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Metro Map Maker

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Have you ever wanted to draw your own subway transportation network? With this metro map maker, you can draw your own underground. Or "tube" as the Brits say.

The interface is easy to understand. You just click and drag. Options on the right. Finished metro maps can be downloaded or saved.

🚇 https://metromapmaker.com


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    • By Orioni
      For those who want a unique flag for their nation, province or city.
      Tool 1: Scrontch's Flag Designer (Appspot)
      This easy to understand flag designer is one of the first ways to get started. You'll notice this style all over the place. The colour palette is limited yet effective. Buttons show what each action represents. Your flag will be exported as an SVG file.

      Tool 2: FlagMaker Jr. (Github)
      A slightly more advanced flag maker. You can select more colours. And there are many more shapes to choose and combine. Your flag will be exported as an SVG file.
    • By Orioni
      Via someone's else NS Twitter account, I discovered this fun political simulator on filteries.com.
      The Filteries political simulator has loads of sliders and options and graphs for you to play around with.
      Based on your choices, you end up with a different kind of government, from United States analogue to communist utopia to raw fascism.
      I had a go at it for 5 minutes, and this is what it looks like. This is related to the 8 values political test, but with much more detailed results.

      You can try it here: http://filteries.com/politics It also pops up on Reddit every now and then.
    • By Orioni
      Over on Reddit someone asked for help to write their own national anthem.
      While it's always more original to do this yourself, there exists a free and easy National Anthem Lyrics Generator to help you write one.
      So if you don't know how to write a song, this tool will help you get there. You enter some details and it will spit out some lyrics for you. Some results look quite well, others are completely random and incoherent. So give it a few tries. And yes, you an also end up with Soviet communist national anthems.
      Note: this is not a song maker. It won't compose any music for you. Just the fake national anthem lyrics.

      Source: Build Your Own National Anthem (Slate, 6 February 2014)
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