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Sanarijan Civil War (1997-2004)

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Filip stared down the road which he walked 24 years prior under very different circumstances. The pickup tossed and tumbled as he caught a glimpse of those godforsaken cliffs at the edge of the cooley.

Feeling his breathing picked up, he pulled the truck off to the side for his own safety. His physical conscience was in the here and now in a quiet and sparse farming community, but his mind was being taken back to 1997, into the physique of a strong young man—really a boy—fighting for his life.

To understand what happened all those years ago, let's have a look at the discussions that were going on in the Commissariat in October 1996. Outside pressures or otherwise were pushing an end to the loose fitting jigsaw that was the pseudo socialism in Sanarija. Over the summer of that year, a few had proposed privatizing certain industries, mainly in the sectors of subsistence so that the rural proletariat could support themselves through the ongoing and incoming economic struggle. A final drafted resolution passed on the 16th of November 1996, with the signature of Premier Estralić.

Within a month of the passing of the resolution, prices of grain, fish, dairy, and meats had nearly tripled, artificially causing a chain of hyperinflation which would exponentially worsen until the National Treasury filed for bankruptcy on the 7th of July 1997. On the 17th of July, Estralić appeared on National Television with tears in his eyes to announce the dissolution of the Socialist Republic of Sanarija. Round about 60% of the commissars refused to recognize a new government, and seceded to form their own micro-communist states.

The first of the fighting began between the Tenogoroč garrison and the militia of Commissar Irenodavić on July 22nd, 1997.

The rest, is history to be told in this thread.

* * *

OOC note: I'm super excited to start my first RP here in Eurth, and to be honest I'm even more excited to create a whole new wurld of characters! Now let's have some fun in my favourite tech level!

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1997, Solazok, Télévižija Nacional Sanarija

As it would appear today, Premier Estralić has made his final executive decision before resigning immediately after. In a statement on national television, he announced:

 “Sarnarijans over the past year we have witnessed the decline of a nation. The treasury has gone dry, and outside pressure has isolated our means to outsource.

It is with great sadness that I today formally dissolve Sož'alistka Republići Sarnarija. 

The documents have been signed, the military has been dissolved, government officials have been laid off, and there is only one left to go.”

He then signed a final document, assumed to be his resignation, and the broadcast turned off. What this will mean for the future, only time can tell.

Thousands of youths have already taken to the streets in celebration of the end of an oppressive regime. Some commissars, including Aleks Irenodavić of Tenogoroč, have refused to believe the dissolution of the Socialist Republic, and have pledged to resist any new, one may say illegitimate government to come out of Solazok.

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Monday, 17 March 1997

Inside the Supreme People's Assembly, Bastaria, Velaheria.

A Discussion between the upper party politicians during the 3rd official meeting of the Velaherian People's Party regarding the situation in Sanarija since the 1990s.

General Secretary, Mr Frederick Staffenburg was worried today, mostly due to the fact that Velaheria's geopolitical situation had been deteriorating for several years. And that in all these years, the nation had been exposed to hostile regimes from all sides and had lost almost all of its allies. The Velaherian Populace had also revolted against them a few years back. And the elites were also now starting to know the reality of the situations. However, for what he feared most was the sacking of his position by the Supreme leader himself, he thought of this as he walked towards the central assembly hall of the building.

As he entered the hall, he was greeted by the party officials of the three parties of the Velaherian Revolutionary Front. He assumed his seat, and nodded to the president himself, who was present at the podium of the stage.

The president himself, however, was not in a great mood either. Mr Alexander Von Starinburg had earlier quashed the protests in Velaheria during the silent revolutions. He was now worried about the developing situation across the border, inside Sanarija, which now had seemed to become a hotbed for insurgent activities and a springboard for instability to spread across Velaheria, and cause the regime there to collapse. He nodded and waved his hand to all the party members present there and cleared his throat, he took a deep breath and then spoke.

“I hope I am audible, as today, we need to act on something which will decide that whether our state will survive or collapse, like the others did, For several years, Velaheria had enjoyed a secure position in terms of political stability and territorial integrity, but with the fall of the socialist states all across Argis, that security is under threat, and that needs to change, whether the use of force is required to do so or not.” 

One Upper Party member of the VPP Speaks regarding one of his doubts to the president, on the Sanarijan issue and addresses to the president.

“But, Sir, even if we deploy troops in there, isn't our own military outdated as is, and isn't Sanarija a sort of mountainous state, where all of our doctrines fail, so how are we supposed to reverse the fall of the regime in there?” 

Several others nod and show their approval to the question asked, as the nature and doctrines of the Velaherian people's army were not created for mountain combat, and the Velaherian heavy weaponry was all but useless in there. Seeing their approval, Mr Alexander spoke about how an army detachment of the Velaherian people's ground force would not only be able to turn things around in Sanarija, but stabilise the region like it was a few years back, along with that Velaheria would also send weapons to the Sanarijan Commissars, and would aid them in reconquering all of Sanarija back under their control. 

With that decision being expressed by Mr Alexander Von Starinburg, The Velaherian military deployment to Sanarija was made into an act of the Supreme people's assembly and the Velaherian 1st Army of the Velaherian People's ground forces were prepared to be sent to Sanarija, under the pretext to save the regime from complete collapse there, along with which the lives of several young men were about to be completely changed, but alas, only the Starinburg family was truly free in Velaheria to make their own rules, as it was after all, their state, their government, and their nation.

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Sunday, 23 March 1997

Near the Border region of Nördom

As the proposal to deploy the Velaherian Army to Sanarija was made legal by the Velaherian Supreme People's Assembly in the 18th of March 1997, a general alert was given to the Velaherian 1st Army to make itself ready for imminent conflict, within a couple of days. Around 20,000 Soldiers of the Velaherian 1st Army were chosen and led to form the VDFS, or the Velaherian Deployed forces in Sanarija, which were then sent to the communist held areas of Sanarija, to fight against the nascent, Republic of Sanarija,

Among these soldiers, however, was a man and his comrades, whose story would go down to be the flashpoint of a man's realisation of serving under a totalitarian regime's rule, and eventual failure to fulfil his goals towards his family, friends, loved ones, and the state. The Person we are talking about, is none other than, Major Andrei Steinenheim, the Commander of the “Butva”, which proved itself across several battles fought against the Sanarijan military, by the VDFS, From 1997 to 2001, when it was ambushed and destroyed in a routine patrol. 

Andrei was born in 1978, to a poor peasant family, in the province of Vörsa, in a village, far from the city of Vertia, His parents worked in a collective farm owned by the state and earned a decent income, which was provided by the Velaherian Central Bank, and later proved to be a boon to Andrei, as he got in the military academy in Vertia later on, as a lieutenant, later on. 

Andrei showed talent in extracurricular activities from a relatively young age, and was physically strong, and flexible, and was a relatively decent-ish student. He managed to score an C+ in his 10th grade, and got for the conscription, and got enrolled as the commanding officer of the “Butva” in the Velaherian 2nd Mechanized battalion of the 1st Army, with 3 other people, as his crewmates, who would all later on grow to have a sense of brotherhood and respect among themselves due to the harsh conditions of the war and the lack of support towards the VDFS, later on in the war, though that's a conversation for later on.

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