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Byzantium Nova

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Following text is from Byzantine geographical book:


Official name: Imperium Byzanticum

Land Area:(OOC: here is some number but the map does not have any scaling so I really cant say what it is)(Agricultural land 39%, woodland 25%)


People: 145,3 million(79% Byzantines, 20% Turkish, 1% other) Largest cities: Capital Konstantinopoli (9,2 million people), Nikaia (7,5 million people), Fokaia (6,2 million people), Smyrna (4,1 million people).


Official languages: Greek, Latin


Major religions: Goverment is atheist and all religious activities in public are illegal. Privately people are free to believe what they want.


Goverment: Imperial Monarchy, emperor has absolute power. Democracy is allowed in city-level and there are five major parties: Byzantine National Party, The Green Party, Center Party, Social Democrats and Byzantine Revolutionary Movement. Police has big funding and crime is unknown thing.


Currency: Solidus = 100 Sesterti


Economy and infrastructure: Goverment has taken control of anything. Private business is illegal. Byzantium has small uranium resources. Most notable branches in industry are electronics and shipbuilding. Byzantium has well-developed roadnetwork allthough it has only few major highways. Railroads connect all major cities and are mainly located in coast.


Landforms and climate: Northern parts of the country and all of the coast are lowlands. Southern inland is highland and southernmost areas are mountainous. Byzantium Nova has two major rivers southern river is quite narrow and fast and it is called Halys. Northern river is wider and more slow and is called Sangarios. Most of Byzantium Nova belongs into Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm and dry and winters are mild and wet. Southern inland is arid half-desert or desert except for the riverbanks of Halys.



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