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Hey look at this completely new and original idea I had while looking at other completely unrelated threads created by @Costa Madora, @Unuecejo, and @Zaxar. Even though this idea was totally original and created by me, I'm still giving them credit where credit is due. With that aside, feel free to ask anything about Fina, you'll learn more about my country and I probably will to. This gives me an opportunity to expand and further build my nation and show it off to the whule wurld. So without further ado, ask away!

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20 minutes ago, Zaxar said:

Well for starters, I love your flag and it combined with your name seems to point to Finland but your vision statment seems to be influenced by Sweden so I have to ask, what RL country do you think Fina will be most based on or related to?

My country would be some kind of Eastern European post-Soviet Sweden. I'm not completely sure what IRL country it is most similar to right now, but if I have to say I think maybe Poland in its current situation. And the name doesn't actually come from Finland, that was just a bit of coincidence, though it can be an absolute pain when trying to translate things and the get spit out as either Finnish or finance.

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