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Majar Ventures-Tarak Optical Technologies-Fortis Electronics

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Recent trade embargoes on Great Anglia, and the sharp decline of Eurth's technology giant, Sunset Seas Islands, have caused a dearth in the supply of consumer electronics the wurld over. While other nations have attempted to fill demand on their own, the nations of the Incorporated States of Cashar and the Republic of Iverica have been working together to fill in the gaps...


Cashar's Majar Ventures
Cashar's Tarak Optical Technologies
Iverica's Fortis Electronics

These three companies once operated independently of one another. But as early as 1992, these companies have traded with one another and helped each other grow. Now, in 2021, these companies have formed an official partnership agreeing in equivalent exchanges and facilitating the growth of each other's profit margins. Majar Ventures has become the prime provider of rare earths and silica to Fortis Electronics in order to provide the materials necessary to create consumer electronic goods. Tarak Optical Technologies specializes in hyper-scale network design and fiber optics and have been working with Fortis Electronics to provide their electronics with unprecedented high-speed network access. Fortis Electronics is coming to the forefront of cutting-edge consumer electronics.

Economic analysts have predicted this partnership to become such a big success that stocks from shareholders in Iverica and Cashar in these companies have risen dramatically. In response to this predicted marker of success, the Incorporated States of Cashar has, in an unprecedented move, approved Fortis Electronics to enjoy the benefits of Cashari businesses. Retail companies like Getgo, Spot-On, and Ranas are set to begin stocking more Fortis Electronics products in their stores. 



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Fortis Electronics' recent earnings call had the Iberosphere's business world buzzing. There had been talk for months, that the tech giant would be making move. Speculation about tidbits released in pieces during press releases in the prior season had fund managers curious but not committed. So when at last came confirmation came in cold, hi-fi, FLAC audio recording, there was little doubt about it, Fortis was aiming to seize bigger market share. It was poised for a major marketing and M&A campaign... and it was going to do it with the Cashari onboard.


In the closing remarks, CEO Inigo Ponto-Deimirro announced that he had secured an acquisition of several retail, manufacturing, and logistics companies in Andalla. Additionally, the company's venture capital arm was poised to father a number of service and mining companies in the New Beautancus, also known as Monarch Island. It was a move that would accelerate market penetration into the Oriental Ocean regions by years if not decades. It was also a move that would not have been possible without the recent vacuum of power that political unrest in the Sunset Sea Islands had created in technology industries.


The quarter following Colonel Ishijima's overthrow of the Radiant Republic saw revenues up in record highs. Fortis Electronic's financial arm had also been fortunate enough to be early in the dump of SSI stock and subsequent reinvestment into FOREL itself, the Canamo Canal Company (via private placement) and in Ceriser stocks. Capital gains had shot well through the roof. Fortis was riding high on public confidence and the excitement of its own senior management and majority shareholders. Plans for deepening their presence in Thalassa and Europa, and breaking into Aurelian markets had been redrawn with new enthusiasm. There was a paradigm shift in the air, and FOREL's people could just about taste it.


For decades FOREL's brand image had lagged behind giants like Sunset Sea Island's Elegy and the Orinese PearSoft, but since the tail end of the 10's, it had propelled itself from obscure Iberophile brand to household familiar among the Iberic FedCom's largest trading partners.


Fortis' KeyPhone brand, its rising star in its inventory of tech companies offered competitive products at a lower prices. Lower labour costs in Iverica compared to the Sunset Sea Islands, coupled with the constant innovation with their supply partners meant that kPhones had almost the same performance and build quality as their competitors but at a price tag which tickled the markets with a promise of greater value.


KeyPhone's constant search for better margins and manufacturing efficiency had made the Cashari an obvious choice as partners. It was perhaps the strongest support that investors saw in the entire plan. Majar and Tarak were well known in the region for their electronic original equipment and raw material respectively. In the harsh and extremely competitive business landscape of Cashari Industrials, the two were exactly what FOREL was looking for: fundamentally undervalued, good financial practice, publicly-listed, and legally hygienic. Having the two on board as supply partners meant that KeyPhone had a stronger supply position and a stronger ESG position; reliance on the sweatshops of unrecognised barbarian states was so last 2017. It was the dawn of a new decade, the sun was rising for Argic-Alharun tech and setting for yesterday's market leaders.




OOC: Just an overview for now. Might include some general stats next or more answers to "how?".

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