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55 minutes ago, Unuecejo said:

Look, ma! I'm on a bandwagon!

Jokes aside, this seems fun and I figured it might help me figure out some of those nebulous details of my nation. Asked me anything!

Glad you joined the bandwagon 😂

Anyway, have you decided on your culture for sure yet and if so why did you choose it?

Also where on Eurth do you see yourself headed as a nation?

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Thank you for being the one to turn it into a trend! 😜

Things are starting to become more solid in my head as I write more. At first I felt like I pigeonholed myself with my naming scheme, but it helped give me a direction. In the end it's still going to depend on where I'm placed, but I have visions of Italy and the surrounding areas in my head and im liking the way it looks. I just may need to do some more research.


As for where I'm going? If you mean on the map, I'm not scouting out anywhere yet, but that Mediterranean vibe is probably the driving force right now. In a narrative sense, I'm leaving that up in the air deliberately right now. I have a habit of trying to precisely plot out my stories, even in a more freeform environment like an RP, so I'm making a conscious choice to do less of that here. I've set up a few major conflicts for myself (the big ones being whether Unuecejo's economy can flourish, the capability of the reigning king, and whether the government can continue in its current form at all), and there's almost certainly going to be conflict and intrigue with other nations. But as to how it all plays out? I'm gonna let the narrative tell me.

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