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Le Messagero


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Le Messagero is the oldest newspaper currently published in Ebrary, first published in 1891. It is headquartered in Ceres, the capital of Ebrary, and is considered the Ebrarian newspaper of record.

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The Senate voted to approve the State Medical Coverage for Minors Act, which extends coverage under the National Christian Healthcare Fund to all children under the age of 12. Despite intense lobbying against the bill by President Carlos Renaldo, a cross-party coalition of sympathetic members of the Ecumenical Dominionist Party and every member of the Farmer-Labor Party pushed the bill forward, and the bill passed the Popular Assembly last month. The Senate had an intensely debated session, but ultimately the bill was pushed through today with a narrow majority. It is not expected that the Sovereign Protector will use his veto to strike the law down, and President Renaldo has effectively conceded defeat on the issue.

This has been heralded as a landmark victory by Assemblyman Jon Carlo, Leader of the Farmer-Labor Party. Carlo's party broke with their usual alliance with the president's Center Reformists, citing the need to reduce the cost of childcare in an era when Ebraria is experiencing below-replacement fertility rates and net migration out of the country to find work. President Renaldo has generally pushed for market-based reform, which has caused some friction with the Farmer-Labor Party. However, both parties remain committed to economic development and have consistently isolated the formerly dominant Ecumenical Dominionist Party and sidelined its focus on social and religious issues.

The bill is expected to reduce premiums for Ebrarian families, although critics cite it as an expensive increase in government spending at a time when the government cannot afford to spend more. Proponents counter that Ebrary does not currently spend an obscene amount on healthcare, at only 7.5% of GDP. The previous law mandated the purchase of health insurance by employed adults which would cover their dependent children, with exceptions for those of low income, so the new law merely extends the coverage under the exception to all children under 12. State contributions to medical savings accounts of families covered by the law will not be changed, and the new law will not affect the Special Medical and Pharmaceutical Fund for the elderly and disabled. 

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Below is an article from Le Dissension, an underground newspaper in Ebrary:

By: Anonymous

Though it is becoming more difficult to get information from the inner circle of the Sovereign Protector, our sources can confirm that Daniel Lucas has suffered a series of debilitating heart attacks in recent weeks. We all know in recent years he has made fewer and fewer public appearances, however the government has put up a facade to fool the public into believing their dear leader's health was under no immediate threat. More details are hard to come by, but rest assured that the facts we bring you are true.

President Carlos Rendalo has been more and more active in governing the nation than past presidents precisely because Lucas's health (and influence) has been waning. Though we are no fan of Renaldo and his support of the current theocracy, his liberalizing influence is certainly a modest improvement. We can only pray that the result of this development with improve the freedom of the Ebrarian people, and not replace Lucas with an even worse dictator over our once proud, free nation. Keep an eye out for agents of the so-called-Christian Defense Legion. As their commander-in-chief becomes more ill, they will surely become more violent against dissidents.

Viva Libertate! Viva Ebraria! Viva Le Dissension!

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