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[Vision Statement] The Imperial Federation of Novanar

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The Imperial Federation of Novanar (Novan: Keeserlech Federatioun vun Novanischland) is a federal parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy covering an area of 243,139 square kilometers (93,877 sq mi), with a population of over 28 million within its borders. The country is officially divided into seven constituent states. Its capital and largest city is Auhagen, and its financial center is Obermünzenstein; the largest urban area is the Ourasia metropolitan area.


(WIP) The land that makes up modern-day Novanar, called Novanischland by its citizens, was originally inhabited by Native tribes of the A (coastal), B (river), C (highland) cultures. Shortly following the onset of the Salvian conquests of the 15th century, an outbreak of several diseases occurred among the people of all three cultures, decimating many tribes. This, however, strengthened them against said diseases, preparing them for the arrival of Lysian nobility and Dolchlander settlers in Novanar in the late 16th century. Several wars broke out between the foreign settlers and the A and B cultures, resulting in the destruction of the A culture and the permanent weakening of the B culture. Then, the horse tribes attacked in the mid-17th century, indiscriminately turning settlements of all cultures into piles of skulls. Seeing the dire state of the settlers and other tribes, the Kingdom of WIP of the C culture gathered people of all sides together and suggested an alliance. Although initially met with skepticism, all sides eventually agreed that they had to work together to defeat their common enemy. With the introduction of gunpowder to the New Wurld and the use of superior strategy, the Alliance drove back the horse tribes again and again until they never dared to attack again. Even though the members of the Alliance had gained a mutual sense of respect for each other, human nature is a fickle thing, and they soon devolved back into in-fighting that lasted until the beginning of the Eustacian Wars in the early 19th century. 


Disjointed and caught off guard, the various nation of Novanar fell quickly to Eustace’s armies, and the region came under foreign occupation. A massive surge in nationalism triggered an uprising at the war’s mid-point and the Novanisch Confederation was formed out of the chaos. Together with its new allies, Novanar liberated itself. 


Novanar remained a confederation up until the 1872 Congress of Auhagen, out of which came the Imperial Federation of Novanar. The house chosen to lead this new nation was House Sieglinde, a powerful and influential noble clan. ( Haven’t really thought through the next part of my history yet. )

Now, the specter of war looms on the Imperial Federation’s southern border as long-dormant enemies rise to break the peace. Will war engulf the nation? Will Novanar be shocked into action? Just what will wake the Titan in the Night?

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