progress. The bill encompassing such action will be voted on in the coming weeks. Polstjärnan will be covering the situation closely as it develops.

>>> Sports

08 September 2021


KAROLINABURG – Klubb vid Floden Hästhuvud, better known as HC Hästhuvud, shutout the esteemed hockey club of Karolinaburg, Krona Sportklubb Karolinaburg (Krona SK) 2-0 for their first shutout win at the Boreala Isgardens since 2006. The win came with the heroics of Hästhuvud's goaltender Thore Lindholm, a young goalie who has single-handedly dragged Hästhuvud from the basement of the league and laughingstock among fans to a true contender in the East. Veteran centerman Paul Sorenson gracefully planned the first goal, playing a bit of tic-tac-toe with youngster Right Winger Kristofer Ingesson to confuse Krona's goaltender before Ingesson set up the shot for Sorenson and collected an apple as Sorenson's puck easily made it past the disoriented Krona goaltender. Ingesson would tally another point later that night in the form of a slapshot goal from the right faceoff circle unassisted.

Krona can chalk the loss up to bad goaltending and offensive ineptitude, combined with an electric performance by the opposition's Lindholm. Mille Hellström, goaltender for Krona, had a rough night, with a save percentage of a mere .894. He couldn't save a beach ball. Hopefully, he can bounce back for Krona as they face their rival Kulleholm AHK Friday. With the results of this game, Krona drops from 1st in the West to 3rd, while Hästhuvud continues its 5-game win streak and jumps to 2nd in the East.

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