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[Academy RP] Letters of a Soldier


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Elias Rundström was smoking a cigar as he pulled out a dusted old blue shoebox. He had been tasked with getting all his mother's old junk into a moving van to head off to the calm and peaceful Karolina coast for her retirement. However considering that old mama had kept every facet of Elias' childhood stored away in every nook and cranny of the household, this wasn't going to be easy. There was nothing remarkable about the shoebox on the surface really, but Elias recognized what it was upon seeing it. He set the shoebox down on the single piece of furniture left in the home, a visibly used and stained coffee table which was currently home to disorganized piles of papers he was planning on getting to later. He slid some pens and rogue sheets to make room for the box and gently opened the box. Within it there was a pile of yellowing papers over two decades old. Carefully reaching with a nearly trembling hand Elias picked up the first of the pile.



Rusandebäck military camp, Östranka


To my dearest Sara,

Today was yet another grueling day at our military camp. I do not think I could endure another day of this if it weren't for the punishment for avoiding training. Some days I say our commanders are just as ruthless as the enemy. I don't think I can ever have pasta or tuna again, not that I liked tuna in the first place. And if a Cristinese were to ever come across one of these cans of noodles, I'm sure they would feel personally insulted. Wish I had some cash on me too, me and my buddies played cards this morning and I won big time! I can see why people get addicted to gambling, because winning is fun, but winning with money attached is even better. For your sake though, that's probably never going to happen.

The troops from Rankar have come to a complete standstill with those of our own. We've lost so many men just trying to gain a few inches of territory. It's torturous is what it is. Complete humiliation for this nation. I joined this fight for the pride and protection of my country and ever since I've felt anything but. There's whispers among fellow soldiers that both Rankari and Finan troops are being withdrawn from the front lines due to the complete embarrassment of it all. They just want to get out and pretend it never happened. While I feel quite understandably upset that I've fought and trained through my kid's young life for it to only amount to absolutely nothing, I would yet still give anything if it mean I saw your beautiful face once more, and see my little baby grown up a bit and be able to finally guide him through life, even if I might be 5 years behind the whole thing. I do hope everything is going well back at home. And don't forget to tell little Lias that pappa wished him a happy birthday.

With all the love in my heart,


It is quite obvious what these papers are now. Letters from Elias' "pappa" Niklas to his mother. Elias was growing quickly invested in the letters he had not seen in so long. His memory had mostly faded of these papers. Even though he knew how this story ended, he continued reading. It would not take long regardless, the next letter was brief. It was also the last. Elias placed the letter back while carefully grabbing the second sheet in the box. This letter was atypically short, even for pappa. Niklas was never much of a writer, he just did enough to get his point across. Still even, this letter was just one simple paragraph. Pappa didn't even try to separate his thoughts into two separate paragraphs, something he had always done with even the most simplest and bland ideas and stories. No this was just a singular quickly written paragraph. Obviously pappa did not have a lot of time for this one and one could understand why with further reading. Elias picked up the paper and began reading.



Rusandebäck military camp, Östranka


To my dearest Sara,

I bring you today most wonderful news! Command has issued a withdrawal of the front line troops in this region, coinciding with similar orders on the enemy side. Soon I will be home! The demilitarization has been a bit delayed due to some rogue Rankari soldiers attacking an abandoned camp up north, but they seem to have been dealt with from what I've heard. I am so excited to see you both! Every moment without you both here has been torture and I'm glad it's ending and I don't have to endure this painful life of a soldier any longer. If I am lucky and this is all timed right I should arrive coincidentally on Elias' birthday this upcoming week! Don't tell him though, I want it to be a surprise. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees me again. And I will be most happy when you are back in my arms and I can be with you once again. I have missed you both so much. I apologize if this letter is a tad bit short, I've found myself quite busy packing my things for the drive to Volkovstad. I hope I may make up for it when I see you in person. I'm much better at talking than writing. I love you so much and I find myself very eager to see you once more.

With all the love in my heart,


Said Rankari rogues employed guerrilla tactics upon the retreating 25th Infantry, intercepting them along their route to Volkovstad and ambushing them. The soldiers were massacred, unprepared for an attack, especially so deep in their own territory. However the sheer incompetence in the Finan military can not be ignored in allowing such a thing to occur in the first place. Among the casualties was Niklas Rundström. The cruel irony of it all is that the news of Niklas' death arrived to his family the 8th of May. The birthday of Niklas' son Elias. The moment still sticks with Elias to this day. The last time he saw his pappa, he was in a casket draped in the Finan flag. Elias wiped a tear from his eye and returned the yellowing paper to its home in the shoebox. He took the box and slid it into the van along with other similar boxes with old dusty relics of past. He returned inside to probably gather some somewhat creepy Pelvis Resley and BABA bobbleheads which were collecting dust in the bedroom.

Elias Rundström is not the only kid who lost won of their parents to the Velescian War. He's one of many. This war is a modern cause for Rankari hate among many in the Finan population, and prejudice against the Östrankaris which is source of much tension in modern Fina. This is just one example of how the Velescian War affects Fina to this day.

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      “I dunno what you’re brain is talking about. I mean this job requires a lot of skill, including patience though perhaps we can try moving east. In the news, I heard about an particularly dangerous poacher named Matheo, and he has an gang.” Noah offered, trying to get Kasper’s attention. “Sounds good. But isn’t Oliver the professional agent already chasing him down?” 
      “I had briefings that he was hired to take down Matheo, but not if he’s down with that stupid flu”
      “That better prove that Oliver shouldn’t be playdoing during an assignment. Anyway, catching this Matheo dude seems perfect for us” Kasper eagerly replied. He picked up his backpack of supplies, and started moving. 
      Noah and Oliver started moving. They walked east in the cold weather, and even with their heavy coats, they can still feel the coldness. While they agreed it wasn’t the ideal situation for such work, they were determined to catch Matheo. They started to jog, until they reached their destination.
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      “Yeah damn little people, you shall be cursed by god and the universe for interfering with my business. Now see ya in heaven” He cursed at them, and started to pull the trigger. Before the bullet fired, Noah jumped and smacked at the gun, making it fall below. The bullet then hit Matheo, and he fell down in pools of blood.
      “looks like it was harder, though more exciting then I thought” they said in unison. It was sure an accomplishment to celebrate, and one that the news would capture……..

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