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Sanarijan Civil War (1997-2004)

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Filip stared down the road which he walked 24 years prior under very different circumstances. The pickup tossed and tumbled as he caught a glimpse of those god forsaken cliffs at the edge of the cooley.

Feeling his breathing pick up he pulled the truck off to the side for his own safety. His physical conscience was in the here and now in a quiet and sparse farming community, but his mind was being taken back to 1997, into the physique of a strong young man—really a boy—fighting for his life.

To understand what happened all those years ago, let's take a look at the discussions that were going on in the Commissariat in October of 1996. Outside pressures or otherwise were pushing an end to the loose fitting jigsaw that was the pseudo socialism in Sanarija. Over the summer of that year, a few had proposed privatizing certain industries, mainly in the sectors of subsistence so that the rural proletariat could support themselves through the ongoing and incoming economic struggle. A final drafted resolution passed on the 16th of November, 1996 with the signature of Premier Estralić.

Within a month of the passing of the resolution, prices of grain, fish, dairy, and meats had nearly tripled, artificially causing a chain of hyperinflation which would exponentially worsen until the National Treasury filed for bankruptcy on the 7th of July, 1997. On the 17th of July, Estralić appeared on National Television with tears in his eyes to announce the dissolution of the Socialist Republic of Sanarija. Round about 60% of the commissars refused to recognize a new government, and seceded to form their own micro-communist states.

The first of the fighting began between the Tenogoroč garrison and the militia of Commissar Irenodavić on July 22nd, 1997.

The rest, is history to be told in this thread!!!

OOC note: I'm super excited to start my first RP here in Eurth, and to be honest I'm even more excited to create a whole new wurld of characters! Now let's have some fun in my favorite tech level!

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