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The International Warriors Association (Proposal)

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I guess a post to reaffirm if we're still doing this @Ulfheimr & @Haruspex. Along with @Ateenia and @Rhodellia as part of the Three (now Five) Circles.
Metztlitlaca would be replaced with Great Xio (ofc). If we are I can make an IIwiki article on the IWA with the information above + any other changes we'd like to make.

Also a couple questions:
1) where should the IWA headquarters be located? (Within one of our countries? Extranational territory? An island like Monarch?)
2) How involved each of our governments will be in the IWA?
3) Do we want the organisation to remain forming on the 14th of August 2021, bumping it up to the present, or somewhere in the recent past?

Personally for question 3 I think sometime in the early 2010s would make more sense. Kingdom of Xio and the Kingdom of Hōq'nuka (both within the Empire of Great Xio) would have militaries involved within the IWA, with certain soldiers or strategists being offered an opportunity to join the association. For where the HQ should be, a small island in the Oriental Ocean could work, or on the small island north-west of North Korinon.

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As to the basing for the HQ, the small island mentioned to the NW of NK is fine. As for involvement, perhaps a military and diplomatic liaison active between the members. As for question 3, I'm in favor of 2010's, if nothing else, then the benefit of Xio.

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