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The Birth of an Empire

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Zaxar Broadcasting Network

January 1, 2000

By Axelander Lavour

Unification and Peace for Zaxar!

--- Today government officials confirmed that the Treaty of Sandrica has officially been signed by delegations from both Bolhetar and Therno as well as our own King Kenneth 'The Great'. The signing took place earlier today in Zaxar Palace in Sandrica City. This long awaited moment marks the official end of the Flaxzar War which has plagued our nation for 73 long years and resulted in the deaths and displacement of millions of Zaxars, Bolhetarians, and Thernos alike. While this is great news by itself, it is also important to know what this treaty actually does and how it will affect your life and the lives of those across the nation.

The first major effect of the treaty is obviously the end of the Flaxzar War, however, this war that was started to partition Zaxar has instead turned into a great victory for our people despite the great costs. Clause one of the treaty states: "In the interest of creating lasting peace and prosperity for the nations of the north, this treaty hereby unites the kingdoms of Bolhetar, Zaxar, and Therno under the Zaxar dynasty to be ruled as one great nation." That's right! Bolhetar and Therno have been annexed by our glorious nation! This means that Zaxar is now 3 times bigger and has twice as much population as it did just yesterday. But what does this mean for the average Zaxar? It means you can travel freely through all territory now owned by Zaxar without a passport. A uniform tax code now exists for Zaxars both new and native. And a new Greater Zaxar currency has been introduced called the Zaxar Mark which can be exchanged for Zaxar Vices, Bolhetar Gauges, and Therno Loxe any time for the next three years.

The second change brought about through this treaty is the retirement of Kenneth 'The Great' which marks the end of his long 73-year rule of Zaxar. His son William Zaxar has now taken the reins to become the first Emperor of Greater Zaxar. When asked about this decision, Kenneth stated that he feels he has "ruled for longer than any other monarch before me." He further added that "It is time for a new ruler for Zaxar, one who will be a leader of the peace rather than a maker of one." He has stated his utmost confidence in his son and has assured the public that he has prepared William to be a "greater ruler than I could ever hope to be." Yet only time will tell if William 'The Emperor' Zaxar can live up to the expectations of his father and his people.

William has already announced plans for a great memorial park to be built in Sandrica for the fallen soldiers and civilians on all sides of the war. This move has faced criticism from many right wing groups in Zaxar who feel a memorial that "honors the vile creatures who invaded our nation" is an "insult to our people and the sign of a weak king." However, international spectators and political commentators have applauded this move as one of "reconciliation and understanding" which is a clear step by William to create internal peace and assimilate the peoples of the empire.

In order to better represent the interest of the people, William has also unveiled plans to create a parliament, which will have the power to draft legislation for approval by the Emperor. This move did not come as a surprise to many, as Kenneth had long talked of giving more power to the people after the war, and William is considered to have an agenda very similar to that of his father. The parliament is set to be constructed in the former Bolhetar capital of Malinsk by 2020 with the first elections to be held shortly after. When asked about the long 20-year wait for elections, he responded with: "While giving a voice to the people is important, there are unfortunately more pressing matters at this time which I must deal with, such as rebuilding this country and stabilizing our economy."

William has also cut back on conscription laws, with young men and women being required to only serve 2 years in either the armed forces or another government organization, rather than the wartime high of 10 years. Liberal groups, however, are calling for a complete end to conscription laws during peacetime, to which William rebuffed with, "Peacetime only remains peaceful if you have the strength to hold onto it. I intend to remove conscription laws only when I can be sure that by doing so, I am not endangering the people of Zaxar."

The path for Zaxar stands at a crossroads, it is now up to time and fate alone to determine the future of the empire.

Long live the Emperor!

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