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Khanikstan's Eurth Map Application

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Nation in Eurth: The People's Republic of Khanikstan

Flag: If link doesnt work im in the discord

Capital Name: Manahal

Capital Location: Only real request is its tucked away somewhere that makes it a strategic stronghold. Mountainous or on a river (or both) would be good enough for me :)

Stats Chosen:

  • Population(1): 20,000,000 (extremely flexible here :)),
  • GDP(1): 7,000. (I'm down to go lower to nerf, I just needed to use the point)
  • Land Area (2): 300,000

Factbook/iiwiki link: It's a project to complete for the near future, but I went into pretty great detail my vision statement and hope thats enough for now!

Culture: To paint in broad strokes, the culture pulls heavily from middle eastern countries

Climate: Hot summers are really the only request I have here

History: tldr of my vision statement: Khanikstan is only six years old, with the Khanikstan Communist Party taking power of former Azbekistan government after a brutal 40 year revolutionary war. The 46 years of isolationism and war has left a devastated and poverty stricken population that is now making foreign relations dire. 

Desired location: I would absolutely love if I could be inside this river pocket north of the lake labeled Chen. I've noticed that every country is built on a coast or against a country on a coast, so if that wouldn't be allowed since it's in the middle of nowhere, I understand. It would fit my lore in a lot of ways, and if my Capital was located on the west side right where the lake creates the north bound river I would have no complaints!

If that location isn't possible, i'm very very flexible!



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Congratulations on passing the academy!- sorry for the wait.

Your 1/1/2 stats are good - no problems there!

Seems alright, though do note that central Alharu probably doesn't have many Indo-Iranians (though that doesn't mean you can't take inspiration!) however northern Alharu has largely been allocated to the Middle Easterners minus Iran and friends so that works well.

the northern Chenshas region possesses hot steppe and hot desert conditions, so the summers will be especially hot.

History & Location
There is already some lore-building in the area, Fulgistan has been on-and-off wurldbuilding several groups on the eastern coastline of the Chen lake, and the southern Chen lake coastline is the homeland to the !Nahua people before they began mass migrations and pillaging down south. Nothing there though is a deal-breaker.

If @Fulgistan is okay with this proposal, I am happy to just give you your desired location outright - the finer details of the borders can be discussed within the discord or on this thread depending on your preferred method of communication. You will also be given one free ticket for you and Fulgistan to work together to create an NPC that borders both of you - just so you can have hypothetical ocean access through trade agreements with the NPC and Fulgistan so that others can trade with you via land and sea rather than by air. The NPC also can only be made using a maximum of 3 points however.

The area comes out at ~291,700km^2.

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