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[Vision Statement] The Kingdom of Ludviska

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Where do we came from?

The Kingdom of Ludviska is an ancient nation that arose as the union of several Germanic tribes. 750 years ago there were various tribes fighting each other. These were the tribes of Rït, Gabor, Leicker, Skovalak, Auckrôt and Krackhot (after which the present cantons are named). In 1912, seeing that the countries around them were getting rich and industrialized rapidly, they decided to put an end to the wars and unite in the same country, the Federal Kingdom of Ludviska, with its first king, Jackob I. The Kingdom is formed by cantons, which enjoy great independence, and prevents one ancient tribe from imposing itself on the others.

Since the Kingdom was established, the country has developed and industrialized favorably, reaching good positions in certain indicators (highlighting income, life expectancy and a strong service sector). All this, accompanied by a democratic environment, has allowed the country to prosper. Likewise, the country still has important problems to overcome.

The most prominent are corruption, corporatism and income inequality. Since the kingdom was founded, corruption in the institutions has marked the destiny of the country, in many cases serving the interests of multinationals rather than the interests of citizens. This situation has led to great income inequality, since 4.8% of the population controls 61.2% of the money. Also noteworthy is extreme poverty, which is close to 3% (being among the developed countries with the most poverty). On the other hand, recent governments have not taken measures to improve the situation, and there are not few subsidies and social benefits for those most in need.

Another less serious problem, but also important, is the country's infrastructure. Ludviska has a good road system, with a large presence of highways and highways (with high tolls). However, public transportation is very bad, with the absence of a rail system in the country, and only one metro system in the entire country. Citizens protest that they need the car for everything, and they spend a lot of money on gas. In addition, many greenhouse gases are emitted, being one of the countries that produces the most pollution per person.

What are Ludviskans to do now?

According to a recent survey, these are the main requests of the citizens of Ludviska:
1. Create a rail system that connects the country, and allows a more sustainable mobility.
2. Withdraw business subsidies and direct them towards other matters, such as Healthcare and Education.
3. Longer prison sentences for corruption cases, and greater transparency of the institutions.
4. Creation of a tax system by tranches (who has more, pays more), to replace the current one, in which all citizens pay 43%, regardless of income.

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