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Volta Kanāl Behø̄d

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Volta Kanāl Behø̄d
Volta Canal Authority

The Volta Canal Authority was established in 1952 by the Socialist Federal Republic of Volta with the goal of managing the construction of the Volta Canal. Upon completion of the canal our duties shifted to operating and maintaining the canal, as well as the safety of all traversing the canal, and everything related thereto. The Volta Canal Authority also manages the canal transit fees, and all transit fees should be paid to the Volta Canal Authority.

All inquiries regarding normal access to the Volta Canal should be made here, including statements regarding what will be sent through the canal on a regular basis. In addition, any party wishing to aid in expansion of the canal should also place their inquiries here.

Inquiries regarding exemptions from transit fees should be made to the Voltan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it is beyond our authority to provide exemptions from transit fees to anyone. However, we will document which countries do have such exemptions to access to the canal here.

Nations exempt from transit fees:

  • Esonice (per the Esonice-Volta Trade Agreement)
  • Sunset Sea Islands
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