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2021 Prime Ministerial Election  

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  1. 1. Please select your candidate(s)

    • Martín Villacrés, MU
    • Arya Randhawa, MU
    • Eric Pribanić, MLP
    • Andrew Cortez, MLP
    • Veronica Kirchner, MG
    • Alicia Lindroth, MG

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  • Poll closed on 07/25/2021 at 04:30 AM

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It is the time to announce the first election (on this website) for the Prime Minister of Southern Mala. Every four years, we will elect a new Prime Minister in August. Here's the candidates;


Martín Villacrés, MU

"If I get reelected, I will renew the country whether it is a big decision or not"


Eric Pribanić, MLP

"Capitalism is inefficient. Don't believe me? Read my book"


Andrew Cortez, MLP

"I think we should work to become self-sufficient"



Veronica Kirchner, MG

"I stand for reduced industrialization"


Arya Randhawa, MU

"I plan to boost social policies, because that is the foundation for a better nation"


Alicia Lindroth, MG

"I want more eco-conscious industries, to both boost the economy and maintain a strong environment"

The election will be open between July 22 and August 5. We wish the candidates good luck, and we will see you again tomorrow.


President of Electoral Board for the State of Southern Mala

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Due to a lack of votes, Martín Villacrés won the first election. The secondary election will commence tomorrow on July 26. There will be no poll present as no more than two members have voted.


President of Electoral Board for the State of Southern Mala

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      MONDAY, July 19
      Good morning, this is MNC News and I'm María Gallo.
      Last Friday, Prime Minister Martín Villacrés suggested that the Parliament began construction on the new city residence. President of Senate Simón Figueroa said this:
      "We believe this will be a big proposal, especially with the upcoming elections. Prime Minister Villacrés will have to wait."
      The government plans to begin the construction in late August. The proposal is around 100 million pesetas, budgeted for other projects such as the metro system and the schools. Prime Minister Villacrés commented wanting to "start the project as soon as possible".
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