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Zaxar's Eurth Map Application

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Nation in Eurth: Greater Zaxar (or just "Zaxar")

Flag: greater_zaxar__605732.pnghttps://www.nationstates.net/images/flags/uploads/greater_zaxar__605732.png

Capital name: Sandrica

Capital location: Sandrica should be on a river, preferably a large one.

Stats Chosen: 10,000,000 population ------- 5,000 GDP ------- 790,000 km2

Factbook/iiwiki link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=greater_zaxar/detail=factbook/id=main

Culture: European-American Culture

Climate: Cold winters with warm summers (temperate), similar to the climate of New England.

History: Zaxar was founded in 1803 through a revolution so there was a nation before 1800 but it does not yet have a defined age. A long history of peace, prosperity, and growth until 1926. Zaxar just finished a 74 year total war which lowered the population and ruined the economy. For more info you can see my factbook.

Desired Location: Somewhere with many rivers and a large coastline would be ideal. The coast can be of a large lake as well as ocean although I would like access to the sea (or I may just RP an expansion to the sea which may be better anyway). Some potential places I had thought of (I'm open to other spots) were that large lake in Argis, Auraid Bay, Yeetland, Nordhavet, or between Hinterlands and Walneria.

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I'm the Cartographer - I've noticed you're not on the Discord (or at least you do not speak often there) so this is my formal introduction of myself to you and how we determine the stats.
For new nations, we have a stats system that prevents newer members from being too powerful and toppling pre-existing powers without understanding the current lore and practises of the server.

For your stats of 10,000,000 people, $5,000 GDP per capita (akin to Namibia and Albania), and 790,000 km^2, your stats would come out as 0/0/4 - seems like you've already seen the stats system. This would leave you with a population density of 12.7 pop/km^2 (similar to Chad and the Republic of the Congo) and a total GDP of $50 Billion.

Regarding your flag, the links are broken (for me). As such if you could either post them here as either Discord or Imgur links, or in the Discord if you have an account, that would be great thank you. Otherwise I will have to approximate the flag for the map and I can guarantee you it will not be very accurate.


This map shows all the temperate climate regions of Eurth, with the light cyan being similar to northern Illlinois and Iowa, blue being the same as New England, and the darkest blue of rural Canada and northern Quebec.

Culture-wise what you have provided is quite generic, as the only real culture that gives me an idea for placement is 'American'. The Hinterlands is an Anglo-American nation along with Girkmand as ex-Anglian colonies, Delamaria is also anglo. Aurelia (the south-east continent on the map) is also a good place if you wish to be an ex-colony. and is very open for larger nations to exist. Yeetland is currently being kept for possible Celtic nations in the future.

Possible Locations
Below are several locations and borders that may fit your nation, feel free to pick any of them (or none of them). Afterwards we can discuss the finer details of the borders and shape of your nation. These proposals are under the assumption of Anglo-American. If you decide to go a different route I can provide other proposals for areas that match much better.

With a land area of 783,000 km^2, Olivia the Conqueror sure did conquer. The borders follow the local geography from the great Argisian lake to the Auraid Bay. Bordering the Ulfheimr to the north (who I could see being a very good substitute for the Therno Hoard as they are a tribal confederacy of Pagan Nords) and the Sanarija to the south. Lots of rivers and a very large coastline on both a large lake and the open ocean. only issue I could see is that the vast majority of the country is colder than New England.

This proposal comes out at 646,000km^2, it places Zaxar near the Hinterlands and borders the Germanic state of Uppsund and the Germanified Slavic state of Walneria. Rivers are plentiful and the climate matches New England across almost the entirety of the nation minus the southern coast.


Down in Aurelia at 778,000km^2, although the climate across the nation changes often from Mediterranean on parts of the northern coast, to New England-like in the centre, to colder in the southern coast, this proposal gives ample room for expansions (if that's something you're looking for) and fewer nations to keep track of when you're first starting out. There are also plenty of rivers and you're unlikely to be David-&-Goliath'd by your neighbours.

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Is there a culture map of Eurth? I feel like I remember seeing one somewhere but it may have been for something else.

I just want to know so I can better manage diplomatic relations and develop Zaxar's history to fit better with the rest of Eurth.

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4 hours ago, Zaxar said:

Is there a culture map of Eurth? I feel like I remember seeing one somewhere but it may have been for something else.

I just want to know so I can better manage diplomatic relations and develop Zaxar's history to fit better with the rest of Eurth.


Culture maps at the bottom of the post.

I think those are latest ones.

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19 hours ago, Zaxar said:

After much thought and consideration, the illustrious ruler of the Empire of Greater Zaxar has decided to take plot #2!

We look forward to working with and maintaining friendly relations with our new neighbors. :)

Hey there!

Welcome to Eurth. I would like to ask you if you are an absolute monarchy or some sort of a constitutional monarchy... The government in your factbook is left empty and in all honesty, I doubt than an absolute empire of sorts on my western border would inherrently break my lore. If you were smaller and more populated and/or if you are a constitutional monarchy, I would not have much problems with you.

Let me outline what I generally hope to get my lore into. I originally intended to create a lore of dillema between eastern germanic autocratic nations and western democratic nations, ideally Slavic. I may not have a problem with your claim if it were a bit smaller, maybe with larger population as the contrast compared to my country would be staggering (my GDP and population density is way bigger than yours and you have about the same population on just way bigger area). Even ignoring that, a wartorn lore, if it is a dragged out war or any way of a brutal conflict, breaks my plans as well...

If I am not breaking your lore substantially, I would highly recommend you shrink down the nation a bit (maybe to the southern half) and gain a bit better economy. If you were smaller and edited those stats in that way, I would happily roleplay with you no matter the government, but simply said a monarchy with so glaring differences in the west to me breaks my lore in pretty substantial ways.

Sincerely, @Walneria

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1 hour ago, Zaxar said:

To better fit the region I have decided to take plot #3 and switch my culture to a creolized Western European/Native American mix if that is ok with those already in that area.

I'm going to ping @Rhodellia, as their map claim is in that area, although I think it might slightly be to the south of that.

And @Anatea and @Kirvina, who would be neighbours of you there.

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If Zaxar's also spawning in the southeast as my immediate neighbour, I'd prefer to narrow my claim to this river here. I'd like for Rhodellia's territory to stretch along the 'temperate climate' sections of this coastline and then up the river valley. 

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