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Shapashun vision statement

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The Serene Republic of Shapashun is an old state. It was formed when various powerful oligarchic families overthrew the kings of Shapashun establishing an oligarchic republic that would last to the present day. The government is a strange one lead by a Medamotzah or a council made up of all the families powerful enough to buy or pressure their way into it. The head of the Medamotzah and the Serene Republic is the Sophet elected from among the Medamotzah and together they dive up the recourses and wealth of the country in a kind of self perpetuating game of monopoly. 

The state of Shapashun as one would expect is not the most stable. The economy while appearing strong numbers wise is kept almost exclusively by the oligarchic families with a the rest of the population kept poor and many living below the poverty line. In contrast a rising educated class is rising in the Republic made up of more wealthy commoners and among some of the more gifted members of the families' staffs operating the mysterious Ambrosian Order threatening to bring an end to oligarch domination and the start of democracy to the republic. The army of the republic is in a very weakened state, Due to constant anti Ambrosia paranoia massive amounts of funding meant for the military have instead gone to a kind of modern feudal military system with each of the families training and funding their own private defense forces with their ranks being filled with a sizable quantity of foreign defense contractors. 

The Nation of Shapashun located close to the equator on a historic crossroads of trade is a land deeply held by religion and tradition. The people largely worship a faith based around worship of the sun ruled by the Shapash who is in a constant heavenly struggle against the anti goddess Anot who symbolizes strife and misery and birthed the sea monster Laton who is responsible for storms and all hardships at sea. 

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