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The Metztlitlaca Directory

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The Metztlitlaca Directory
This page is a list of all threads, iiWikis, and common terminology used within Metztlitlaca and the lore surrounding Metztlitlaca.
If you're just stumbling across this post, no need to read it :).
If Metztlitlaca has given you this link as an introduction to Metztlitlaca, welcome to Eurth if you're a newcomer, and hello to any older members who wish to know about this little bundle of Geopolitical Crisis.

iiWiki Links:
The Dominions of Metztlitlaca.
This is the main iiWiki for Metztlitlaca. It is currently very unfinished and requires a lot of work.

The Popoatli Fruit.
The Popoatli Fruit is an important part of Metztlitlaca, although requires updating and retconning to match current present-day Metztlitlaca as it was made in the Metztlitlalio Era.

This list isn't a substitute for wurldbuilding, but they're terms that do deserve very plain very explicit definitions outside of context.

"Metz" / "Metztli" / "Metztlitlaca" / "The Dominions" / "Dominions of Metztlitlaca"
These are all terms I or others use to mean my nation, Metztlitlaca.

The demonym for Metztlitlacans.

An large ethnic group within Metztlitlaca. Whilst "Metztlica" and "Metztlitlaca" share the name etymological roots, Metztlitlaca was not named after the Metztlica. Metztlica is both singular and plural.

The term itself is derived from "Yaotlaloc", meaning "Enemy of the Storm" in reference to colonial Shffahkia, however as a term has come to mean "not a New Wurld Native" and more broadly "of Europa descent".

Alternatively spelt "Aslo" or just more directly "Aztec" are the predominant ethnic groups of Metztlitlaca and are based off primarily Imperial China and the Aztec Empire. The Azlo are split into three main groups:
"Tapelt", "Atenco", and "Sitallic". The exact meanings are not needed, just knowledge that these are separate groups with large overlaps in culture and language.

The old name for Metztlitlaca before a major retcon of the nation. Previously Metztli was a fully-socialist ex-colony of a now-gone nation of Limonaia, and thus references to this might be found in older threads or texts.

"Palu Peninsula"
That peninsula that juts out of Mesothalassa.

"Crescent Empire" / "Mezzaluna" / "Crescent Kingdom" / "Unified Republic of Palu" (URP) / "South Palu Confederation" (SPC)
Different predecessors of modern day Metztlitlaca in order from oldest to newest. Mezzaluna was a colony of Shffahkia. URP/SPC were socialist states.

"Azlo Continentalism"
A form of Continentalism that states that the native people of the New Wurld must unite as a shield against the encroachment of further colonisation by the "Yatotla". Azlo-Continentalism is somewhere between Theocracy, Fascism, Globalisation, and Socialism. It's extremist forms taking on more of the Fascistic and Theocratic values then the socialist or globalist values.

(Any threads I have been in or are currently in)

The Teopan of Metztlitlaca
Synopsis: The Metztlitlaca factbook thread, for specific ideas about Metztlitlaca I find important enough to dedicate whole posts to.
Status: Active

Broadcasts from the Crescent
Synopsis: The three main newspapers within Metztlitlaca.
Status: Active

Metztlican Teopan of Foreign Affairs
Synopsis: The foreign affairs thread for Metztlitlaca
Status: Active

The White Snake's Chronicles
Synopsis: The retelling of Metztlitlaca's most feared warrior king, and the last big hurrah for the !Mayan people within the Palu Peninsula.
Status: Paused - Requires serious rewriting

Tilling the Soil
Synopsis: Several snapshots across the timeline of LAANN's formation as the Confederation of South Palu, Fulgistan, and Oyus play tug-of-war for the best personal outcomes.
Status: Unknown

December 2020 Event: Daily wurldbuilding Prompts
Synopsis: Fulgistan would post wurldbuilding prompts everyday for all of December. Which was a lot of fun and allowed a lot of members to publish niche wurldbuilding knowledge on their countries. Including myself with Metztlitlaca.
Status: Completed / Finished

Great Alharun War
Synopsis: Set in the 1940s, a growing Seylosian threat throws much of the Adlantic and Alharu into chaos as alliances old and new become into effect and mark the starts and ends of many golden ages.
Status: Unknown

An Empire Divided: Chapter 1
Synopsis: With the collapse of Tario's control over the many warlords within Sitallo due to a civil war, Sitallan General Maliano begins his ruthless expulsion and religious cleansing of Azlo pagans, causing Metztlitlaca to threaten war with Sitallo.
Status: Finished - Chapter 2 WIP

The Chocolate Wars
Synopsis: Esonyan and Metztlican relations have always been uneasy despite their many treaties and trade agreements, but few know how far back their frenemy relationship goes, and the ridiculous wars that have come about from it.
Status: Active

An Empire Divided: Chapter 2
Synopsis: Sitallo and Metztlitlaca are at war!, Metztlitlaca's arms march west towards the Sitallan capital and Tonato and Palisi have forsaken the union for their own territorial survival. But whilst Metztli fights in the west, the people of the eastern jungles start to notice a new expanding power on the block.
Status: Active

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