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Request NPCs : Montemadia, San Lorenzo, Davérèto

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Name of the country : Montemadia

Full name of the country : Republic of Montemadia

Flag :


Location of the capitale : South-West of the country, at the source of the river San Juliàn el Hospitalario

Culture : Latino-american (nothern mexican, more precisly)

Climate : Huge mountains at the South, desertic at the north

Location : (see the map below)

History : Montemadia was part of the colony of San Constantino. After the independance of San Castellino, Montemadia took his independance during the New Lyrian war of independance and the San Castellinos government had no choice to peacefully let Montemadia go in order to avoid a two front war. Even after his independance, Montemadia always been under the San Castellino's sphere of influence, like Eldorado. Montemadia always been a presidential republic and democratic (although pretty unstable) until the election of the pro-San Castellinos nationalist candidate Carlos Francisquèz in 1992 which changed the constitution in order to be able to be re-elected without limit. Since 1992, the president of Montemadia is still Carlos Francisquèz.

Noa Bene : For the capitale city of Montemadia (San-Juan-de-la-Cruz-de-Nuestro-Señor-Jesús-del-Río-San-Julián-el-Hospitalario), I know that her name is extremly long so you can short it for San-Juan-de-la-Cruz if you want.


San Lorenzo

Name of the country : San Lorenzo

Full name of the country : Confederated Republics of San Lorenzo

Flag :


Location of the Capital : Middle-East of the country in the desert

Culture : Northern mexican

Climate : Mostly desertic with continental plains at the coasts of the river

Location : (see the map below)

History :

San Lorenzo was formerly part of the colony of San Constantino, then of the first Republic of San Castellino, before peacefully gaining its independence during the New Lyrian War of Independence, one week after Montemadia's peaceful attainment of independence. Since its independence, the Republic of San Lorenzo, because of its important mining resources (mainly lead, but also gold and silver), has spent its existence switching between the sphere of influence of San Castellino and that of New Lyria, according to the various presidents in charge, which has always made it particularly unstable. This precarious balance was maintained until 2001, when President Cristobal Cristobes, strongly pro-San Castellinos and following the "advice" of General Di Foxycionni, removed Andesian as the recognized national language, leaving Stillian of San Castellino as the only recognized national language. This led the region of Davérèto to declare its independence. While San Lorenzian troops were out to suppress the independentists, a skirmish between a policeman and miners, leading to the death of one of them, pushed the San Lorenzian workers to revolt. The leader of the libertarians, Jacob Belmonte, manages to take control of the revolutionary movement and makes the pro-san castellinos government capitulate. He sets up a libertarian confederation of seven quasi-autonomous republics, and openly in favor of New Lyria. Shortly after the revolution, San Lorenzo tried to reconquer the Davérèto, but the San Lorenzian troops were crushed by the San Castellinos forces, who, since the end of the pro-San Castellino government, supported the independence of the Davérèto.



Name of the country : Davérèto

Full name of the country : Madrian Republic of Davérèto

Flag : Davérèto is highly composed of Madrian culture and a strong Madrian nationalism guide them. So I permit myself to put the flag of @Mauridiviahon Davérèto's flag because, even if they want to stay independant, they strongly indentify themselves to Mauridaviah. Tbh I don't know if that's very logical so if you think that this is a bad idea don't hesitate to tell me it and why. Also, I have to ask Mauridaviah if he's ok with that.


Location of the Capital : to the coast

Culture : very Mostly Madrian, a bit northern mexican

Climate : Mediterranean

Location :


History :

Like the two previous countries, Davérèto was successively part of the colony of San Constantino, then of the first Republic of San Castellino. Independence movements, despite the autonomy of the region, have always been particularly active there. In the 1990s, the Ejército de Liberación Madriano, the most extreme of these movements, was particularly active in terrorism in the region.In 2001, when President Cristobal Cristobès removed Andesian from the national languages, the Ejército de Liberación Madriano staged a successful coup in the local parliament, establishing a military and nationalist junta. Since then, although de facto independent, the Madrian Republic of Davérèto is only recognized by San Castellino ( and maybe by a few other countries, but really very few), which supports the small Republic financially.

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For the time being, as long as San Castellino has not been cut in two by New Lyria, these three NPCs (as well as Eldorado, another NPC already on the map) will remain independent, although either in the sphere of influence of New Lyria (for the time being only San Lorenzo), or in that of San Castellino (for the time being Davérèto, Montemadia and Eldorado).

After the division:

Once New Lyria has split San Castellino in two, with the anarcho-communists in the North (under the sphere of influence of New Lyria) and the monarchists in the South (totally independent from New Lyria), these NPC's will have a chance to be integrated depending on the case.

The San Castellinos Union
The San Castellinos Union will be the northern San Castellino under the sphere of influence of New Lyria and led by Leon Belflora. Leon Belflora may try (50% chance) to unite the former countries that were part of the San Constantino colony to form a kind of Mesothalassan Union. However, New Lyria might veto this, for fear of being overtaken by the new union.

The Kingdom of San Castellino - reactionary path
The Kingdom of San Castellino will be the southern San Castellino and in the continuity of the current national-capitalist dictatorship. If the Kingdom of San Castellino remains a reactionary democracy, then there is no chance that it will try to integrate or invade them. These NPC's will then remain toys for the southern San Castellino and New Lyria, as they were before the division (unless New Lyria lets Leon Belflora carry out his plan for a Mesothalassan Union, which is unlikely to happen).

The Kingdom of San Castellino - the fascist way
If Ismael de la Plata (the current Minister of Foreign Affairs), with his future fascist party, is elected, then Ismael will undoubtedly try to peacefully integrate these NPC's, or even invade them if some of them categorically refuse (certainly San Lorenzo if he remains libertarian, probably Davérèto because of their Madrian nationalism).
Nota Bene: Ismael's fascism, which he calls "fascism with a human face" or "humanist fascism", is largely derived from Brazilian integralism, notably because it does not promote racial hatred (unlike other fascisms) but "the union of all peoples", in order to form a glorious future hand in hand.


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Sorry for the late reply;
Besides the confusion with what you are planning to do with the nations (which is a bit confusing but I believe I got the jist of), I am happy to put Montemadia and San Lorenzo onto the map. You're generally considered one of the more active members so I believe you have justification for these NPCs - especially so if they're going to be used in a future expansion - and that it's unlikely anyone will be placing themselves in western Mesothalassa anytime soon.

My only issue is with Davérèto. You are required to have consent by @Mauridiviah on the forum to create a nation based off his own lore. Though Mauridiviah has been inactive for 131 days now at the time of writing so there might be a chance that Mauridiviah may not even exist in the future - unless IP seizure is undertaken - so I recommend coming up with a plan B for Davérèto.

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Perfect !

About Davérèto, I can still remove the mauridavian flag from Davérèto's one. For the culture, I wonder if we could still keep the andesian language because, for that Davérèto seeks for independance, it needs a big cultural difference with San Lorenzo, and a language is perfect.

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