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[Vision Statement] Elladian Symvoulios

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Where do we come from and how did we end up like this?

The Elladian Symvoulios is a young nation born out of the bloody Civil War. Near the end of the conflict citizens agreed to never remember the old conflicts they had with each other. The reunification of all Elladians happened in quite a similar way to Ancient Athens: the terrifying "stasis" is not to be thought of again. The mechanisms of pacifying Elladia (the land of Elladians) are partly described in Nicole Loraux's "La cite divisee". 

People believe that for a thousand generations Elladia used to be ruled by tyrants who exercised their power from numerous Elladian cities. In fact, these beliefs are not far from the truth. In the past, Elladians were united under the so-called "League", a union of powerful monarchic rulers. Even though they used to have all sorts of conflicts and misunderstanding between each other, they all were driven by the same idealistic philosophy which promoted isolationism for "the only people", the Elladians. The tyrants of the League were successful at maintaining isolation from the outside wurld. In their micro-cosmos they made remarkable achievements in both culture and economy. But the civil tensions inside the League tore this reality apart.

150 years ago the Grand Revolution has begun. It started in the biggest city of the League because of water supply failures. When the city had fallen into the arms of the people, Elladians found inspiration in ants: the citizens of Myrminkionopolis viewed ants as beautiful creatures capable of creating egalitarian and prosperous society. After the series of the Revolutionary Wars, the free citizens were victorious. They were able to secure their land and free even more land so the League tyrants lost many people of their kind and also half the land they used to possess. 

Shortly after a 10-year truce, the new war had begun. This conflict was the largest conflict Elladia had ever seen. The War turned out to be the truly total war as whole populations of Elladian political bodies were mobilized. Such conditions led to dramatic decrease in Elladian economy, quality of life, science, etc. At first, it seemed like the tyrants mastered their talents in mobilizing people, but the Republicans gradually turned the war in their favor. After the last tyrant was defeated and literally crucified, the War was formally over.

The conditions Elladians found themselves in were terrifying: the land of Elladia was nothing but a wasteland. The economy degraded enormously, effectively eradicating Elladian industrial power. The new Symvoulian government was ineffective in regards of industrializing the economy as the War left the guerilla problem. De-facto the Symvoulios did not have control over the full territory of Elladia as there were many royalist, bandit and other's enclaves.

What are Elladians to do now?
Elladia has been experiencing long stasis but now, with the effective eradication of armed militant groups, the Elladian Symvoulios have chances to end the "Great Elladian Nightmare".

People from many symvoulios (councils) united in the so-called Popular Party which set its goals to finally end the crisis. In short, their political program is the following:

  1. Slowly open Elladia to the wurld.
    1. Attract tourists as Elladia has both good scenery and climate. 
    2. Attract foreign investors to reside in special productive zones.
  2. Industrialize Elladia with the funds of the foreign investors and currency gained from foreign tourists. Attract local manufacturers to contribute in the modernizing Elladian economy.
  3. Begin the process of making Elladia into a brand: Elladian wine, olive oil, fish dishes are remarkable and to be promoted abroad.
  4. The ultimate goal: the so-called KAV* program also known to be the famous revolutionary slogan "Every Man A King" - "Kathe Antras Vasilias".

Elladia is also to introduce its flag as officially it still uses the old League flag: an olive branch with purpura background. Also the plain red flag is sometimes used. During this new era of reformation and development Elladians will create their new flag and other attributes as this is still a matter of discussion in the Elladian society.


*The KAV program will be explained in detail in the future.

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The KAV program, the Agricultural part.

Agricultural commissaries of the Elladian Symvoulios present the newly formed program to develop and improve agriculture in Elladia. 

This part of the KAV program is developed with Industrial commissaries' supervision as certain industrial efforts are also included. An important role is also given to the diplomatic emissary, Nike, to support Elladian efforts diplomatically by seeking partnership with foreign financial capital.

These are the first steps to the collectivized agriculture in Elladia. The reform aims for the creation of special farming collectives which are formed willingly by the people. Commissaries believe that the following measures are to stimulate local farmers to form a collective farm.

  1. Establish the special tax regime for the newly formed collective farms: it is estimated that the special land and agricultural taxes are 15% lower for the collectives than for private corporations and single farmers.
  2. Sign an agreement with a foreign country and/or corporation in order to make a 49% investment in building a factory which is to produce tractors, combines and other agricultural mechanics and tools.
    1. After 150% of the original foreign investment is returned to the foreign investor, the Elladian government is to redeem the remaining part of the factory in order to make a full public industrial collective.
  3. The Agriculture Commissariat is to establish the so-called MS - Michanikos Stathmos which will provide local collective farms with agricultural mechanics for free. This effort both stimulates people to form their collective farms and develops efficacy of Elladian agriculture.
    1. The government will return its investments in the form of larger amounts of taxes paid by new effective collective farms. 

Elladian planners estimate that after a year of the program, from 5 to 7% of agricultural economical units and actors will be newly formed collective farms, tax revenues from agricultural activities will increase by 5-10%. It is believed that the factory will be built during the second year of the program operation, thus stimulating Elladian agriculture further more, effectively allowing to increase collective farms share in Elladian agriculture to around 12-15% out of total. 

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