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The bi-Baalshillek house, holding a powerful oil monopoli in Kagli district, have been growing increasingly nervous and resentful towards the houses of bi-Yasha and bi-Adon due to their increased cooperation poised to break the Baalshillekmut monopoly. All this exploded during today's Medamotzah meeting when the leader of Yasha family Shemen bi-Yasha stood up before the ivory alter before the Sophet's Sopal calling for a lift of restrictions on oil drilling for foreign companies. To Hiram bi-Baalshillek listening to Shemen speak, the words quickly morphed into a buzzing mosquito's drone fueling the rising fury in the oil-patrician's mind. Looking to his wife Sisa and sister Jessebel sat besides him he could feel his fortunes slipping away. The debating in the large oval shaped hall would then suddenly halt, Hiram sprung up with a face red with rage. Fist up high bi-Baalshillek accused Shemen of conspiracy against the Serene Republic. The sophet Sikarbaal bi-Zibqet, however, was not pleased with the patrician's breach in protocol. With a single wave of his hand Hiram was dragged out with his wife and sister watching. A bistander noted Hiram bi-Baalshillek's pale face as he was thrown out of the Medamotzah.

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