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Costa Madora (Madorian: Republika de Kosta Madora), formally Republic of Costa Madora, is an island country in [insert continent name here], located in the west [insert ocean name here]. It is bordered on the north by Geuvaria, and extends from the Sea of Geuvaria in the north toward the Bellefait Isles. Costa Madora spans an archipelago of 37 islands covering ??? square kilometers (??? sq mi). Vitorife is Costa Madora's capital and largest city; other major cities include Lincamento, Leonstadt, San Monica and Valencia.

Costa Madora was inhabited in the 12th century, emerging into history as the Alosakian Confederation. Following this period, the rapidly growing Barborican Empire colonized southern Costa Madora and annexed the Alosakian Confederation during the Barborican-Alosakian War.

In 1318, King George I established the Kingdom of Costa Madora. From 18th to 19th century, it experienced growth under Catherine I as the Madorian Empire, which was overthrown during the November Revolution. This led to the short-lived Republic of Costa Madora.

Under Catherine II, the Kingdom of Costa Madora was restored, later replaced by the current Republic of Costa Madora. Since then, Costa Madora has maintained the policy of neutrality.

Costa Madora is a great power and a member of numerous international organizations, including the ??? Union, the N?TO, and the Belaire Agreement. It maintains one of the wurld's strongest militaries. A global leader in the automotive and ??? industries, Costa Madora has made significant contributions to science and technology. Ranked "high" on the Human Development Index, Costa Madora has the ???-highest life expectancy.


In English, the name "Costa Madora" comes from the Barborican language, meaning 'emerald coast'.

Around 1238, the Barborican Empire referred to Costa Madora as the Viceroyalty of Valle de Santa Mónica. The current name was probably first given by the explorer Emanuel Pescait later in 1238, however it was first used by Viceroy Marcos Escalona in 1265.


Costa Madora is an archipelago composed of about 37 islands, covering a total area of around ??? square kilometers (??? sq mi). It is located in west [insert ocean name here] and is bordered by Geuvaria to the north, Bellefait Isles to the southwest and the Madorian Sea to the west.

The highest mountain is Mt. Alpuente. It measures up to 5827 m (19,117 ft) above sea level and is located on Querencia island. The longest river is the Mirador River in south Daland, measuring about ??? kilometers (??? mi).


Costa Madora is an unitary semi-presidential republic. The President is the head of state, elected by popular vote for a four-year term, during which they appoint and preside over the Executive Cabinet. The bicameral Parliament is composed of the Senate, serving as the upper house, with members elected to a six-year term, and the House of Representatives, serving as the lower house, with members elected to a four-year term.

Senators are elected at large while the representatives are elected from legislative districts. The judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court, composed of a Chief Justice as its presiding officer and ??? associate justices, appointed by the President from nominations submitted by the Parliament.

The capital and largest city of Costa Madora is Vitorife, located in northeast Daland.

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Costa Madora is a mixed economy and has ??th largest economy in [insert continent name here].

Agriculture accounts for a majority of income and employement, with Bruna and Lamonti contributing heavily.

Industry is also prominent in Costa Madora - mostly centered around San Monica and Daland, accounting for secondary employment.

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Costa Madora's law enforcement consists of Policía Nacionale (urban) and Guardia Fusileró (suburban/rural).

Policía Nacionale is the principal police force primarily serving cities and large towns, patrolling roads, railways, airports and Madorian borders. Administrated by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Justice, it is currently led by Commissioner-General Alexander Pardo.
Their headquarters are at 7 Reyes Street, Bromwich, Vitorife.

Guardia Fusileró primarily serves smaller settlements as a gendarmerie, and is led by Colonel Martin Guillén.
Their headquarters are at Fort Seaza, Puentetoma (Bruna).

The President, his family and other VIPs are protected by Guardia Presidencia, a paramilitary unit under Guardia Fusileró led by Brigadier Rafael Dávalos.

They are headquartered at Fortaleza de Castellón, former state residence of the Governor of Daland located near the Whiteburn Palace.

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The Whiteburn Palace is the principal residence of the President of Costa Madora. Its current tenants include incumbent President Elisabeth Strandberg, First Gentleman Victor Mitchell and their closest family.

Whiteburn Palace was built in 1418 for Ludwig Whiteburn, 1st Lord of Galaroza (current day Vitorife and surrounding counties). After a fire damaged the castle, it was demolished.

In 1733, Queen Catherine Feodorov, wife of late Nicholas II of Costa Madora was surveying the area during her wars against southwestern Krosari. According to author Vicente Cotilla, the palace was constructed where the castle was located and named in honor of Lord Whiteburn.

The palace was used as Catherine's summer residence during her years as first Empress of Costa Madora, with the Treaty Room featuring Grecian script describing the achievements of Catherine I. This room was known as the location where the famous Treaty of Galaroza was signed, which formed the Madorian Empire.

In vicinity, one can see the beautiful gardens curated personally by Catherine and her court members, the Keystone Park and Keystone House (President's guest house). Across the gardens is the National Museum of History, while the National Library and Archive lies west.

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