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The Highpriestessdom of Olivinias

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The Highpriestessdom of Olivinias is the only fully matriarchal government form in Selanios. The Highpriestessdom of Olivinias isn't governed directly by the Emperor but by the Highpriestess of Olivinias. She is chosen democratic every time the Highpriestesses before her passes away. The only people who can vote are the Annean priestesses and highpriestesses of every province of the empire.

The region

The region where the Highpriestessdom lays is in a mountainous area. The capital of Olivinias is the city of Belvenia which is located on the foot of the mountain Sepacrus. The Sepacrus is known as being the most holiest place in all of Selanios. This is because of the shire of Elia which is an ancient shire which legends says is build by the first humans to inhabit Selanios and is the first shire build to the gods.

The most important building in still in the city limits is the temple of Annea which is the second biggest temple in the entire country (the biggest being the Sancta Caelestis Caeli in Theodorinople). The temple was build around 400 BC by the 5th Highpriestess of Olivinias, Acilia Serrana, who commissioned it when their old temple was destroyed by a fire. They temple construction took 60 years and when it was finished there was a new Highpriestess of Olivinias, Mallia Luperca. The Highpriestess of Olivinias and the Annean priestesses resides in the Temple, they live in the Faenia villa named after the 7th Highpriestess Faenia Agricola. 

The Eliasian

Every year on the 5th of August, the Annean priestesses and the Highpriestess of Olivinias will go up the mountain to preform a ritual to the gods were they will ask from their blessings for another good year. This is known as The Eliasian. Next to the tradition of going up the mountain the people down in the city prepare a grand festival for when the priestesses come back. This festival is opened when the Highpriestess of Olivinias gives a speech and then throws a bundle of flowers in the air. If the flowers come back scattered it will mean that the festival is blessed by the gods and it can all begin. If the flowers come back in one bunch, it means that the gods oppose the festival and means that it won't be held that year.

The Priestesses

The Annean priestesses and the Highpriestess of Olivinias are the most important and highest people in the entire religion of Selanios. To become the Highpriestess of Olivinias a woman should have given birth to a child. This is because in the religion the head goddess is mother eurth and she created the eurth. If you want to help and assist her you need to be a mother yourself.

The present Highpriestess of Olivinias is the 71th High Highpriestess of Olivinias, her name if Clovia Publica. She is 62 years old and is mother of 4 and grandmother of 7. She ascended the position when she was 32 years old.

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