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Khanikstan Foreign Affairs Desk

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Khanikstan Foreign Affairs Office

The People's Republic of Khanikstan has opened its borders for diplomatic relations for the first time in its short history. All foreign policy changes and diplomatic outreach or comments by other nations will be posted here. Any questions regarding The Khanikstan Communist Parties current policies that may effect diplomatic relations with Khanikstan can be asked here.


Head of State: Hamad Khan

Minister of Foreign Relations: Jamaal Haswan

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Setäd calöfik se Minister Foginänikadinas:

Messaedje oficire del Ministere des Afwaires Entrindjires:

Official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

TrebuchestJafäd Dipanöpas Vü Menasrepüblikän Stedoriänik e Menasrepüblikän Kanikstäna

L'Atuzlaedje des Ambassådes Inte li Républike Pôpulêre di Stèdorie et l'Républike Pôpulêre di Khanikstan

Creation of Embassies Between the Stedorian People's Republic and the People's Republic of @Kahnikstan


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