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People of Rhava

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(OOC: The first 4 stories of, People of Rhava will be a set of chronicles set in the 1000s CE detailing Empress Lin Chi, and her defeat of the Nian King, and the removal of Huang forces from Rhava. Stories 1-4 will be released throughout July-December.)


She stepped into the court. Unsheathed her blade and leapt forward, slashing twice, knocking two of the guards down. She side-kicked a man trying to sneak up on her, and jumped running towards the end of the court. The crown was in sight, with only one figure standing between her and the object. The figure was tall, and burly, but s.he could take him. With a fan in her hand, she darted towards him. The figure slashed with his sword, but she parried it with her fan, and with her own sword stabbed him in the chest. A sick sound erupted from his throat as the metal hit his ribs, and fell to his kneels, grunting in pain. She climbed the stairs, a single drop of sweat dropping onto the ground. She grabbed the crown, sheathing her blade. Standing tall, she lifted her fan into the air, signalling all to come at her. The entire force charged her. She ran right at them, and at the last second sliding underneath them while slashing at their weak points. She ran to the tiled house at the end of the court, its empty doors and closed windows gazing eerily. At the end of the court, she stopped to gather her breath. And then bowed to the guards crawling on the ground behind her, all of them wheezing in agony. She chuckled, losing focus for a second, only to snap back to attention. An old man, with greying hair tied into a tight bun, and in navy-blue robes patterned with leaves in black thread.

"Well done, your highness," he said. "In only a short a few months you have really improved greatly. Some might even compare your swordsmanship to that of our elite Anak'ri." He patted her on the shoulder, and kindly handed her a towel. She smiled back, as she wiped sweat from her brow. 

"Thank you kindly master Fen," she said bowing. "This morning I brought over herbal medicines to your wife as well. I hope she becomes better, and offer my condolences." It was his turn to smile.

"You are too kind, mistress Lin Chi."

Their moment of friendliness was interrupted by a pattering of steps, as an aid arrived out of breath. Empress Lin Chi and master Fen had bewildered looks on their face, as they nearly watched the aid collapse from exhaustion.

"Empress... gasp... Lin Chi... gasp… News from the northwest, your majesty. Another loss!"

Lin Chi sighed, and lifted her finger to her face.

"And this time it was a major loss: five Anak'ri are dead, one battalion is gone and three more are reported missing," the messenger continued his reported. "The enemy has also taken Hueon city. They have essentially taken control of the entire western front."

Empress Kin Chi clenched her fist in rage, but then, remembering she was in public, retained her composure and returned to neutrality. "Thank you kindly for this information. If it is not too much to ask, I would like you to relay information to the crowery."

The aid nodded, signalling her to continue.

"I would like you to tell General Lan to move all of his troops to the Zhu distributary. He will find that Zhu is a more defensible position. The uneven terrain will allow us to catch the Huang forces off guard"  

"Yes, right away. Is there anything else, your highness?"

"Yes actually. I have a duty to my people. A duty to this city. And a duty to these lands. Prepare my transport. I will be riding to Gong Chen city to confront the Nian King myself." The moment she spoke these words, everything felt so surreal. Inside, she was still just a kid, playing the role of a queen. But she had an important role to play. And not even the Nian king would stand in her way.

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