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[Academy RP] The Unuecejean National Courier

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His Majesty King Sixto I Gives First Address to Parliament
by Piero Fiŝkaptisto
22 August, 2021, 9:30 AM

At 9:00 this morning, His Majesty King Sixto I made his first public appearance as Monarch of Unuecejeo, giving a speech to the Parliament of Speakers. The much-awaited address comes after the unfortunate passing of King Josef III yesterday afternoon. During his talk, His Majesty expressed a desire to follow in the footsteps of his father, and to continue his life's work.

"The accomplishments of my father, and his father and grandfather before him, shaped the kingdom that we know today. And I believe that kingdom is one with a glorious future," King Sixto said during his speech. "It is my intention to aid in creating that future that my forebears dedicated themselves to utterly. Together with this these esteemed Speakers, we will ensure the prosperity of all Unuecejeans."

According to a spokesperson for the royal family, King Sixto elected to refrain from public appearance until today, due to a need to allow himself to recover from the sudden news. When he appeared at this morning's Parliament meeting, he showed no signs of emotional turmoil.

"It was a sincere pleasure to be introduced to His Majesty in this way, and his talk today, and I have no doubt as to his drive and conviction to serve the people of Unuecejo" said Breta Renlandano, a Speaker representing citizens of Okcimarsxo.

While the unexpected passing of King Josef very much set the tone for today's meeting, the ascension of King Sixto has also been colored by another series of tragic deaths in the royal family. The youngest of King Josef's six children, few expected King Sixto to be the one to take the thrones. But the untimely deaths of his older siblings, including his sister Oana just two months ago, left King Sixto poised as the rightful heir. The royal family has repeatedly assured the people of Unuecejo that King Sixto's study and training in order to act as monarch began long before his sister's death, and that he is more than ready to lead the country.

Members of His Majesty's advisory council were in attendance for the address, but could not be reached for comment by the time of publication. According to several Speakers, the advisors wish to refrain from making public statements on the ascension until after King Sixto has been able to properly set the tone for the royal government going forward.

His Majesty's spokesperson has stated that he will begin making public appearances immediately, with a scheduled public address in Bellator City tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

The Parliament will convene for their regularly scheduled meeting at 1:00 today.

This article was updated Today, at 11:22 AM
The king is not prepared to lead us. He is nothing more than an indolent slob, handed down to us by a cruel act of fate. We cannot rely upon the archaic trappings of the monarchy anymore. The power must lie truly with the people.

This article was updated Today, at 11:54 AM
We have been made aware of an alteration to this article that went up earlier today that we did not authorize. We apologize profusely for allowing this to happen. This erroneous update has been removed, and we are conducting an internal investigation to determine the cause.


Children's Hour Aims to Enrich Lives of Families
by Lorena Fortika
20 August 2021, 6:20 PM

After months of preparatory work and discussion, Centro Entertainment is announcing the release of The Neighborly Kids, the first in a series of Unuecejo-made programs designed for young children and their families to be released over the next several months.

"This is an exciting opportunity, and we can't wait to see what parents across Unuecejo think of the show," said series writer Indra Hiacinto.

Dubbed Children's Hour, this initiative developed in close partnership with the Parliament of Speakers. According to Hiacinto, the concept goes back to 2019, when recent successes resulted in additional funding from Parliament. Centro consulted with several Speakers who approved of the station's work to determine where they should focus their efforts. The results, in the end, were a series of children's shows meant both to prepare children for schooling and instill in them wholesome values.

The series will follow siblings Mili and Marto Najbareco as they face everyday childhood problems. However, each of these problems and their solution will also impress upon the viewer an important moral lesson.

"The key is to present it in a metaphorical way, to not tell the kids that you're trying to teach them something," said Hiacinto. "For example, in our first episode, Mili and Marto are asked to help with cleaning the house and aren't happy about it. But their mother talks to them about how it's important to take pride in their house and keeping it clean is a part of that. And the kids can extrapolate that to taking pride in the kingdom."

Centro Entertainment has an additional three shows in the planning phases. While they are not ready to release details yet, they have noted that the production of these shows is dependent upon the initial success of The Neighborly Kids.

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    • By Gotneska
      Welcome to this week's area of focus; As most people know the more Meallángan Countys, have called for a Referendum back in early 2017, Four years on the election on the Referendum was put on hold as the surprised death of King Jòhann II in October that year and the crowning of a new monarch Sarah II. As at the time of her Coronation she was only 18 years old, and the Law stated that no leader under the age of 22.9 years old can not pass or reject laws or bills being put fore. As because of this law the Bill that was at the forefront of the Referendum, So the election could not take place. On 19 November 2021, Queen Sarah II finally rejected the bill her father was about to pass. And since then the Counties voting for the Referendum have found it harder than they thought to agree on what is right for the region. Most people still believe life in Gotneska is much better, but a small group is holding on to hope. I spent a few days in the hotspot of the Referendum. A small village name Mistlyn about 1.5 outside the capital city. I spoke to locals asking who would like to an interview on why or why not they support the Referendum. The first person i talked too was Ms. Teagan (Tara) ó Broin, She is against the Referendum. And finally Mr. Michael ó Mahoncuy who supports the Referendum.
      The following is a Q/A type discussion about the topic:
      Meeting with Ms. Teagan
      News Reporter: So Ms. Teagan can you tell me a little about your life, and what think about this Referendum?
      Teagan: Thank you for letting me speak my opinion. So first off I'd like to say I really don't understand the history behind why the Referendum ever became a way out of this mess. I was born in early 1998 so yes I'm only 23 almost 24. All I remember is when I was young everything seemed good, people loved their country, my parents would go out with friends. But when I turned 13 it seemed as things were changing fast. I don't know if that because I don't understand who the wurld worked but all I remember is my dad and one of his coworkers like yelling at each other and my mom trying to get me and my siblings away. 
      NR: Seems like you had a good early childhood. My next question is what exactly do you disagree with?
      T: Will first off, I'd say that I'm probably anti-Referendum is mostly because of my parents, they lived thought what I don't remember or happened before I was born. But doing my own research, I found that the bill wasn't as bad as everyone was saying it was but then When you have crazy Separatist  Groups. That for some reason that I still really don't understand why they dislike this country. For one, we've been one nation since the 900's if my math is right, that's 1,100 and something years.
      NR: You sure did your research and yay it's weird why a region that had been a part of said nation for 1100 yrs wants to leave. When for most of its history has been in a good relationship with the royal family.
      T: Yay, that's another thing about this, which again I don't understand why did the King in the first place even think about letting this pass. As his Wife is from a small village in County Chláir. And that now his offspring are related to these people.
      NR: I think most people don't understand much of anything about this topic. I mean, I just started looking into it, and it looks I'm not even as confused by it then a native to the region.
      T: She laughs and says that our wurld. Lol.
      NR: Thank you for your time Teagan I hope this lets people have a better idea of this topic, which I believe most people don't understand.
      T: Will Thank you for having me. Hope you learned some stuff you don't know already.
      After my meeting with Ms. Teagan and got ready for my next one, I thought to myself these are my brothers in arms, and they would harm their own because of something a king was thinking of passing but died before doing so and sadly leaving a mess for his teenage daughter to fix. God bless my Queen, Sarah II.
      Meeting with Mr. Michael
      NR: Thank you for meeting with me, you probably have better things to do, but again, thank you. Okay, let’s get to the heart of this topic. Can you tell me why you support the Referendum and for how long have you believe in this.
      Michael: Thank you for having me. To be honest I’ve just never felt this country cared for us, yes I understand we helped form this nation, but we also destroy it. And I’m more than happy to do that. I’m a f*cking 44-year-old being ruled by a 22-year-old girl, there are more people that share that view but no one what’s to say so. And to your second question, since I was maybe 19. When I joined a secret organization which I can’t name.
      NR: Hmm, I think I’m done with this discussion. But thank you.
    • By Balticans
      (Diary Entry of a undisclosed political prisoner in a Baltica labor camp.)
      The Sky is thick with moisture and dust. The endless summers of Baltica are especially harsh, the wind slows to a crawl, and the horrors of industry linger in the air like a deadly mist. It's a harsh reality of what life is like, especially for us prisoners. We work, we sleep and we eat, such is the life cycle of whatever poor soul ends up in these camps.

      I often wonder what speech, what sentence or even what word or phrase got me sent here; but even the speech which i had so passionately relayed to the millions who followed me to battle, those same millions who would cast aside a parliament that ruled with fear and malice in the hope of a brighter future, I simply can't remember… I don't know if it's some sort of mechanism that the remnants of my brain have decided to hide from me, or even the curse of time finally embedding its claws into the nooks and crannies of my scalp. But I do hope it was a great speech. Maybe I really did make a change. Maybe there's a man or two or even a dozen, who live in some backwater village that I have truly made an impact for.

      Nonetheless, I remain here, trapped with my own mind, scattered memories, and countless others who consider me a war criminal. I doubt I have much more time left. At this point what remains of my stumped hands is withering away daily. I know it's pneumonia, the doctors refuse to elaborate, but it doesn't take a fool to realize…  I fought for liberty and freedom. I wanted something to change, but all I did was put the keys in stone for the past to repeat itself, and for another dam, Dolchic, to steal our nation from us yet again. For this I'm truly sorry, but no apology speaks for actions this great....
    • By Rhodellia
      Kubism is now an officially recognised religion
      Alphonse von Wallenstein, 09 December 2018 15:12

      Pictured: A young "kommando" paying his respects to the Murder Cube at the Prince Willem Museum (2004)
      The Department of State officially recognised Kubism as a religion on Thursday after more than 50,000 Rhodellians (roughly 0.5% of the population) declared themselves as 'Kubists' in the 2018 census. Kubism was (originally) an ironic pseudo-religion centred around the worship of 'The Murder Kube' and the glorification of violence. 'The Murder Kube' is an unofficial name ascribed to an unnamed 2004 art piece created by Peace Movement-affiliated artist Norm Alfred. It is a large, hollow cube meshed together from hundreds of decommissioned firearms. It is currently housed in the Prince Willem Museum, Gottesberg. Alfred originally envisioned the art piece as a lasting monument to peace through the destruction of weapons of war. But as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, this was not to be. At some point in the late 2000s, an image of the art piece was posted in a 'gun gore' thread on the 'Weapons' board of a popular anonymous imageboard with the intent of shocking its users. It had the opposite effect. Users of the board instead began (ironically) revering it as a pseudo-deity and a physical manifestation of war and violence (past, present, and future). They went as far as to write lore, songs, and slogans in The Murder Kube's name, the most famous being 'Ave Nex Alea'. In the early 2010s, the Murder Kube (along with Kubism) leaked onto the mainstream Rhodellian internet as a popular internet meme aligning with Rhodellia's martial culture and conflict-rife history.
      By 2015, Alfred's art piece would eventually become the unlikely pilgrimage site of many thousands of young Rhodellian netizens. They would not be Alfred's fellow Peace Movement activists. Instead, these unintended visitors would come wearing gas masks, plate carriers, and meme patches. They would sling old surplus rifles (jokingly referred to as “nuggets”) on their backs and wear bayonets on their belts. Each would typically kneel to the great monolith, offering tributes ranging from cans of Chef Royardee to 'milk for the cornflakes'. Together they would chant "Ave Nex Alea" or "Cheeki Breeki", among other tongue-in-cheek slogans and pop culture references . They saw no symbol of peace, but a glorious tribute to death and destruction. To them, this was their almighty monolith: The Murder Kube, or "kube" for short.
      Every year, hundreds of thousands of young Rhodellians embark on pilgrimages to pray to the Murder Kube. This makes it the Prince Willem Museum's star exhibit as well as one of the most popular tourist sites in the entire country. Pilgrims now come from all walks of life, not just users of the anonymous imageboard where the Murder Kube originally gained traction. They range from students wishing for the best marks on their school marksmanship exams; to conscripts entering National Service after college; to boots praying for success as professional soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors. This tourism facilitated growth throughout Gottesberg. The Prince Willem Museum greatly expanded its facilities and transferred the Murder Cube into bigger halls of residence at multiple points. The Gottesberg City Council still works to rapidly upgrade road, rail, and tram infrastructure all over Gottesberg to increase their capacity. The city's tourist and hospitality industries expanded to cater to the year-wide influx of pilgrims. None of this shows any sign of slowing. What started out as an in-joke from some shady corner of the internet has since grown into a staple of Rhodellian popular culture.
      News of Kubism's acceptance as an officially recognised religion went viral across the Rhodellian internet. Thousands took to social media to express their joy or disbelief. The majority of responses appear positive thus far with many Rhodellians netizens celebrating this development as a cultural victory. On the other hand, many other internet users felt more skeptical, disappointed, or concerned. Alfred himself said in an interview with RNN that “the joke went too far” and that Kubism’s recent recognition as a valid religion was a "letdown to the many other smaller and unrecognised cultures present in our richly diverse and multicultural nation”. Notorious conscientious objector and Peace Movement spokeswoman Halfrid Weber said in another RNN interview that "the acceptance of [Kubism] as an officially recognised religion accomplishes nothing. It will only reinforce negative stereotypes about Rhodellian people and culture. Hasn't the rest of the wurld laughed at us enough?". Whatever people have to say about Kubism's new status, countless young devotees (whether ironic or unironic) will continue to embark on long pilgrimages just to see the Murder Kube and praise its glorious name wherever they may be. From the look of things, it seems that the Murder Kube, Rhodellia’s unofficial patron deity, is here to stay.

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      Seven hospitalised with stab wounds after "Dostoevsky vs Tolstoy" debate turns violent King August III "amused" after finding "Kilroy was here" graffiti in his private Gottesberg Palace bathroom Erika Wittmann, Panzerfahren ace and internet sweetheart, receives hundreds of anime-style fan art Bored netizens launch amphibious invasion of island to avenge missionary killed by native tribe Janbourg Man arrested after playing accordion solo outside of mosque Laurenz von Strauß wins Skeet shooting gold medal at Militärfestival 2018 Rabeswalde Man builds himself a woodland bunker and hides for 10 years to avoid wife's nagging
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