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Summary of Southern Mala

Southern Mala

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This topic features an official overview of the Republic of Southern Mala, and may not reflect existing canonical events/people/organizations.

Southern Mala, formally Republic of Southern Mala, is an island nation located south of Krosari in the Pohena Ocean. It borders Mahiti to the west and Santiz and Medua to the east. As of 2020, Southern Mala has an estimated population of 7.4 million. The capital and largest city is San Amador, other major cities are Livadon and Tuluga. Southern Mala’s official language is Madorian.

Southern Mala has been ranked favourably in human rights, political freedom, civil liberties, press and internet freedom. Southern Mala is a member of the Krosarian Union, SPTO, ISA, and part of the South Pohenian Banks union.

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Around the early 12th century, the territory of Southern Mala was inhabited by Mali and Sipatu tribes, who formed a confederation in 1170 CE. The confederation lasted until 1237, when the Kairupozian Empire colonized Southern Mala. In 1702, the Kairupozian Empire was invaded by the Second Barborican Empire, which led to Southern Mala's temporary independence until 1736, when Catherine I of Costa Madora became Empress of Madorian Empire and led a campaign against Southern Mala. In 1844, the November Revolution ended the Madorian Empire, when Frederic I was assassinated by a revolutionary group led by Oscar Casey, 1st President of Costa Madora, who in 1845 gave independence to Southern Mala.


Southern Mala is believed to be named after the Mali tribe as they were the unrecognized founders of the Malian state.


Southern Mala is a parliamentary unitary republic, led by Prime Minister Martín Villacrés and his executive cabinet. He represents the Moderate Union, which is 2nd largest political party in the country. Other major parties are the Labor Party (the largest) and the Conservatives (3rd largest).

Most decisions are made by the Parliament, who appoint the Prime Minister and are elected by the citizens, while the law enforcement is handled by the Chief Justice (appointed by Prime Minister) and the Supreme Court with its smaller counterparts.


With the entire country in the Tropic of Hydos, the local climate is tropical with occasional hurricanes in September. The temperature is also shaped by the Pohenian current, which brings in warm water from the equator. This makes the climate of Southern Mala warmer than that of Bellefait Isles (Costa Madora), with drier seasons from May to July, and a rainier season from August to October. The average temperature is 18°C (64.4°F) in winter and 25 °C (77°F) in summer.

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About the parties

As mentioned before, our country has three major political parties, but what about them?

The largest party at the current time is the Labor Party (MLP), believing in socialist values. While they support a more democratic approach, they are not too liberal.

Second largest - Moderate Union (MU) currently holds executive power. As the name implies, they are centrist.

And third largest, Conservatives (MCA), believe that Southern Mala should become a monarchy, considering 18th-19th century Southern Mala to be a good example for leadership.

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Dossier: Martín Villacrés

This dossier discusses the basic details about Martín Villacrés, the current Prime Minister of Southern Mala since 2017.

Date of birth: January 12, 1993


  • Villacrés Estate, Livadon County (1993-2017)
  • Maceira, San Amador (since 2017)

Alma mater: University of San Amador

Known affiliations:

  • Minister of Finance, 2011-2017
  • Member of the Moderate Union, 2013-Present
  • Prime Minister, 2017-Present

Parents: Sebastían Villacrés (former Prime Minister, died in 2017) and Alice Palau

Spouse: Paris Blanchard (m. 2011, d. 2016) and Lindsey Weiss (m. 2016)

Children: Samuel Villacrés (b. 2012), Emily Blanchard (b. 2015) and Jennifer Weiss (b. 2016)

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Dossier: Gustav Andino

Date of birth: November 24, 1980

Residence: Palencia

Alma mater: University of Palencia

Known affiliations:

  • Member of the Malian Parliament, 1999-2017
  • Minister of Internal Affairs, 2010-2014
  • Deputy to Prime Minister Sebastían Villacrés, 2014-2017
  • Deputy to Prime Minister Martín Villacrés, 2017-Present

Parents: Gustav Andino Sr. and Emilia Douglas

Spouse: Loretta Schroeder (m. 2000)

Children: Elliot Schroeder (b. 2000) and Lorenzo Andino (b. 2003)

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List of Prime Ministers

1845-1853, Emilio Figueroa (served full term)

1853-1857, Luciano Miralles (served half term)

1857-1865, Joaquin Leguizamo (served full term)

1869-1871, Patricia Espiga (unpopular, resigned)

1871-1874, Juan Manuel Romero (unpopular, assassinated)

1874-1883, Raul Morillo (became a dictator, assassinated)

1883-1886, Alejandro Curbelo (died in office, tuberculosis)

1886-1894, Miranda Andino (served full term)

1894-1902, Salvador Pomar (served full term)

1902-1908, Edmundo Santángel (assassinated)

1908-1916, Adrián Rubio (served full term)

1916-1920, Juan Martín Nores (served full term)

1920-1928, Alexandre Beauvais (served full term)

1928-1936, Marie-Hélène Brugière (served full term)

1936-1939, Léonard Benett (assassinated)

1939-1942, Óscar Mata (impeached)

1942-1945, Felipe de Lima (died from bullet wound, failed assassination)

1945-1953, Christian Martinez (served full term)

1953-1957, Matthew Tejedor (unpopular, served half term)

1957-1965, Andrés Sanz (served full term)

1965-1969, Juan Dávalos (served half term)

1969-1977, Lucia Monterero (served half term)

1977-1981, Edmundo Galán (assassinated)

1981-1989, Nicolás Gutiérrez (served full term)

1989-1997, Isabella Villacrés (served full term)

1997-2001, Samuel Espinoza (unpopular, resigned)

2001-2009, Simón Magrina (served full term)

2009-2014, Aleixo Nogueira (resigned due to health problems)

2014-2017, Sebastían Villacrés (died in office)

2017-Present, Martín Villacrés

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The Candidates

This is the list of candidates participating in the 2021 Prime Ministerial Election, excluding Martín Villacrés who represents the Moderate Union.

  • Arya Randhawa, born October 23, 1995, represents the Moderate Union
  • Eric Pribanić, born June 28, 1983, represents the Malian Labor Party
  • Andrew Cortez, born March 4, 1971, represents the Malian Labor Party
  • Veronica Kirchner, born December 21, 1997, represents the Malian Greens
  • Alicia Lindroth, born August 6, 1990, represents the Malian Greens
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Map of Southern Mala

The map below is a drawn version of the Malian map.


You may not like it, but it's a beginning.

The islands of Victoria, Tenegua and Felipe are the main islands, where both Kairupozians and Esta Ostadians established their first settlements. The archipelago also includes the islands of Lebario and Mirillas and also Mala Keys (based on Florida Keys).

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