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Request: Some Small Changes to Fravina

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Hiya! I was wondering if it was possible to have a few minor changes to Fravina. First off, I'd like to ask if the all mighty map lords could move the locations of both Fort d'Olivier and Port de Sang on the map. Like so -


The blue dot would be the new location for Fort d'Olivier, and the red dot would be Port de Sang's. Fort d'Olivier would no longer be on the border because it makes more sense that way, and Port de Sang would be moved to the spot I had in mind since the beginning, on the river and on the coast. Another tiny change I'd like would be to clarify Fravina's borders a bit. It'd be nice if a small border line could be added in the ocean to make sure no one confuses the island east of Fravina to be part of Fravina. Similar to the line Delamaria has south of that island, I'd like to have a line west of it. Thank you!

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