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Rhodellia's Map Application

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Nation in Eurth: Rhodellia

Flag: https://imgur.com/a/lVjIYn3


Capital name: Friedrichstadt

Capital location: Coastal and/or Riverside, preferably close to a river delta.

Stats Chosen:

  • Population: 10,000,000 (Low - 0 Points)
  • GDP per capita (nominal): 45,000 ESU (Very High - 4 Points)
  • Land area: 90,000 km^2 (Low - 0 Points)

Factbook/iiwiki link: 

  • iiWiki: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Rhodellia 
  • Newsroom thread (It should give a good idea of my country's culture until a comprehensive iiWiki page is completed): 

Culture: Primarily a mixture of German, American, English, and Native American cultures. I envision Rhodellia as being a very diverse, multicultural, and creolised country, so people from across a wider variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds tend to feature in my posts.

Climate: Temperate

History: Partially summarized here: 

  • [Insert Dolchlander kingdom here] establishes some distant overseas colonies starting in 1594. Their explorers name the region 'RĂśdelia' after initially mistaking it for a new, undiscovered continent.
  • Their chosen location happens to already be settled by native peoples, who are already well-aware of colonialism and its consequences.
  • Half of the locals try to destroy the colonists on sight. The other half try to exploit the colonists to their own advantage, but end up being assimilated into the Dolchlander colonies over time.
  • The colonists expand outwards using 'Manifest Destiny' as a casus belli. Their progress is soon checked by larger, developed (and still hostile) native civilisations. They put up better fights than smaller tribes and minor kingdoms, and thus would survive to become Rhodellia's historic long-time rivals.
  • The Dolchlander colonies form the Rhodellian Commonwealth together in 1643 so that they can more easily coordinate defense and the pursuit of common interests.
  • The colonies merge together into the Kingdom of Rhodellia in 1755 in a bid to improve their international standing and attract potential allies. However, the new royal family only played ceremonial roles. The old colonial assemblies and Parliament maintained their authority.
  • Rhodellia and its neighbouring rivals frequently war with one another, primarily over arable land and natural resources.
  • From 1914 to 1921, Rhodellia is repeatedly invaded by its immediate neighbours. It loses. Rhodellia loses a significant chunk of its population during the fighting and is forced to concede large swathes of territories in a traumatically humiliating peace treaty signed in 1922.
  • Rhodellian left-wing populists incite a popular uprising against the 'traitorous' and wildly unpopular government. The Prime Minister is coerced into stepping down and organising a snap election. The new parliament after the 1922 General Election is dominated by a coalition mainly consisting of the Rhodellian Socialist Party, The Social Democrats, and The Communist Party of Rhodellia.
  • By 1938, Rhodellia has recovered enough to start re-annexing some of the old territories it lost in the 1922 treaty. This triggers another major war in 1940.
  • Against all reasonable expectations, Rhodellia does exceedingly well in the early stages of the renewed conflict. However, Rhodellia's momentum stalls as what started out as a war of manouevre gradually shifts into a war of attrition not too dissimilar to the previous war. The war becomes 'completely unwinnable' by 1944, if it was ever winnable in the first place.
  • Rhodellia is forced to sue for an armistice in 1948 because by that point it lacked the manpower, access to natural resources, and industrial output to continue fighting. Its enemies are similarly too battered to see prolonging the conflict as worthwhile. So they accept the peace offer. No territories end up exchanging hands, so Rhodellia remains with its 1922 borders.
  • Rhodellia and its long-time rivals focus on reconstruction and economic growth so that they may continue where they left off at a later date. For various reasons, their elected leaders never get around to escalating their tensions beyond occasional border skirmishes.
  • Rhodellia initiates a campaign to attract highly skilled and well educated foreign immigrants to help rebuild and help repopulate itself faster. Its socialist-led government tries to entice newcomers with promises of workplace democracy, reasonable living and working conditions, fairer compensation for labour, universal healthcare, free higher education, and universal basic income.
  • A team of historians accidentally uncover the true scale of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and cultural erasure of native peoples at the hands of Dolchlander colonial governments between the 16th and 19th centuries. Knowledge of their shocking discoveries proliferates quickly thanks to Rhodellia's freedom of press laws, leading to outraged Rhodellians of native descent forming a major separatist movement. Their common goals are to 'liberate' their native-descended brethren and protect their local cultures from eradication by an increasingly centralised and 'Dochlanderised' Rhodellia.
  • The Rhodellian government tries to crush the separatist insurgencies with superior violence. These early attempts at counter-insurgency go very, very poorly. A few insurgencies succeed in making Rhodellian forces cut their losses and withdraw. This results in further territorial losses as some regions become de facto independent.
  • In the 21st century, Rhodellia is trying to secure its own survival by growing its economy, making more friends on the international stage, and building up soft power.

Desired Location: Roughly the same spot in southeastern Aurelia I requested the last time I was here.



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Hello and welcome back to Eurth - hopefully the fast track Academy wasn't too much of a hassle :).

You've already done your stats as 0/4/0 leaving you with a total GDP of $450 Billion and a population density close to 111 pop/km^2 (akin to Portugal and Slovakia which will give you an idea of urbanisation and relative city sizes to population).

You request a temperate climate, below is a map of all temperate biomes on Eurth. Light blue is a similar climate to Iowa (so central US) and the medium blue to eastern Europe. Dark Blue is akin to northern Canada and Siberia. The area you request in your desired location is sub-polar. If you don't mind however, you can go there.

Culture works well with Aurelia, no comments :).

Below is a list of proposed areas that may work for your nation. If you pick one of these proposals (or none of them) we can discuss on Discord the finer details of the borders.

With a land area of 84,100km^2, this puts Rhodellia on two islands west of Kirvina. Their climates are temperate (though very wet). However they don't work particularly well with the history you wish to have for your nation.

This proposal has an area of 67,500km^2 and possesses a wet temperate climate. Works well with your desired history.


81,200km^2. Similar to the one above however places Rhodellia on the coastline facing Dolchland - making more sense.

4. (Just Added)
After speaking on Discord, I was able to come up with this proposal with a land area of 89,200km^2 it possesses temperate climate throughout the area and a major river and works well with the proposed history you made.

Edited by Metztlitlaca (see edit history)
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