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New Government Power Project Getting the Green Light

Just this Friday, the Zaxar Ministry of Finance released an official statement giving authorization for the construction of the Fravon Gorge Dam just outside of the city of Beliere in southwestern Zaxar. This project was originally proposed in late 2018 and has been on hold ever since until the local authorities could "properly and thoroughly asses the ecological and humanitarian impacts of the dam." This delay led to large-scale protests in Beliere as electricity prices began to climb and smoke from coal powered electricity plants choked the air. Protestors were seen to be carrying banners saying "do your dam job" during marches in early 2020, shortly after air quality in the city reached a record low.

Today however, protestors and citizens alike rejoice as Emperor William signed off on the project after receiving a positive environmental report from the leading biological and geological researchers assigned to the project planning. This contract for the project is聽with the large Zaxar hydropower聽company Blue Fields聽and signed for an undisclosed amount of money.

Government economists have estimated that this dam will provide enough electricity and fresh drinking water for the entire city of Beliere which is set to聽finally end years of coal dependency in the region.聽Blue Fields聽has also stated that they will be employing more than 10,000 local workers throughout the construction process which will almost certainly spark a new economic boom in the region as most of the workers there are currently employed in the agriculture or timber industries.

Fair trade groups and environmental groups from across Greater Zaxar have declared their support for the project as it will cut the nations dependency on foreign coal imports significantly and is considered one of the first steps towards the illusive net-zero carbon goal set by the Emperor back in 2010. The most support for the project however, comes from the citizens of Beliere. Whether conservative, liberal, libertarian, or green, nearly every group has something to gain from this project.

The project currently has no set completion date although the Emperor has said that it should be done within five years if safety allows. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates and analysis on this project.

Genetically "Better" Crops Growing on the Sarthus

Recently, one of our reporters聽traveled to the banks of the Sarthus River, right into the historical breadbasket of Greater Zaxar, and what she found there was farming that was far more modern than that which was practiced there twenty years ago, and, far more controversial.

Across the Zaxar side of the Sarthus River Basin, a new kind of crop is being planted. It may look like the same old corn and wheat that has been grown here for thousands of years, but these plants have something special about them, engineered DNA. Produced by domestic companies, Inovant and Glanoag,聽with help from foreign biotech companies, these plants are proven to yield nearly twice as much crop while being more water and nutrient efficient.

These crop have been widely adopted by farmers who have been desperate for more efficient crops due to the labor shortage caused by the war, which limits the amount of land that can be farmed and harvested. With these new high levels of productivity, many farmers speculate that they may be able to begin exporting once again. Already, shipments of corn and wheat from Zaxar have been seen cruising down the Sarthus River destined for markets across Aurelia.

Not all are happy with this however. Some environmental groups have protested the use of genetically engineered crops due to the possibility of them becoming an invasive species in local ecosystems. Both聽Inovant聽and聽Glanoag聽have released statements declaring these worries to be unfounded and assuring the public that all genetically engineered plants have been made sterile to prevent them from spreading beyond farms. Anti-monopoly groups have warned that the sterilization of crops will give the biotech companies too much power over the food supply and push smaller farmers out of business. The companies, however, assured that they will remain competitors and keep prices reasonable, this remains to be seen.

Mine Collapse in Niyol

On Wednesday, a large lithium mine in Niyol suffered from a sudden and unexpected collapse. The collapse occurred in a tunnel two miles below the surface and was likely caused by water damage to the structural systems of the unfinished tunnel, according to聽Geolithia, the company who operates the mine.

Fortunately no one was killed or injured in the collapse but some workers have gone strike over the relaxed safety regulations in place in the mines. Company officials have stated that the safety of their employees in their number one priority and that they are currently looking into better ways to monitor the safety of the mines.

Government officials are monitoring the strikes closely and have stated that they are prepared to break up the unions if the strikes last any longer than one week. This government interest in the mines in nothing new, as the lithium deposits of Niyol are considered to be the single most important factor to the modernization and economic growth of the country as a whole during this new era of lithium batteries.

The Lithium Miners Union has stated that it only intends to strike until the safety of the mines are improved but many fear that they intend to try and leverage better ages at the same time.

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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Zaxar-Rhodellian Lithium Deal Announced

(November 20, 2021) Sandrica has announced early this morning that a much anticipated trade deal with the Kingdom of Rhodellia (@Rhodellia) has officially been put into effect. This has come after several days of negotiation with the Rhodellian government over the finer details of the deal and has stirred up great excitement among the mining communities of northern Zaxar. Local experts and economists have predicted that this deal will give the area a much needed boost in foreign currency and well-paying jobs which much of the country lacks.


A lithium brine mining operation in Niyol operated by Geolithia

The lithium mining industry in Zaxar has been a rapidly growing industry for the poor nation and has been considered by most international experts to be the most promising factor in stabilizing the Zaxar economy and the government has already taken several steps towards opening the resource up to the glubal market. Zaxar is one of the only countries with significant lithium deposits in the Wurld and is currently the only major exporter of the resource which is becoming very valuable for its use in electric car batteries and other green energy technologies.

Recently the government under Emperor William has released several contracts with domestic mining cooperations聽Geolithia聽and聽Blue Springs聽allowing for the creation of new mines across northern Zaxar and around the burgeoning city of Niyol in particular. Geolithia聽is based out of Niyol and is the largest mining cooperation in Zaxar, accounting for 46% of domestic production. It exclusively mines hard rock and continental brine lithium deposits.聽Blue Springs聽is the second largest mining cooperation in Zaxar and is based out of Sandrica, it accounts for 39% of domestic production.聽Blue Springs聽has several continental brine deposits under their control and is in constant competition with聽Geolithia聽to secure both government and foreign contracts. While there have been talks out buyouts unifying the companies in the past, the government has made it clear that, if this should happen, then there will be a government intervention in order to prevent a total monopoly of the market. It has yet to be seen whether the government will allow for any foreign companies to mine out of the country.

Rumors have also been circulating that a lithium deal with Tagmatium (@Tagmatium Rules ) is underway although the government has yet to either confirm or deny these claims. The government is also expected to soon go into talks with officials from Kirvina聽(@Kirvina) about the use of the Sarthus River, which flows down from the foothills of western Zaxar and through Kirvina, in shipping lithium exports into the Gulf of Auriel.

In response to these potential deals, the lithium mining sector has been rapidly increasing production. Government sources have confirmed that representatives from both聽Geolithia聽and聽Blue Springs聽have arrived in Sandrica to lobby for a government infrastructure project in Niyol which the Emperor himself has said is very likely coming soon. The companies have also released a statement which expresses their interest in hiring hundreds, if not thousands, of new workers over the next few months. The government has, in turn, opened the borders of Zaxar to any and all of the Wurld's "lost and downtrodden" to come live and work in the empire. In particular, this statement was addressed to the thousands of displaced peoples of western Europa who wish to escape the instability of the Anglian Wars. It has yet to be seen if this immigration strategy works.

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Prominent Atheist Murdered in Europa: What could this mean for Zaxar?

Recently, a Tagmantine (@Tagmatium Rules) news report made headlines across the globe with the report on the murder of the prominent Tagmantine senator聽Hilarianos Soummakhos, on Friday, November 26. But why does this matter to Zaxars? Soummakhos was a prominent atheist, not a very common thing in Tagmatium, and there is evidence that this murder could very likely have been a religiously motivated attack. Protection against religious persecution is guaranteed in Tagmatium despite it being a theocracy and, as such, religious violence of such prominence is uncommon at worst.

So why the sudden act of violent fervor? Squanto Peswkee, a professor in social science at the University of Green Falls, points to the rising tensions around the Wurld. "These tensions at the highest levels of government," Peswekee says, "eventually trickle down to the everyday citizens of these countries through propaganda and biased reporting." This theory was recently proven in a study published by graduate students at the University of Sandrica which found that "the average fear level in participants across 30 countries around the Wurld correlates very closely with the diplomatic situation of their home country." People in countries such as Tagmatium and Adaptus which border Anglia, were shown to be, on average, "a whole standard deviation above that of more distant countries." This study is currently under peer review at the University of Green Falls and will likely be challenged for its control group of tropical island nations at some point.

So then the question remains, how does rising tension have anything to do with religious zealotry? According to Francis LaBouranis, a social scientist at the royal court, the reason for this is that people just want somewhere to turn too. In his recent report, LaBouranis states, "as people in free countries finally face the threat of conflict, they try and turn to their government only to realize that they, themselves, are this government. This causes great distress in the average plebeian, unfit for the role of a king. This has caused many of these people to turn to their faith to protect them. So long as they are told what to do, they feel safe. Even if their gods are fake and their priests are corrupt. They can just choose to ignore that after all."

Several pro-democracy groups have spoken out against LaBouranis's statements and have accused him of bias toward the royal family. Several independent social scientists and psychologists have also come out with similar conclusions that the cause of this "de-secularization" and increased radicalization is the rise in global tensions.

The Empire has also seen its share in rising religiousness with a decrease in the number of people identifying as "atheist" dropping for the first time in over a hundred years. Granted, it was a drop of just about 1%, but that is still significant for Zaxar. LaBouranis claims that this is because of the strong Zaxari leadership of Emperor William I though others speculate that, while this is a possibility, other factors may be involved.

Love in the Air: The Newest Royal in Sandrica

In more positive news, a recent press release from the Imperial Palace has confirmed plans for the royal wedding of his highness, Prince Benjamin I Zaxar, to the Ateenian (@Ateenia) princess Tyra聽Kalinka.

This wedding has been long anticipated by the Zaxari public who had fallen in love with the young couple back when they had first become involved with each other back in early 2020. Benjamin and Tyra first met in late 2019 in Ateenia while Benjamin was on a diplomatic mission to establish relations between Zaxar and the nations of Argis; and oh boy, establish relations, he did. After the pair officially announced their relationship, they became inseparable and frequently traveled back and forth between their countries together. Princess Tyra is of the ancient royal house of Kalinka. Kalinka was founded way back in 94 CE by the great King Jorling Kalinka and is the current ruling family of Ateenia under Queen Ena Kalinka. The binding of the younger House of Zaxar to this ancient family will likely also involve a tighter bond between the two houses as well as the countries which they rule.


Princess Tyra Kalinka

Tyra is 25 years old and is known across Zaxar to be both quite beautiful and courageous while Benj, who is also 25 years of age, is known for his recklessness and charm. It is no wonder how these two have quickly become the most beloved royal couple in Zaxar. The pair are often swamped with admirers every time they visit a Zaxari city and are often entertained in the halls of the most prominent of the Zaxar elite. Their fame is not limited to Zaxar and Ateenia however, as the couple recently traveled with a royal Zaxari delegation to the great cities of Tagmatium where they become know amongst the Aroman and greater Europan peoples.

In the Ateenian faith, Vjoldinism, a marriage only takes place after a couple after their first child is born or while that child is on the way. Yes, you know what that means, Tyra has announced today that she is expecting with Benjamin's child! The Imperial Palace has released its official congratulations to the couple and William Zaxar himself has declared his love and best wishes for his younger brother and soon to be sister-in-law Tyra. The Emperor has also requested that the wedding take place in Zaxar so that it can be done in traditional totemist Zaxari fashion: in the presence of of the freshly carved familial totem of the new couple. Though the Ateenian's have yet to comment on the proposal.

The wedding is set to be held very soon and in the presence of several prominent figures from both nations no matter the location. The ceremony is set to be fairly informal as is the norm for both cultures and will be held outdoors no matter the weather.

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.

Army Exercises聽in the East: Why the Sudden Military Buildup?

On Friday the Grand General,聽Leon Varxsos, reported that the Zaxar Armed Forces would be conducting exercises along the east coast of Zaxar and in the surrounding seas. Further details of the nature of these exercises have not been released to the general public although information has been released to the Anatean (@Anatea) government in assurance that these drills will not take place near their national waters.

The Zaxar Army, Navy, and Air Force will all be taking part in the drills and several thousand Zaxar reserve troops have been mobilized to take part as well. While the Zaxar Army is considered highly professional and well-trained, the Zaxar Navy and especially the Air Force have often been neglected over the years due to the land-based and guerrilla style focus of all of Zaxar's recent conflicts. So this new focus on the drilling of these branches along with the recent expansion of the Zaxari Fleet indicates a focus shift for the Emperor, away from mere homeland defense and toward playing a more active role in regional affairs within Aurelia and its surrounding seas.


The pride of the Imperial Zaxar Fleet, the IZF Chosen, on patrol in the Zaxar Strait

That will be all for tonight folks, so be sure to tune in next time to ZBN for more from Zaxar.

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Emperor Criticizes聽Rhodellian聽Regime Over Treatment of Natives

(January 3, 2022) In a nationally broadcasted speech last night, Emperor William I Zaxar has condemned the Rhodellian (@Rhodellia) government over its treatment of the native Aurelian citizens within its borders. There has yet to be an official response from the Prime Minister of Rhodellia or their king, and our government correspondents have told our reporters that they neither expect nor require one.

This development marks a step back from the recent path of regional cooperation between the Aurelian states and has many in Zaxar thinking back to the intense tension during and after the Flaxzar War. The Flaxzar War was not the first conflict between the Zaxars and Rhodellians; most of the conflict between the states was actually staged long before the ideological struggles of the twentieth century. The early history of the Rhodellia was largely that of the conquest and suppression of the Native Aurelian populations in a fervent battle for wealth and power. This is quite the opposite of Zaxar where the native Wampanoag peoples have held on to power for most of the country's history apart from a brief period from 1798-1803 where a Lysian noble sat in the throne. This "Cowboys and Indians" style conflict defined much of the early years fo both nations as both powers sought to one-up the other and prove the superiority of their way of life. Numerous border disputes and skirmishes took place throughout southern Aurelia until the eventual onset of the Flaxzar War where Rhodellia openly supported the opposition forces until their eventual defeat at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

It was after William ascended to the throne that talks of cooperation and deescalation finally began. Several important diplomatic and economic deals have been reached since then, with the most recent of these being a lucrative lithium trade deal signed in November of 2021. This deal has promised to enrich Zaxar with Rhodellian capital while also giving a much needed boost to the Rhodellian green energy sector.

It is because of this recent progress and mutual benefit, that this open criticism of Rhodellian internal affairs came as such a shock. After the speech however, the shock felt by the Native Aurelian population of the nation quickly turned to that of anger and pride. Thousands of native communities took to the streets this morning in a show of support towards their northern brethren and national police forces were ordered to allow the marches to continue in a show of populism by the Emperor.

Government sources did assure the country that the bilateral trade of the nation was an unrelated matter to the humanitarian situation and would be kept "separate and uncorrelated... as, of course, they should be."

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.


Zaxari native aurelian populations took to the streets of Niyol among other cities to protest the acts of the Rhodellian government in their quiet war against the Native Aurelian Free State

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Emperor to Reroute聽Zaxari Vessels bound for Europa

<Sandrica>聽In response to a recent escalation of tensions聽between the great naval powers of @Gallambria聽and @Great Anglia聽in the central Adlantic Ocean, Emperor William has issued a national decree ordering all Zaxari owned and operated merchant vessels to redirect their shipping routs to pass through either central or southern Marenesia to reach Europa. The Emperor has also ordered the Imperial Fleet to be on high alert and several units have been detached to patrol the Adisi Ocean with the hopes of deincentivizing Anglian ambition past the Gallambrian islands.

The minister of foreign relation, Mr.聽Maurice la Vaneu, has also reached out to the Gallabrian and Anglian ambassadors in Sandrica with hopes to ensure the safety of Zaxar vessels within the conflict zone.

This dramatic action by the government has given cause for economists to predict shipping delays and a possible investor spook in Zaxar as well as contributing to fears that the major Europan power and Zaxari lithium importer Tagmatium (@Tagmatium Rules) may begin to look elsewhere for access to the soft metal.

Zaxari Policemen Shot by C么te De Fourrure Soldiers

<P锚cher> This news comes along with another breaking story as there are reports of an incident on the Zaxar-Fourrure border. The border of the two nations runs for 660 kilometers along the Flaxzar River and is best known as a historical battleground during the Flaxzar War of the twentieth century. According to reports from Zaxari officials, a Zaxari convict who had recently escaped from the Malinsk Correctional Facility just outside the city of P锚cher, had led police on a high-speed chase through the city before driving his vehicle off of a pier and into the Flaxzar River. The coast guard was then dispatched to recover the man's body which was now floating in the river. However, when they finally reached the man his body had managed to float nearly all the way to the Fourrure side of the river. The coast guard then made the fateful decision to collect the body anyway and scooped it up just 100 feet from the Fourrure bank.

Fourrure military police, ill informed of the simple police operation due to the general mistrust between the nations, then opened fire on the Zaxari officers. Of the three men sent to recover the body, two were killed instantly and the third died of blood loss minutes after returning to the Zaxar banks.

Local citizens are outraged over this event and Ranger Forces in the region have been put on high alert. Government officials have told our sources that they are "handling the situation in line with standard protocol" and that there is "absolutely no reason to worry as we have everything under control."

Well we stand with the families of the fallen officers and we will give you more on this story as it develops.


A photo taken along the Flaxzar River showing the Zaxari city of P锚cher (right) and the nearby Fourrure military base (top left)

Edited by Zaxar (see edit history)
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Emperor condemns Baltician civil war

27/2/2022:聽Just last night, news broke from the Argic nation of Baltica (@Baltica) proclaiming the dissolution of the state of Baltica and the founding of two separate successor nations: the Republic of Raskia and the New Republic of Dokestva. This was quickly followed by two mare proclaimed states: the聽Free Republic of Kauni and the Baltican Republic. Forces on all sides have begun general mobilization and there appears to be no hope whatsoever of a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

Emperor William I Zaxar aired a press conference early this morning which covered the issue. His grace stating that Zaxar will "not be getting involved in this situation in any physical manner. Rather the Empire will attempt to mediate peace talks between the factions while opening our borders to any refugees who can somehow find their way to our borders." This statement mostly stood as a sign of support for the humanitarian efforts of surrounding nations in the conflict as there is actually very little chance of Baltician refugees finding their way all the way down to Aurelia.

When asked what side Zaxar would support in the coming conflict, the Emperor replied with no hesitance saying, "In this conflict we can support none but the gods in their endeavors to bring peace back to this broken nation."


Map courtesy of Baltician News Networks showing the factionalization of the former Baltician state

The effects of this conflict on Zaxar as a nation are expected to be very small. The only Zaxari industry expected to feel any impact at all is the pharmaceuticals industry which had previously imported large amounts of medicinal mushrooms from the nation. These impacts are anticipated to be short term as our senior financial corespondent predicts a swift shift to domestic production.

More on this story as it develops

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Zaxar Announces Bid for AMFC Cup

Breaking news from Green Falls, Zaxar where government officials from the聽Zaxari Soccer Association have announced their bid to host the 2022 AMFC Cup. The bid, if it goes through, would be the first time in the nation's history to host this important event. There have also been rumors that there are plans for Zaxar to co-host with their fellow Aurelian nation聽@Xio.

Experts predict that, if Zaxar wins the bid for this event, some millions of Marks in foreign currency could be expected to saturate the economy while simultaneously putting Zaxar on the map in many soccer (or football) loving countries around the Wurld.

The national soccer team of Zaxar, the Zaxar Tomahawks, is already scheduled to compete in this tournament and sports fans around the country have high hopes for the team. If they can manage to come in the top 6 teams, then they will qualify for the Wurld Cup in either June or July with a shot a claiming the coveted title for the first time in the Empire's history.

Several venues have been selected by the ZSA for this event which we will cover here:

Sandrica, Zaxar: Old Imperial Coliseum (52,000 Cap)

The Old Imperial Coliseum is one of the oldest stadiums in Zaxar, having been originally built at the hight of the Wampanoag Empire around the year 1100 CE. It was restored and expanded to its modern capacity in 2001. It was and is still entirely funded by the crown.

Green Falls, Zaxar: Geolithia Stadium (36,000 Cap)

Geolithia Stadium is, like most large stadiums in Zaxar, very new having been built in 2016 by the Geolithia Mining Cooperation. It is built in the beautiful city of Green Falls which is the university capital of Zaxar as well as the most modern city in the nation.

Bostar, Zaxar: Aqua Co. Coliseum (32,000 Cap)

The聽Aqua Co. Coliseum, built in 2003 by Zaxar Aqua Co., is located just outside the historic city of Bostar along the stunning southeastern coast. From here guests will be able to enjoy classic Zaxari dishes while being able to walk along the Sheesh covered beaches and swim in the frigid waters of the Wampanoag Sea.

Malinsk, Zaxar: Le D么me de Malinsk聽(46,000 Cap)

Le D么me de Malinsk is an older stadium in southern Zaxar having been built in 1869. It was recently revamped in 2019 but still maintains historic architecture from its original design. Malinsk is the second largest city in Zaxar and has many inviting options for guests including river boat tours, visits to cider breweries, and hiking and biking trails through the Flaxzar Valley.

Niyol, Zaxar: New Imperial Coliseum (48,000 Cap)

The New Imperial Coliseum was built in 2014 by the crown in hopes to spread development to the northern reaches of the nation. Niyol is currently the fastest growing city in Zaxar and is home to many of the largest businesses in the nation.

Kieno, Zaxar: Kieno Soccer Center (28,000 Cap)

Kieno Soccer Center is a domed stadium located in western Zaxar in the Sarthus River Basin. Located in the bread basket of Zaxar, the city of Kieno is known to be one of the most quiet in Zaxar. The sleepy city is surrounded by rolling fields of corn and wheat and is the perfect place for a relaxing retreat. The stadium was built in 2012 by local authorities and has been in use by the ZSA ever since.

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5/8/2022: 10:00 -BREAKING NEWS-聽In an internationally broadcasted press briefing early this morning, Field Marshal and leader of C么te de Fourrure Caitlin Friseal read out the Zaxari demands to reporters before bursting out into laughter and balling up the document which she then threw towards the waste bin by the press room door. The shot missed terribly and yet the message was still very clear, CDF would not be paying the Imperial reparations. When asked about how worried she was about Zaxari and allied retaliation, Friseal assured that CDF had become a very "self reliant and self driven nation" and that it had always faced threats from "regional bullies and so-called native swine attempting to rob [Fourrures] of our rightful land and property and we have never taken it laying down. This shall be no different. We are ready and willing to defend our nation from any military or economic attack."


Field Marshal Friseal during her press briefing 05/08/2022

Friseal continued to assert a lack of Zaxari evidence throughout her briefing, a stance which the country has held since the first reports of the attack. She went on to call out to "allies of C么te de Fourrure in Europa and Aurelia and to believers in international law everywhere" for backing in any coming conflict "be it economic or, god forbid, military." Analysts have dubbed this a request for formal backing from the nations of Anglia and others within the OCA as well as other sympathetic nations in order to deter the Zaxari government from taking any serious action against the nation.

The Zaxari and foreign responses have yet to be disclosed.

We will keep you updated as this story develops,


Imperial Sanctions Announced on C么te de Fourrure: What's next and how can the situation be resolved?

5/8/2022: 13:00 -BREAKING NEWS-聽Emperor William I Zaxar went live from the Imperial Palace in Sandrica early this afternoon to address the Fourruren broadcast earlier this morning. William announced that sanctions which "would heavily punish those responsible for the attack" before making his speech.

The major targets of these sanctions were lithium (both crude and refined), crude cobalt, and pharmaceuticals. The only export listed which is expected to have any major impact of CDF is the pharmaceuticals industry which CDF relies upon as Zaxar is the only major exporter in the region. Notable exclusions from this list are food products including grain and cider which are very important to CDF due to its frigid climate which makes fish the only significant domestically produced food product. The Emperor avoided discussing these at all during his speech and military analysts have criticized this move as they say it is the only step that could possibly provide the pressure needed to "break CDF."

William made this speech while fully dressed in traditional ceremonial Wampanoag garb rather than his usual business suit. Some suggest that this symbolizes a prioritization of national safety over the previous economic focus of the Emperor. During his speech the Emperor called on the people of Zaxar and of the Wurld to stand united against this blatant state-terrorist attack on the civillian population of Zaxar. The Emperor then addressed his counterparts throughout the Aurelian League, calling for them to place similar sanctions on CDF as a show of Aurelian unity against threats. Commentators are predicting an overall positive but mixed response from the League.

Towards the end of his speech, William made a statement which almost certainly evoked a collective groan from pacifists around the glube as he proclaimed the military is now mobilizing across the CDF-Zaxar border and the reserve troops are being called up into service across the nation. The Ranger Corps have also been repositioned to replace army personnel along friendlier borders to free up further units to move south toward CDF.

Army high command assures that this move is only to deter further Fourruren attacks and to conduct "defensive combat drills." It remains to be seen if this promise will hold.

William concluded his speech with a message to the Fourruren government, stating that "all sanctions can still be lifted and friendly relations restored, all you have to do is admit responsibility for your actions, apologize for them, and give families and companies the reparations they deserve. For every week you wait, the value of these reparations shall increase by 5%, please do yourselves and your people a favor and cooperate sooner rather than later."

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops


Members of an artillery聽support unit within the Imperial Zaxar Army use live fire during an exercise聽near the Fourruren border 05/08/2022

In other news:

  • Coronation of Kertosonos new Emperor
  • Marriage of Istas Zaxar to Gotneskan prince
  • EOS annual meeeting
  • TRIDENT continues meetings over Anglian and Haru actions
  • AL legislation set to take the floor soon for debate

Mentioned Nations:

names here

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Zaxar Sports Network

Wampano SC was seven minutes and several chances away from a very different result on Saturday 鈥 but no great breakthrough came for the home side. Instead, Bostar SC defeated their long-time rivals Wampano, 1-0 鈥 thanks to a heads-up play by Payett Nonok to break the match open after 88 minutes of scoreless soccer: The striker collected a loose ball in the box and fired a shot past Wampano star-goalkeeper Marcello Colagnee, the starting keeper for the Zaxari national squad and one of the top-ranked keepers in the wurld,聽to score the game鈥檚 only goal. Wampano kept the packed 50,000 fans at Paump谩gussit Coliseum holding their breath until the end, though. In the five minutes of stoppage time, Wampano winger Malo Dele saw a header hit off the post, and the @Iverican-born striker Hugo Basilio appeared to get knocked to the ground after the team鈥檚 final chance 鈥 sending the crowd into a disgruntled uproar. However, the referee was unsympathetic to the fans' cries and allowed play to continue.

It was Bostar fans who let out triumphant screams on Sunday鈥檚 opener when the final whistle blew. Some end-of-game stats: Wampano won the possession battle 鈥 54.3% to 45.7% 鈥 and also had more corners and crosses than Bostar.

But the black and white notched one more shot on goal than the islanders (five to four) 鈥 and that was the one that counted.

Payett Nonok is seen celebrating after scoring a late goal to defeat Wampano SC

Payett Nonok is seen celebrating after scoring a late goal to defeat Wampano SC

With this win, Bostar not only secures a win over their old rivals but reasserts their dominance in the ZMSL, holding on to their top ranking in the league. Wampano still sits at third, behind the Skatan Neimp芒uog聽and ahead of the聽Liberte Blues.


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